The Passion of the Christ

What is the Truth? Money? No. Women? No. Power? No. Physical health? No. Human glory? No. Comforts? No. Honors? No. Question me. I will teach you says the Lord

The Passion Of The Christ

Then, there is the last spasm of Jesus. A dreadful convulsion that seems to tear the body with the three nails from the cross, rises three times from the feet to the head, through all the poor tortured nerves

I have been with all of you for such a long time, and you, Philip, still do not know Me? He who sees Me, sees the Father

I tell you once again: I am the Christ, the Son of God. I cannot lie. I am the High Priest, the Eternal Priest

The hand of him who will betray Me is here with Me on this table, and neither My love, nor My Body and Blood, nor My word make him mend his ways and repent

I give you a new commandment: And it is: love one another. As I have loved you, you must love one another. By this love it will be known that you are My disciples

My friend, what have you come for? Are you betraying Me with a kiss?

He who is guilty, sees shadows of fear in everything. It is his conscience that creates them. Then Satan instigates such shadows

The nose, broken by a terrible blow, which swelled both a cheek and an eye, swollen is the lip for the fists received; Torn is the forehead from the thorns

Jesus [...] girds Himself with a large towel and He goes towards another basin, which is empty and clean. He pours some water into it

Whoever remains united to Me bears fruit in plenty. But if one is cut off, one becomes a dry branch and is thrown on the fire and burns there.

I was heart-broken by the effort of having to endure the Traitor at My side. It was at the Supper that I began to die physically

Pilate: Jews, listen. You have brought me this man as an instigator of the people. I have examined Him and I have not found any of the crimes you accuse Him

Jesus looks around at the crowd and in the sea of rancorous faces he looks far and finds some friendly faces. How many? Less than twenty friends among thousands

When the crowds are perverted and the leaders have become devils, there is nothing easier than accusing an innocent to give vent to their thirst for ferocity and usurpation, and to get rid of those who are an obstacle and a judgment.

The crowd howls with joy... He gets up again. He proceeds, bending and panting more and more, congested, feverish... [...] The people even applaud for the joy of seeing Him fall so badly

The hole in the wood does not correspond to the carpus. So they take a rope, they pull it until the joint is dislocated, tearing tendons and muscles,

Well? You, the Saviour of mankind, why do You not save Yourself? Has Your king Beelzebub abandoned You? Has he disowned You?"

Jesus repeats to every sinner until there is time left for salvation: Father, forgive them because they do not know what they are doing!

The word translated "Lord" is the famous Tetragram that Jews can not even pronounce