Those Kissed by God and the Falsifiers

Those kissed by God are the ones who lead the chaste, mortified, and loving life of the servant of God. Those who flee applause and hate to be known

Those Kissed by God and the Falsifiers

(CEV) “The Notebooks 1944”, p. 25
Jesus says: “Daniel, inspired by God, states a truth which is now excessively overlooked. The mystery of the future and the other, greater mystery of the hereafter may not be known-in the form and breadth willed by God -except by those to whom God wants to make them known. Directly. Without intermediaries. Without props. Without devices. Without helpers.

For the Spirit there are no limitations or obstacles or confines or insufficiencies or needs. He is powerful, free, and instantaneous. He brings light and intelligence with Him. Even an uneducated or mentally retarded person, if assailed by the Spirit of God, becomes learned -not with your poor human science, but with the sublime Science of God.

I said, ‘I thank you, O Father, for you have hidden these things from the learned and have revealed them to the humble.’?

On saying ‘Father,’ I was also saying ‘Spirit,’ for the Father is One with the Spirit, and I am with Them, and whoever blesses One blesses the Three, and whoever is loved by One is in the arms of the Three, for there are not three Gods, but one God alone with a triniform nature and a single unity.

Great is the Father; great is the Son; and great is the Spirit. Powerful is the Father; powerful is the Son; and powerful is the Spirit. Holy is the Father; holy is the Son; and holy is the Spirit. To the same degree.

The Father comes in his unity generating us. The Son comes with his saving origin. The Spirit comes with his septiform sanctifying flame. They come loving one another and loving and make a humble person, the least of persons, into an eye penetrating into the mystery of God, a mouth speaking the words of God.

Those kissed by God are not the ones among men who, filled with error, are hungry for magicians and diviners. They are not the ones who, with histrionic manifestations, try to emulate God in themselves and seduce the credulous without true faith. They are not the ones who turn their Satanism into gain. These are and may they be increasingly-accursed!

Those kissed by God are the ones who lead the chaste, mortified, and loving life of the servant of God. Those who flee applause and hate to be known. Those who, lost in the vortex of light that is God, with their hearts nourished with faith and the spirit of charity, remain like mystical mouths upon my Self, breathing in Truth and Knowledge from Me.

Not coercers, not overbearing, not merchants of mystery, they receive what I give in simplicity, in love, in honesty. Not profaners, they would never allow themselves in any way to stir up the atmosphere capable of creating that climate which not I -who do not need climates and an atmosphere, I repeat to you -but their Satanism needs to receive the outflow of the Evil One.

Shammers of God and his saints -worse than shammers, parodists of God and his saints- regarding whom they put on an act which is sacrilege.

Children, subjects, and ministers of Satan, his baits. Not a word of truth is in their mouths, not a light in their hearts.

Deceit carries them and whoever believes in them away into the depths of the abyss sought for by them. Nor can it be otherwise, for even the Crafty One cannot know the thought of God to the root, and he does not say even what he knows, since he is always the Serpent who sings a lying song to bring ruin wherever his jealousy sees that there may still be a dwelling for the Lord.

How can you believe in those phantoms, smoke from Satan’s mouth, who appear to you to simulate what only God can send you for your spiritual guidance?

And don’t you realize that, if it is true that God can accept your desire to feel Him to be a loving Father -more than most men so desire- it is also true that no one -I repeat, no one- not even a saint, can impose himself and say to Him, ‘Come. I command you’?

I come when, where, and as I will, in the hour and the environment I will. I speak to you as I will. And between the truthful simplicity which is my sign and the simple humility which is the sign of my servants, on the one hand, and the deceitful prancing and the avid pride of the opposing, false possessors of truth, on the other, there is an even greater difference than the one existing between the sun and the starless night, and a vaster abyss than the one existing between one shore and another of the oceans, whose depths in certain areas cannot be measured by you.

On this side are God and his truth. On that side are Satan and his error.

On this side my hand is outstretched to bless the humble flowers who receive my light, blessing Me and judging themselves to be unworthy of it.

On that side my hand is outstretched to curse because they are poisonous flowers of a putrid pool clutched by serpents with an eternally fatal venom.[…]”


Maria Valtorta: The Notebooks

Maria Valtorta: The Notebooks

Maria Valtorta “These Notebooks belong to a category of mystical literature which the Catholic Church has long been familiar with: that of so-called “private revelations.” A private revelation is not binding for the faith of Christians, but its value is to be measured by its capacity to instruct and inflame souls, spurring them to love God more and apply divine teachings to their everyday lives. In the confidence—and the conviction—that this work superabounds in these inspired qualities, we offer it for the spiritual nourishment of readers. —David Murray
Content taken from the works of Maria Valtorta with the permission of the “Centro Editoriale Valtortiano Srl”- Viale Piscicelli, 89/91 – 03036 Isola del Liri, (FR – Italy),, which has all the rights upon Valtorta’s Works.

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