Watch the use of technology in your homes

Most of humanity will be lost because of debauchery and sexual impurity. The demon of impurity is dragging many into hell


June 07 2017
Urgent call of Maria Mystical Rose to humanity

Watch the use of technology in your homes

“My little children, the peace of my Lord be with you and my Motherly protection be always with you.

My children, I am very sad and I suffer a lot for all my children who live in free union, adultery or have relationships outside the Sacrament of Marriage, as it is about the vast majority of my young people.

I say to you as Mother of humanity, if you do not straighten your walk and resume the path of salvation, many of you will not return to this world after the Warning.

Your sin will be your condemnation, if you do not repent and make reparation for it. Know that in your passage through eternity, the place where you will go will be hell, from there, there will be very few the ones who return to this world.

Many tears I am spilling for you my little ones, you do not know how much suffering I feel in my Heart, for the thorns of impurity that daily you nail in It because of this sin.

You do not know how great is the sorrow of my Son, to see you defile the Sixth Commandment of the Law of God.

The immense majority of humanity is going to be lost because of his debauchery and sexual impurity. The demon of impurity is dragging many young people, men and women, into hell; it is one of the sins for which more souls are being condemned.

Again I make an appeal to you parents, so to watch the use of technology in your homes.

My children and my young people are making a bad use of this technology handled today, especially that of the cell phone, of the computer and of television.

Many are using them to see pornography and from there, the demon of impurity, the one who is leading them to eternal death, enters; others use technology to enter the world of the occult, learning witchcraft or playing the “ouija” board; others use it to listen to satanic metallic music that ends up distancing them from the family and from God; plunging them into the darkness from which they will not come out, if they do not renounce it.

Parents, restrict the use of this technology in the during night hours, because many of my children and young people, do not get rest for being with the cell phone, the computer or the television; to watch what they should not be watching and to listen to what they should not hear!

I say to you parents, Heaven is very sad because of the permissiveness of many of you, that by keeping on going as the way you are going, it is more likely that you will be lost along with your children there is a place . In hell there is a place where families dwell,  condemned by the permissiveness of many parents. The demon of technology is stealing the soul of many families.

Children, the vast majority of today’s homes are worldly homes where the Spirit of God has been replaced by the Luciferian technology.

My Holy Rosary is no longer prayed in many homes and very few families today take time for prayer.

This estrangement from God is what is leading many families to spiritual death.

Let parents return to prayer and to recite my Holy Rosary in your homes, so that the demon of technology can leave them!

Learn the Commandments of the Law of God and put Them into practice; teach Them to your children, so that you and they will not continue to transgress Them; instill good moral and spiritual foundations so that the spiritual life in your families can be reborn.

May the peace of my Lord, remain in your homes

Your Mother loves you, María Rosa Mística

Make my messages known to all humanity, little children of My Heart.”