The technology of this world is about to fall

Very soon everything in this world will be paralyzed; the god of human technology has its days numbered


July 02 2018
Urgent call of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to His faithful People.
Message to Enoch.

The technology of this world is about to fall

“My children, My Peace be with you.

My little ones, the technology of this world is about to fall; take advantage and from now on store all the information of Heaven, because the days are coming where your technology will disappear. It is urgent that you keep the Heavenly information as soon as possible, because you will need it for the days of tribulation that are coming. Make use of technological means and keep everything that Heaven is sending you through its messengers, because within a very short time you will not have the technology of this world.

The commotion of the universe will interrupt all communications on your planet; the technology that you have in space will disappear because of the rocks of fire hitting it. Your world will be without communication, economies will fall, communications will stop and everything that spins and moves through technology will be useless. Humanity will go back thousands of years and everything will start again as it was in the beginning.

Poor those who have placed their faith and trust in material things and in the gods of human technology, because they will see their idols fall! Only My faithful children, who have put their faith and trust in Me, will be able to overcome this trial. Millions of human beings will go mad in seeing their economies disappear; others will blame Me and will move away from Me; many others will not endure it and they will choose to take their own lives and in doing so, they will lose their soul.

My children, do not have attachments to this world, because you well know that very soon it will be gone. Do not put your faith and trust in dead things, because all this is vanity of vanities. Seek the goods of Heaven above all, for they will give you Eternal Life. May your greatest wealth be love, that all you owe is love and may God be your greatest treasure, so that tomorrow you may be blameless and be told: Come blessed ones of My Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world (Matthew 25, 34).

Then prepare yourselves My little ones, because very soon everything in this world will be paralyzed; the god of human technology has its days numbered. Oh ungrateful and sinful humanity, the end of the one of your most beloved gods is approaching! How sad I feel to see that I, your only and True God, is despised and ignored by you, to follow the gods of this world! Your gods are made by the hand of man and they are as limited as their creators.

Come to Me, I am your only and True God, One and Triune God, who is waiting for you in the silence of His Tabernacles; I am God of the living, not of the dead. Come to worship Me and to talk to Me, do not be afraid. Come and visit Me children of Mine, for I feel very lonely, your company mitigates My loneliness and My sorrow; if you come with faith and with a contrite and humiliated heart, I assure you that you will not go out of My Houses disappointed. Ask Me, ask Me and according to your faith, I will grant you what you ask Me for, if it is for your own good and the salvation of your soul.

I love you My little ones and I want to transform your lives, so that you live joyful and full of My Holy Spirit and nothing and nobody would steal My peace. Get closer then with faith and trust, because the Love of Loves is waiting for you to give you His blessing, His peace and life in abundance.

Your Teacher, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Let My messages be known to all humanity, My children.”

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