You will see a great celestial body in space drawing near

A cosmic phenomenon of great magnitude will be the cause for the axis of the earth to move; the continents will shift and the earth will shake

December 08 2016
Appeal of Jesus Who fell (under the Cross)  ​to humanity.
The Basilica of Jesus Caído, Girardota, Antioquia, Colombia

You will see a great celestial body in space drawing near

“My children, My peace be with you.

Time is about to become shorter, a cosmic phenomenon of great magnitude will be the cause for the axis of the earth to move; the continents will shift and the earth will shake; you will see the apparition of a great celestial body in space drawing near, but it will not touch the Earth. Its gravitational field will affect all the communications on your planet; these will be interrupted for some time.

Be spiritually and materially prepared, because the days of spiritual and material famine are drawing near. Feed yourselves as much as you can with my Body and Blood, store non-perishable products and plenty of water, so that you remain strengthened in your body and soul and you are able to triumph over the trial that is coming to you.

Heavenly manifestations are about to be given; you are going to witness phenomena never before seen by any eye, in order for you to reconsider and to return to God. My Father’s creation has begun its transformation and everything in the universe will be troubled so that you witness with your eyes the power and wisdom of God.

Do not be scared; all that you are going to see in the sky is part of the plan that God holds to begin His New Creation. The men of science of your world will marvel at the celestial phenomena they will witness and many will praise the greatness of the Creator. Others, on the other hand, will say that everything is normal and part of the evolution of the Earth through the so-called “big bang” phenomenon that, according to them, gave rise to the universe. But you, People of Mine, you know that all these are signals that announce My quick return.

So, be alert and vigilant because the Master is approaching; prepare your lamps with prayer, so that when He knocks at your door He will find you awake and you can open so that we have dinner together. My Warning is drawing near; run to put your accounts in order. Move away from sin and darkness, so that you can walk as children of Light. The one who is in sin, return as soon as possible to the love of God and move away from evil.

The axe is already at the root of the tree and every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into fire.

Make straight your way, rebellious children, because you have very little time left. Do not be disobedient; see that your life is at stake; when I knock at your door, I desire you to be awake and not asleep, because whoever is found asleep in sin, he will remain that way and will not be able to wake up again.

I want to get you up if you have fallen; My arms are ready to lift you up. Fear not, for I am your Father who does not want to see you lost. Come, I am waiting for you. I am the haggard and sad Christ Who awaits silent your return. From here where I fell because of the weight of your sins, I say unto you: I am the one Who fell (under the Cross) Who lifts up the ones who fell and Who is waiting for all those whose weight of sin does not allow them to get up.

Come to Me that I want to lift you up like the paralytic, so that you may walk along the path that leads to eternal life.

Your Teacher, Jesus Who fell, Who lifts up those who fell.

Let my messages be known, My children, to all mankind.”

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