To the Students

I desire to help you in everything and therefore I help you also in your studies. Do you want the promotion? I will help you to achieve it and I give you the means. Be pure in thoughts, in actions, in affections and in intentions.

Maria Mother and Teacher

To the Students

Maria says: (Maria Mother and Teacher, Vol. 1) “My children, here I am to address to you my word full of affection and rich with useful suggestions.

I am the Mother of Eternal Wisdom and it is dear to me to speak to you at this end of the scholastic year in which you will gather the fruits of the duty done and the sacrifices made. I desire to help you in everything and therefore I help you also in your studies, to which I too dedicated the years of my childhood.

It is useful for religious persons to be learned even in the secular sciences, since the world requires also this. However it is good that all that concerns the earthly life and human knowledge be seen in the light of that divine knowledge which makes you catch sight of the tree value of life and things as means to elevate yourselves.

Now, you who have dedicated many hours of your day to study, expect your reward in that promotion which is the thing most aspired by you. But above this human prize, even if there were no promotion, you would have a right to a divine reward out of the love with which you have one your studies.

Do you see, my children, that truly everything can be utilized for the earthly life and for the eternal life? I however, wish to give you some advice and make you a promise. Do you want the promotion? I will help you to achieve it and I give you the means. Be pure in thoughts, in actions, in affections and in intentions.

Be pure and your mind shall be so clear that what will be taught to you will seem to you so simple. You will all be promoted, if you will take on the commitment to maintain yourselves pure in body and in mind and if you will apply yourselves with love to study, intending to praise the Lord also with the fulfillment of your most simple duties.

But I too desire something from you. It has been said to you to offer to the Lord everyday a good work. It will be the most beautiful sacrifice that you shall offer to the Father, which will serve to accustom you to make those sacrifices of which the world is full. Moreover you can and you must put a name to your sacrifice and you can give an intention to what you do. There are many troubled, disunited, anguished families. The young have a special strength in their requests. They command the heart of God who favors them.

And why would you not want to take advantage of it and make of your little gift a means for interceding for those who suffer, for the graces that they need? These needy ones sometimes could be your mothers, other times your relatives, people of your acquaintance: do not let the opportunities slip away. Learn to offer and to ask. How many fathers, how many people far from God; perhaps they only need some offering of yours to overcome human respect, incredulity, indifference or wickedness.

Children, make yourselves messengers of goodness before God, since, I repeat it to you, the young are powerful over his heart. And now, my children, since I am your Mother, I beg you to be good: see me in your home, close to you, at school, on the street, everywhere. I am the Queen of Wisdom and to whoever asks for it I give it and I work radical transformations in my devotees who desire to be enlightened.

The Holy Spirit gives you the spirit of wisdom and uses me who is his Spouse. Wish me well, children. I bless you, I love you and I protect you.”  


Maria Mother and Teacher

Maria Mother and Teacher Books

Carmela Negri CarabelliThe thoughts, the reflections and the meditations in this booklet, were inspired by Our Mother Maria, Mother of Jesus, to Carmela Negri Carabelli. They are, however, addressed to all those souls, who, desirous to love the Lord, seek to put into practice his teachings and to live the Christian life more perfectly. May Jesus bless these pages and those who read them with the desire to improve themselves, granting the help of his grace.
For more information about these magnificent teachings, for any spiritual assistance you may need or to participate and spread throughout the world the cenacles of prayer and the apostolate of the Divine Mercy, please contact: “CENACOLO DELLA DIVINA MISERICORDIA”, Viale Lunigiana 30, 20125 Milano, Italy –
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