Through the waters of the sea, many populations will disappear

The climate will go mad more; Where it is cold, will be hot and where it is hot, cold. The nights all over the planet will be intensely cold

March 04 2018
Urgent call of Mary Auxiliatrix to humanity

Through the waters of the sea, many populations will disappear

“The peace of My Lord, be with you and My Motherly protection, always assist you

Little ones, everything in your world is shocked, the climate will go mad more; Where it’s cold, it’s going to be hot and where it’s hot, cold. In many regions the frosts have started, the nights all over the planet are going to be intensely cold and in the desert there will be snowfalls.

The poles are melting and the polar ice caps are cracking; in many places the earth has begun to sink, swallowing roads, bridges, buildings, vehicles and everything that is on top of it.

Children, if you continue deforesting and polluting the environment, I assure you that you will feel the fury of nature with all its consequences. No more drilling in the interior of the earth, because this is weakening its core, and if this one breaks up, great catastrophes will come to you.

The water resources are running out and if this continues, the water on the planet is going to end. Stop exploiting unmercifully the natural resources, because many species of flora and fauna are disappearing!

If you continue to mistreat and exploit My Father’s creation, your planet tomorrow will be a desert!

The fire in chain of the volcanoes will wake you up, and this event that is about to happen will make the earth never stop shaking. Through the waters of the sea, many populations will disappear; nature will reverse itself against man because for all the mistreatment it has received. Remember that creation is a living being and it is hurt by the mistreatment of man.

Little children, the earth has begun to chill, the destructive action of man is destroying his lungs; the indiscriminate felling of forests and natural reserves are reducing the oxygen reserves and if this continues, life on your planet will disappear.

As the Mother of humanity, I make an urgent call to the rulers of the nations, to the ecologists, to the multinationals that pollute, to the men of science and to the world in general, so that they take urgent measures in favor of creation and about the environment!

Inhabitants of the earth, if you keep on destroying my Father’s creation, you are going to feel the weight of His Divine Justice! Creation no longer bear you! You, human creatures, you are the greatest predators and the only ones who break with the harmony of the created things. Again I say to you, little children, stop mistreating the creation, because this one is about to make you pay for the mistreatment!

Do not pollute the environment any more, do not destroy the natural reserves, do not waste water; because to continue your abuse, you put life in danger in your world.

Reforest the natural reserves and river basins as soon as possible, so that the water sources do not run out; take care of the environment, do not continue to pollute it, because the ecosystem is in danger of extinction.

Awaken then, children, and make a better use of the natural resources, so that your children tomorrow can continue living in a green world and not in a desert.

May the peace of My Lord remain in you.

Your Mother loves you, Mary Auxiliatrix.

Let My messages be known, little children, to all humanity.”

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