Yahweh Sabaoth: Sinful humanity return to Me before My justice arrives!

I am making My last appeals, sinful nations, so that you return to Me, and you do not have to experience the severity of My justice.

April 04 2017
Urgent appeal of Yahweh Sabaoth to humanity

Yahweh Sabaoth: Sinful humanity return to Me before My justice arrives!

“My faithful people, peace to you.

My people, the enlightened elite in the service of the prince of this world are meeting and preparing to begin the destabilization of peace, economy and of My son’s Church.

There is no going back, everything will be fulfilled as it is written!

This ungrateful and sinful humanity will know My justice and will know of My existence.

How sad I feel to know that you will know Me through My justice and not through My mercy!

The days are coming when all will be desolation and chaos; humanity will remember My Words in the midst of its purification, but it will be too late.

How sad that you did not want to welcome My mercy and that it must be My justice that awakens you from your lethargy, so that you can reconsider and return to Me!

Everything is being consummated and at any moment My justice will be unleashed.

Events will unfold as a chain, one will follow the other, causing humanity not to be able to rise.

There will be groaning and grief everywhere and many will want death, but this will be denied them.

Ungrateful and sinful humanity, once again I say: return to Me before the night of My justice arrives! I will be waiting for you until the last thousandth of a second, because I do not want your death, but rather that you live eternally.

Pay attention to the appeal that we are making to you through our prophets of these end times; Do not ignore our messages because they are the instructions that you must follow to save your lives.

My words are Words of Eternal Life, listen to them and put them into practice and I assure you that you will live.

My children, no human technology will be able to stop the fire of My justice.

Men of science of this world, do not be foolish and imprudent, thinking that you can stop the passage of My justice! As much as you want to divert My instruments of justice with your technology, what you do will accelerate its fall and attract more fire from Heaven onto Earth.

I tell you this because very soon fire will rain down from Heaven, with which I will punish the ungodly nations, erasing from My creation all wickedness and sin.

Sinful nations, I am Yahweh Sabaoth, Lord of Hosts and Justice and I come to ask you to account for all your detestable actions with which you have mistreated My creation and My creatures!

The fire of My justice will fall upon you very soon and will leave no memory of your existence.

I am making My last appeals, sinful nations, so that you return to Me, and you do not have to experience the severity of My justice.

I ask My faithful People who reside in any of these nations, to leave them just as I asked Lot and his family, because very soon I will discharge the weight of My justice on them.

See, I warn you in advance so that you prepare yourselves and leave these sinful nations as soon as possible because the time is drawing near when the Angel of My justice will visit them, and fire from Heaven will fall upon them.

Inhabitants of the Earth, be prepared because the days of My Justice are about to begin!

Your Father, Yahweh Sabaoth, Lord of Hosts and Justice

Make known My messages to all the ends of the Earth”


Source: mensajesdelbuenpastorenoc.org

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