You are already entering days of great turmoil and tribulation

Persecutions are increasing especially against the Church of Christ; millions of Christians and Catholics are being persecuted daily, imprisoned, tortured or made disappear in many nations

December 07 2019
Call from St. Michael to the People of God.
Message to Enoch.

You are already entering days of great turmoil and tribulation

Who’s like God? No one is like God!

“People of God, the Peace of the Most High be with you all and my Intercession and Protection, always accompany you.

Seed of my Father, you are already entering days of great turmoil and tribulation; remain steadfast in the faith, that nothing and no one may steal your peace from you. The spiritual struggle will be stronger every day, the attacks to your mind will not give you a break; that is why you must be well strengthened spiritually, by wearing your Spiritual Armor at all time and by strengthening yourselves with the Body and Blood of the Beloved Lamb of God.

Brethren, persecutions against the People of God are increasing, especially against the Church of Christ; millions of Christians and Catholics are being persecuted daily, imprisoned, tortured or made disappear in many nations; the incarnate demons want to prevent at all cost that Christians and Catholics increase (in numbers). They know about the power of the Church of Christ when united She prays and that makes hell shake. In many nations where (people) profess other religions, being a Christian or a Catholic is already a crime and that, the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice is being blocked.

People of God, not a step back, go forward with your faith; that nothing or no one separates you from the Love of God! Heaven is with you, ask for my Intercession and that of my brothers the Archangels and the Angels and gladly we will come to your aid. Pray my Exorcism and ardent supplication to the Angels, for you to thwart these evil forces that are rising up against the Church of Christ here on earth. The power of my Exorcism will drive them out, and the supplication to the Angels, my brethren, will protect you in all your spiritual walking and battles.

After the prayer of the Holy Rosary, pray my Exorcism and the ardent supplication to the Angels, for these are powerful Armors to fight the demons and make them flee in disbandment. Remember that you are already in a spiritual battle and that you cannot lower the guard of your prayer, because the demons roam loose through the world, looking for a way to steal your peace and your soul from you. I give you brothers, as a present, this prayer to my Sword that you will do morning and night so you remain protected from all the stalking and the incendiary darts of the evil one.

Prayer to the Sword of Saint Michael the Archangel


O Glorious Sword given to Michael the Archangel, by the Eternal Father, of the celestial realm!
Glorious Sword: fight all spirit of ruin in our families, in our minds and in our hearts.

Glorious Sword of St. Michael the Archangel, place this victorious sign on my right hand to give the final victory and to be able to overcome all of the destructive spirit that wants to lead me away from the Sanctifying Grace.

Come Glorious Sword of St. Michael, Flash with a ray of the Holy Spirit, so that we can see the face of our Heavenly Beloved Father and be worthy of the promises of my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

May the Peace of the Most High remain in you, Dear People of God.

Your Brother and Servant, Michael the Archangel.

Let my messages be known to all mankind, Seed of my Father.”

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coronavirusThe truth about the Coronavirus

God the FatherMay 1, 2020 - God the Father says: "Today, I invite you to realize that this virus - the coronavirus - is no ordinary disease. It has been created from human ingenuity to specifically target the elderly and physically challenged. This is the plan of future generations to purify the human race around the world. It was released into the general population ahead of schedule - by accident. Those in charge were waiting for less capable government officials in your country (USA) to be in office. Nevertheless, proposed harm is being unleashed on the whole human race."

"I tell you these things to help you to realize the underlying evil at work and hidden in hearts these days. You cannot be confounded by any turn of events. Over all situations, I am in Dominion. No one will be given power over you that is more powerful than your Eternal Father. Therefore, be emboldened with this knowledge. If you persevere in Truth, you have loaded your weapons against what seems to be and discharged them with Truth." (Source: Holy Love)

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