Prophecies of Sea Rise and Cities Washed Away

The west will be shaken to its core and it will awaken the mountains below the sea. The seas will rise up for areas that are will no longer be


West of this nation (USA) of freedom to collapse by earthquakes,
and the East washed by a wave of great magnitude

2/24/07 7:15 PM –  My child, come into the abyss of My Most Sacred Heart. I come in great love and in the blink of an eye I will surrender the fullness of My mercy upon mankind. Be on guard and stay vigilant in prayer. I will strike the seas, the winds will shift coming from the East for the time of great awakening is on the horizon. 

Just as swift as the wave’s crash upon the sand, just as swift as snowflakes can bring layer upon layer of snow, mankind can be brought to its knees. You will see the West of this nation of freedom collapse by earthquakes, and the East washed by a wave of great magnitude. 

I come with an urgent message for My people to mend their lives to the mercy I extend to them. To take heed now as the hour begins to close in. Pray for those who are lukewarm. I desire for the Chaplet of My Most Divine Mercy to be spread for it is the final means for salvation upon humanity. Now go forth for I am Jesus and be at peace for My mercy and justice will prevail. 


Cities will be washed away

8/18/07 9:38 PM – My child, always stay close to your journal for My words are words of great importance. My child, pray for Russia and China. Pray, for their agenda is one that will bring much devastation around this world. 

My child, you must set more time aside to pray so that I may draw you into the light of My love. Look to heaven to assist you not mankind for mankind seeks reward in return for your needs yet it is I Jesus who seeks your love, seeks your soul. 

So many do not tend to their souls, if only they knew how precious they truly are for there is no other means in which one can enter eternal life. It is not the color of your hair, the number of your friends, the shape of ones body, it is the state of ones soul. My child, say the chaplet of My Most Divine Mercy. Recite it for all the souls who are not prepared to meet Me. 

Cities will be washed away, and some will come to a crumble for mankind will seek to find reason yet reason will be given at the time when I extinguish all light on earth except the light that I come with and My mercy will be poured out for in the blink of an eye all of humanity will see their soul as I see it. 

My child, this time is not far in the distance for this time of chastisement has begun for too many seek to be the master of their own Commandments. Many seek to demise the existence of their Creator, yet in My silence the souls of My people will be pierced like that of when Longinus pierced your Savior, for I am Jesus and My mercy will overflow like lava from a mountaintop. Now go forth My child and be at peace for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail. 


Great darkness will soon come and cover this earth and seasons will be altered

5/27/08 3:05 PM – My child, I come to you now with the fullness of the Trinity. I come to you for I am Jesus the Savior of the world, Divine Mercy itself! This is a time of great change for a new tide has come forth for all that I have spoken to you in My words for the world will now be fulfilled. 

Great darkness will soon come and cover this earth and seasons will be altered. All that consumes you now will be of no merit. You will witness catastrophic events. Many will be wandering in search of food and shelter. Many will be in search of light in this dark world. War will rise up and it will collapse your financial abilities in your country for even the rich will be amongst the poor for changes in your currency are soon to come forth. 


The hour is coming when the seas will rise up

2/16/10 6:33 – PM My child, the hour is coming when the mountains will awaken and I will say to My people, “Repent!” The hour is coming when the seas will rise up and coast lines will be reformed and I will say to My people, “Repent!” I come now through My Most Blessed Mother. I come now through My messengers to prepare the world for its hour of purification to warn My children in love that hearts must change.

I come to you now, My children, to bring you into the desert. Lent is a time to remove yourselves from the distractions and to empty yourselves from a world that seeks to culminate everything that is not of Me. I yearn for My children to open the eyes and hearts and to embrace Me as their Master, Messiah, their Savior for I am Jesus and all will be done according to My will.

The west will be shaken to its core and it will awaken the mountains below the sea. I will raise My right hand and the seas will rise up for areas that are will no longer be. Gather your food now for you are soon to witness a great plague that will call many to stand before me. 

Know that through all of this that I am with you. My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will triumph. Mankind is in the midst of destroying himself and has lost focus on My true presence in the Eucharist; has lost sight of the life of My little ones in the womb. 

The chalice is overflowing for this world must be purified of its filth for the greater survival of humanity. My child, go forth in greater prayer for the floodgates of justice have now opened for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail. 


Seas will come with greater tides

3/11/10 6:30 PM – My child, there are many whose footprints have traveled the lands of this world and yet many more never step foot outside their mother’s womb. I tell you My children that I am the source of life, eternal life for I am the means in which the soul passes from their time on this earth into their hour of judgment. I am the only one in which the soul will see. 

I tell you My children that you cannot serve two masters. At a time when the world is calling you to the world it should be a time to keep your eyes fixed on Me for I am Jesus. I say to you be aware of what you seek to justify. Be aware of what drives your heart, mind and soul. And is your direction one of heaven? The earth will continue to divide My children and where one sits and remains idle in their work I say to you that their mission must be to labor or the fruits will not come forth. 

Do not waste your time seeking to secure that which cannot be secured for I tell you that mankind will begin to live by a simpler means. Gather often with those around you in faithfulness to a life of prayer for it is through prayer that peace will begin to flow from one heart to the next. Now go forth dear children with great courage for I tell you that mountain sides will come down and ash will rise up and the seas will come with greater tides. Countries of richness will be brought to their knees as the true financial collapse comes. 

Learn from your sins My children for you cannot find God if you are looking for Me in the security of the world. I am with you in prayer and the Sacraments, I am with you each time you live and defend My Commandments, live and defend the Gospel message. 

The message of the world only drives your soul into an empty tomb of eternal suffering. Come to Me dear children and allow Me to cleanse and nourish you, for you are being seated at My banquet table each time you come to Me at Mass and nourish your body and soul in the Eucharist. It is a time when heaven and earth are united through the miracle that is only granted through the consecrated hands of My priests. Now go forth and take heed, take heed today for it is My mercy and justice that will prevail for I am Jesus. 


Wall of water that will cause lands to wash away

1/1/11 8:10 PM – My child, I ask My children where is your refuge? Is your refuge in worldly pleasures or in My Most Sacred Heart? I spoke to My children of the cold that is going to come forth, but I tell you now about the wind that will come forth and followed will be fire. The winds will come across the plains of America and in the heart of this nation will be an earthquake that will divide this country in a greater way. 

China will send forth its army and Russia will join its enemy to seek to rule over this nation of freedom. In the East where this statue of freedom dwells the cities will be blackened. In the islands will come forth a mountain that will spring forth disruption in the sea and send forth a wall of water that will cause lands to wash away and a new coastline to form. 

The seven continents of the world will be at war as the financial collapse will one by one bring nation upon nation to its knees. Following this cold will be a heat at a time when the world should be sleeping in winter’s covering. 

Listen My children for it is time to awaken from your slumber for the wind will appear to be changing from every direction that can only come from the hand of My Father. I call you to this time of mercy. I call you to the Eucharist for I am Jesus. I come to prepare you in warning that time is being wasted and your life is precious. Now go forth My children and live in love, live in peace, live in the truth for then you live in Me. Now go forth for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail. 


Rivers will rise above their banks as a result of the great shaking of the earth

3/6/11 4:20 PM – My child, I shall come and remove the barriers. It will be a time when I will call My children one by one and remove the blindness that they have come to live by and pierce them with the light of truth into their souls. The driving winds will come and bring forth a drought of confusion upon My people as chaos over food and water erupts all over the world. 

Many will be deceived as the Antichrist brings forth his recipe of deception as many will be drawn out of desperation and will fall into these wicked hands. I tell you My children to remain true to the cross for your only refuge will be in Me for I am Jesus. From East to West the chaos will spread as the currency from one government to the next will crumble as debts come to be paid. 

Nations will take over other nations and currency will change. Rivers will rise above their banks as a result of the great shaking of the earth that will raise people from their sleep. Surrender today for your true home is in heaven. I call out to you to embrace you in love and immerse you in the great fountain of My mercy for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.


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