Yes, I am love, but I am also Justice

The souls that are condemned fall into the abyss with loud screams, full of pain and despair, making me revive my Passion again


September 17 2018
Urgent Call from Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to His rebellious children.
Message to Enoch.

Yes, I am love, but I am also Justice 

“My Peace be with you, my faithful Children.

Children of Mine, as the days are passing by, the time of the Great Tribulation is getting near. This ungrateful and sinful humanity refuses to accept my Justice, because according to them, God is only love and will not chastise humanity; they say to themselves: nothing is going to happen, God is love. Yes, I am love, but I am also Justice, so that you shall not be mistaken by saying that I will not punish you for your sins. I am a Father, but I am a Just Judge too, and as a judge, I will not allow you to continue to break my Precepts and to destroy what I created with so much love.

I am the One and Triune God, who has remained with you in the silence of his Tabernacles. I am the Only and True God, outside of Me, there are no more gods. What a sadness my Heart feels in seeing your contempt and ingratitude! You know who I am, and yet you keep giving me your back and not your face; the worries and the anxieties of this world, are for the vast majority of this humanity more important than Me. You deny accepting Me, you do not have time for Me; You live on the fast lane and death will catch you unprepared. In eternity, I will be waiting for you as a Just Judge and surely, you will arrive with empty hands; empty of love and of charity toward Me and your brethren; covered with the veil of sin, without any repentance. Then you will hear my Voice telling you: move away from Me, go to the eternal fire!

Ungrateful children, I am about to depart; come to reconcile with Me, do not be afraid; Come near, I am waiting here in my Tabernacles to forgive you, if you repent from the heart. You well know that I do not want your death, but that you live eternally. Do not be foolish, see that time is no longer time; Think that my Mercy is about to leave, to give way to my Justice, where I will come as a Just Judge.

Sinful humanity, awaken from your spiritual lethargy at once; do not leave your salvation for the last moment, for surely you will not have time to repent! Behold, here in the silence of my Tabernacles I am waiting for you that you decide; What are you waiting for? I am the source of forgiveness and Mercy; Come to bathe so that you are cleansed of all blemishes of sin; hurry because my Houses will soon be closed and you are not going to find me in my Tabernacles.

Rebellious sheep, the night is coming and the wolf is loose; if you continue in your rebellion, you are already not going to find the Pastor to graze you and lead you into the fold; Confused you will wander in the middle of the night and your bleating no one will listen to. Return to the fold as soon as possible, for the wolf is stalking you and will soon find you. I am your Eternal Shepherd, listen to my call rebellious sheep, and return as soon as possible to my sheepfold, that I may not fall into the claws of the wolf, which is already positioned to devour you.

My children, how much I suffer in seeing many souls lost every day; sinful humanity who wander for this world without God and without law; I do not want you to risk the same fate like the souls that have already been condemned! If you knew of the suffering of the souls that have already been condemned, for sure you would pay attention to my calls and would stop sinning. The souls that are condemned fall into the abyss with loud screams, full of pain and despair, making me revive my Passion again; the blood gushes out of my Body with every soul that gets lost to me. Sad and painful is the fate of doomed souls.

Again I tell you sinful humanity, here I am in my Tabernacles, waiting for you; run because I am about to leave; decide at once so that tomorrow you have nothing to lament about! Repent and convert, for the kingdom of God is near.

I am your Master and Pastor, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Make my messages be known to all mankind, my Flock.”

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