Waters of the ocean will flood great cities Fire will fall from the sky

The coming financial test will be a disaster. The god of money that flew out from the hand of man is about to disappear. Many will lose their soul

JANUARY 07, 2015

Waters of the ocean will flood great cities  Fire will fall from the sky

Little children, may the peace of God be with you.

May the opening of the new year bring you the peace of God so that you may remain united as brothers and can by the grace of God bear these days of testing that you are living.

Difficult days are coming, but do not fear, my little ones, this year will be one of great testing for humanity; testing that you shall overcome if you remain united in love; only the power of love and prayer will help you overcome the obstacles that you will have to undergo.

The coming financial test will be a disaster for many who have placed their confidence in the god of money; this god that flew out from the hand of man is about to disappear; woes will be heard and many will lose their soul with the fall of this idol.

Woe to them who put their faith and hope in this god, for soon it will be rolling on the ground drawing after itself the life of many!

The creation of my Father very soon will begin to groan and shudder with its birth pangs.

Humanity will panic because never before had it seen and heard the birth pangs of creation. Oh, how much pain will be heard everywhere you turn, the waters of the ocean will flood great cities and the pride of many nations will be brought low.

The horseman of starvation and pestilence is coming; viruses of illnesses never before seen will spread on the earth, creating great pandemics that will reduce the populations of many nations. Because of this, my children, I say to you: prepare spiritually and materially for these days of purification that are coming.

Little children, the financial test will affect your life in this world; the days of this test draw near and only if you help each other mutually will you be able to overcome it; otherwise starvation and plague will take the lives of many.

I make an urgent call to all of humanity so that provisions be made for the days of want that are coming.

Pay attention and leave aside your stubbornness; remember that I have been warning you with much anticipation of these events; pay attention to me, little ones, and put into practice all the instructions that we are giving you, so that when those days arrive you will have a store of food and water.

Do not fear, my Father will multiply each grain and the water will not be wanting if you ask for it with faith. Fire will fall from the sky and many nations will be punished for their pride and for turning their backs on God.

I tell you, never before has humanity ever seen so much fire fall from the sky as that which is about to fall now.

Therefore, little children, I hasten you to pay the balance of your debts, because the divine justice is starting and all that is written will be loosed in a concatenated series of events, and peace will be lost to give way to the days of purification.

Turn your eyes to God, you impious nations, because the holy justice of God is beginning and you are to be wiped off the face of the earth if you do not change!

People of God, be, therefore, prepared, and do not let go of my hand; pray my Holy Rosary and praise and glorify the glory of God, that you may be able to survive in the days of anguish that are about arrive.

I wait for you in one of my sanctuaries to give you my maternal blessing that will help you face the days of testing.

Do not tarry, come with your families and consecrate them all to my immaculate heart.

May the peace of God be with you and my maternal protection help you.

Your sanctifying mother, Mary, who loves you.

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Source: mensajesdelbuenpastorenoc.org

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