Without love we are nothing


Our Most Holy Mother shares with us through Luz de Maria a new revelation in which She enables us to understand the Great Mystery of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus ​​Christ
December 24, 2017

Without love we are nothing

“My most beloved daughter, that My Son was born in such humble conditions was not a coincidence, but arranged thus by the Eternal Father so that from the first instant Humanity would understand that in order to enter the spiritual life and accept the Teachings of My Son you need to untie everything that keeps you bound to false personal beliefs, to the “ego” that remains strong in man, to human foolishness, and humbly look at yourselves and recognize what is and how it is, what must be left and what you must take up to in order to be united to My Son.

I ask you that every day be like this one, on which the man of God recognizes that Love must prevail in life, and remember that without love we are nothing (cf. 1 Cor. 13).

We did not travel alone, but in the company of the protectors that God the Father sent to accompany us along the way, and before entering the stable, the Angels were already there, joyful, waiting for our entrance.


The Angels of God the Father became visible to our eyes and Joseph, astonished at such greatness, understood that, more than a palace, we were in the most beautiful place that could exist on Earth. We made haste to clean the place and the Angels of God helped My husband Joseph, and the place, with impeccable cleanliness, was arranged for the birth of My Son, which had been announced to Me beforehand. The Angels perfumed such a great palace with heavenly aromas. I had been told of the birth and, absorbed in My Womb, where Divine Love would come to Humanity, I penetrated into such unfathomable Mystery.

The chill of the night made My husband Joseph light the fire in haste and I asked him to rest, and Joseph, entering into a dream that was an ecstasy, saw what was happening with the Divine birth.

I was taken up above Creation and was filled with the greatest of wonders that filled My Heart, My Mind, My Thought, My Reason, My Soul and My Spirit to welcome “Sacred Mysteries” that had not been revealed to Me before. I was taken up in deep Divine Ecstasy until I saw the Face of God and was filled with Divine Science, Prudence, Divine Hope, Divine Love and Understanding …

Prostrate before the Eternal Father, I received His great blessing and the Most High Majesty took my Hands and I received all the instruction for the upbringing of the One who would become the Savior of Humanity. My Face radiated the Divine Light that the Father reflected in Me; aware of what was happening, in full use of My Senses, I saw myself transformed before such an Unfathomable Presence.

Instants later I felt My Child moving forcefully in My womb, already prepared to be born, and enthralled by the Divine Spirit, I saw that God made Man was being released from that cloister, without any pain. The Love of My entrails was united with the Divine Spirit and in total self-giving, not offering any resistance to the Divine Will, with absolute willingness and being like crystal to the light, the “Only Begotten of the Father” was born, by the Work and Grace of the Holy Spirit (cf. Mt. 1,18c), preserving My Virginal State; everything was a Miracle of Love.

I saw Saint Michael and Saint Raphael, and they were worshiping My Child, transfigured, more beautiful and brighter than the sun. His Skin, totally cleansed, radiated such Purity that the Light of His Divine Body came out of the place. My Child was delivered by the hands of Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel, and at that instant a Divine Colloquium happened between the two: MY SON AND I WERE FUSED, HE AS TRUE LOVE, AND I AS HIS MOTHER SAID TO HIM: MY BELOVED FOR ME AND I FOR MY BELOVED… (cf. Song of Solomon 2,16).


Coming out of that state, I called Joseph and looking at the Child, he shed tears that flowed down his cheeks; the one he had been waiting for so much was there, I handed Him over into his arms and in total reverence he loved Him with eternal love.


Mother Mary.”

Source: Revelaciones Marianas

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