The time of trials is starting for you

Be prepared because difficult days are coming to you; bad news, calamities, natural disasters, scarcity, pests, viruses, drought, hunger, suffering and death, it is what is about to come to humanity


January 31, 2020
Call of Mary the Mystical Rose to the People of God.
Message to Enoch.

The time of trials is starting for you

“Dear Little Children, the Peace of my Lord, be with all of you and my Maternal Protection, always accompany you.

Little children, the struggle between good and evil grows stronger; the sin and evil of this humanity, give strength to the spirit of evil. The tribulations have already begun, and all that departs from God will be at risk of being lost; darkness already covers the earth and very few lamps are lit with prayer that light up at night.

Souls who repair and console, watch with Me during night hours, especially in the early morning; repairing for the sinners of this world and consoling my Son, who remains sad in all Tabernacles for the ingratitude of this sinful humanity! Unite in prayer with Me, by asking for my humble Intercession and also by asking for the Intercession of Our Beloved Prince Michael and that of the Celestial Armies of Archangels and Angels. I ask you children of mine, humbly, that you multiply the cenacles of prayer, reparation and consolation during nighttime, because it is during the hours of darkness and of obscurity, where my adversary becomes stronger due to the lack of prayer. Don’t forget to be protected with your Spiritual Armor, reinforced with Psalm 91. Remember that you are in a spiritual battle and you cannot stay without protection; again, I remind you, that your battle is not with people of flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the rulers of this dark world, against the spirits of evil that roam the air.
(Ephesians 6, 12)

Little children, your prayer, fasting and penance, by being in God’s Grace, weakens the forces of evil; offer your sacrifice for all the sinners of this world and especially for those souls most in danger of being condemned. The hours of reparation and of consolation to my Son at night, snatch many souls from the kingdom of darkness; these nightly cenacles of reparation and of consolation are terror for demons; that is why, little children, you must spread them across the five continents so that my adversary loses power during night hours.

My children, the time of trials is starting for you; be prepared because difficult days come to you, where you will be tested like gold is tested in the fire; bad news, calamities, natural disasters, scarcity, pests, viruses, drought, hunger, suffering and death, it is what is about to come to humanity. Trials that you will only overcome if you are clinging to God and united to Me, through the prayer of my Holy Rosary; your faith will be tested, the universe of your mind will be shocked, and just as my Son, the devil will tempt and mortify you, in order to test your faith, trust and fidelity to God. I say unto you, my little ones, that only those who persevere will attain the crown of life and will be able to inhabit the New Creation. Do not be afraid, People of God; if you come to Me, your Mother, I will protect you with my Holy Rosary and hide you in my Immaculate Heart, so that these days of Divine Justice, that are beginning, may pass by you like a dream.

Remain in the Peace of my Lord.

Your Mother, Mary, the Mystical Rose.

Let my messages be known to all mankind.”

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