The nuclear energy will be a scourge to humanity

A leak of radiation in chain will contaminate the atmosphere of the planet, bringing dreadful consequences to humanity

April 20, 2015
Urgent call of God The Father to humanity.
Message to Enoch.

The nuclear energy will be a scourge to humanity

“My people, I give you my peace and my blessing.

The nuclear energy will be a scourge to humanity, very soon, the ground will begin to tremble and all the nuclear energy plants created by man will destabilize and out of them radiation will escape which the men of the science of this world will not be able to control.

A leak of radiation in chain will contaminate the atmosphere of the planet, bringing dreadful consequences to humanity. The technology of death created by man will turn against him and he will not be able to control it.

Death will come to many places of the earth, the air of the planet will be contaminated and the science of man will not be able to do anything. My Creation will rebel against man for all the mistreatment and the abuse it has received; the radiation will devastate entire regions and my creatures will suffer mutations, the birds will die together with the marine creatures and the ground of the earth will bear only bad fruit.

A great famine is approaching as at the times of Egypt, pestilence and incurable illnesses will arise decimating a great deal of humanity. It will be the technology of death the one which will take care of chastising the same man.

My people, the pride and the anxiety of the kings of this world will unleash war and with it, death and desolation. I tell you that if I were not to intervene, the man of these end times would destroy My Creation: poor you, Jerusalem, because your sons and daughters will go into exile, and many will die in the passage through the desert! The seals are already open and all that is written will be fulfilled just as it was announced to Daniel (Dan 12: 9, 10). The judgement of the nations is about to begin, the horsemen of my Justice already run over the earth from East to West, from North to South. Who can resist the days of my Justice? Men of just behavior and of sincere heart, those will be the only ones able to save themselves.

Women of Jerusalem intone chants of mourning and wear sackcloth, because the war is near and your men perhaps will not return! Woe, woe, woe, these are the woes of the daughter of Zion, who laments and suffers without solace in seeing herself violated and sullied! In the days of the great trial, men will be scarcer than the gold of Ophir.

People of mine, wake up from your lethargy, because the kings of this world prepare for war; their steeds are already in position and their birds of steel already fly; all is ready and planned to plunge my creation into mourning and to decimate the human population. The peace of men is about to end. Pray, fast and do penance, people of mine, so that my just Wrath does not exterminate this ungrateful and sinful humanity, and have survivors left from this purification who, tomorrow, will be my chosen people. Be Prepared, then, people of mine, because the cry of war is already being heard; be prepared my brave ones and intone chants of victory, because the days of your freedom are near.

Your Father, Yahweh, Lord of Nations.

Let my messages be known to all humanity.”

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