The schism has already begun and about to break loose

The Catholic world will be stunned to hear such a painful news, which will shake the foundations of the Church

August 3, 2018
Very urgent call of Maria the Mystical Rose to the People of God.
Message to Enoch.

 The schism has already begun and about to break loose

“Little children of My Heart, the peace of My Lord be with you all.

Be prepared People of God because the days of the great tribulation are coming. The schism has already begun and about to break loose; pray for the Pope and for all My beloved faithful, so that they can cope with the crisis that the Church of My Son will suffer. The Judas are ready and by their fruits you will know them; out of them the Antipope will come who has already been indicated, this one will usurp the Chair of Peter. Children, in the halls of the Vatican confusion, betrayal, intrigue and rebellion are going around.

The Catholic world will be stunned to hear such a painful news, which will shake the foundations of the Church, but it will not make It collapse. The Pope will have to flee from Rome, because in not doing it his life will be in danger; many of My predilect Ones will be martyrs and their blood will run through the Vatican. The hour of darkness for the Church is about to come. People of God, Marian Army of Mine, unite now in prayer, fasting and penance; praying with My Holy Rosary and with the Rosary of the Blood and Wounds of My Son, 24 hours a day; united in prayer with Me so that together we can ask the Father for the bitter chalice that the Church of My Son will suffer!

I make an urgent call to all the Catholic People, so that they join in prayer with Me and do not leave Me alone; I need My children to unite with Me, in prayer so that the forces of evil do not prevail against the Church. Do not leave the Pope alone, support Him with your prayer, because he is suffering internally for the crisis that is coming to the Church. This schism, that has already begun, will be the strongest and most destructive that the Church of my Son will suffer in all its history. Because of the rebels, millions of souls will lose their faith; the Church will be divided, those who are of the flock of My Son, will remain firm and faithful; the lukewarm of heart, many will turn away and the immense majority of this ungrateful and sinful humanity that wanders without God and without law, will follow the Antipope and the false Messiah.

Flock of My Son, the days of darkness are coming, the time of My adversary is about to begin. Remain united in prayer, alerted and vigilant, because during the time of the last reign of My adversary the demons will invade the earth and the governments of the nations will say that they are extraterrestrial beings. Have all the protection of Heaven ready so that you can face the forces of evil. That you may not lack of Sacramentals in your homes: Water, Salt and Oil, duly exorcised; may all the medals, rosaries and images that represent Us be blessed and exorcised. May your homes be blessed by one of My Beloved Ones, that the Ichthys(1) be at the entrance door of your houses and on each one of the doors of the rooms in your home, duly blessed and exorcised.

Do not forget the Spiritual Armor, given to Enoch and all the other protection prayers. May all the People of God have My Rosary and the Rosary of the Precious Blood of My Son, worn around their neck, blessed and exorcised; because you well know that the demons are going to wander free from their spiritual form and to incarnate in human bodies, looking for the way to make you lost. Therefore, little children, you must be well protected, you, your families and your homes, so that no force of evil can harm you. Follow the messages that We are going to send you through our instruments and especially those of Enoch, because they will guide you in your passage through the desert.

May the peace of My Lord remain in you.

Your Mother loves you, Maria the Mystical Rose.

Let, little children My messages, be known to all humanity.”

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(1) Ichthys

The Greek word ΙΧΘΥΣ (ichthys) meaning “fish”, is an acrostic for “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour.” Fish symbol also symbolizes salvation in Christ through water baptism (1 Pet. 3:21).

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