Those who desecrate the Sacred Places, commit sacrilege

I suffer and I am sad at seeing how our Shrines and Sacred Places are being desecrated by the emissaries of evil and by many of you


23 February, 2014
Call of Mary the Mystical Rose to God’s children.
Message to Enoch.

Those who desecrate the Sacred Places, commit sacrilege

“Little children, may the peace of God be with you.

Little children, I suffer and I am sad at seeing how our Shrines and Sacred Places are being desecrated by the emissaries of evil and by many of you. The saddest thing is to see the children of God doing nothing about, there is not a single voice that rises up to defend our Sacred Places; my children seem spiritually lethargic, and they remain indifferent before this vile outrage.  Satan’s smoke is entering the Holy Places, the wickedness and the lower instincts, of the children of darkness and of the many who say they belong to God, are thorns that pierce Our Hearts.

What a sadness I feel little children, in looking at many who only come to our Shrines seeking miracles, but there is not in them a desire for sincere conversion.  What a sadness it generates in Me the sight of those who comes in a hurry, they do not just arrive that they are already leaving. Others come to chat as if the Shrines and the Holy Places were places to make visits: they talk and talk, laugh and distract those few who come to pray. And what to say to my young ones so deceived by my adversary; how I suffer and I am sad looking at my young approaching the Holy Places dressed immodestly, they come showing off clothes that are not best suited to visit this places of meditation and prayer.  Many chew gum, smoke, talk on cellular and utter obscene words.

Many adults come to take a walk to the Holy Places; they consider the Shrines as places to stroll and fill them with lot of garbage and food waste.  Tears run out of my eyes, and the angels weep with Me, at seeing little faith and lack of commitment in many who cannot understand that the Shrines and My Father’s Houses are Holy Places, where you come to pray, to praise, to do penance and to intercede for one another and for the sinners of the whole world.  The Shrines, the Churches and the Holy Places are Heaven’s spaces where one should guard silence and retreat.  All those who in one way or another, desecrate Sacred Places, commit sacrilege and they must confess and do reparation for it!

Many indulgences you lose by your bad behavior in the Holy Places! 

Poor little children when you will become aware of it; so many blessings Heaven gives you for your salvation, but many of you do not take advantage of it because of your misbehavior and lack of faith!

Each visit you make with faith to Shrines, Tabernacles, or Holy Places, you receive indulgences and that are needed to erase many of your sins; these indulgences are spiritual gifts that God awards you for your salvation. Therefore look at how many of you allow them to be lost for your bad behavior and lack of charity towards God and your Mother.

Reconsider little children and take conscience once for all; stop desecrating our Shrines and Holy Places, because my Father will hold you accountable for all this when you arrive to eternity! 

Turn your eyes to your Creator and behave as true children of God, not to lament tomorrow when you will be present before the Supreme Tribunal. 

May the peace of God and the love of this Mother remain always with you all.

Your Mother, Mary the Mystical Rose.

Let my messages be known to all mankind.”

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