The Masonic Agenda against the Church

Latin-American Masonry shall oppose by every possible means clerical propaganda as well as the establishment and development of religious communities


Mexico during the Cristero War

Fr. Denis Fahey, C.S.Sp. was writing Secret Societies and the Kingship of Christ in 1927, while the Calles government was striving to wipe out the Catholic Church and her influence from Mexico. He recorded the important role of Freemasonry in generating this Revolution, citing original documents from Masonic journals. Given the new momentum of the Cristeros War (1926-1929) acquired today, we selected some excerpts from chapter V of Fr. Fahey’s book focusing on how Freemasonry was operating in Catholic countries.


The forces that control Masonry proceed slowly and cautiously, resulting in the acceptance of the so-called “progressivist” ideas. At a point when the people are completely blinded and powerless, those leaders considered to be moderate and who figured on the stage during the period of preparation disappear. More fanatically progressivist leaders replace them to serve their turn. … 

During the years of preparation, Masonry aims at getting a hold on key governmental staff positions. Thus, even the good men who become ministers find themselves very frequently powerless. Needless to say, divisions among Catholics who should stand for the Kingship of Christ permit this staffing process to go on unheeded and unchecked. 

Masonic decisions of 1906 

At the 1906 General Convention of Latin-American Lodges, held in Buenos Aires, it was resolved, among other things, that religious persecution should be initiated and carried out zealously by every possible means. The following Articles, taken from the minutes of the Convention in question, embody the program of action: 

“Art. 5. Latin-American Masonry shall oppose by every possible means clerical propaganda as well as the establishment and development of religious communities. It shall, in addition, do all in its power to get these communities banished from the different countries under its jurisdiction. Accordingly, Masons shall not send their children to be educated in Catholic educational establishments, and shall use their influence over their wives and children to keep them from going to confession; 

“Art. 6. Masons shall try to stir up the zeal of the members of the different political parties for Masonic ideals: the separation of Church and State, the expulsion of religious communities; civil marriage and divorce, purely secular education, the exclusion of religious from hospitals, the suppression of military chaplains.” 

“Art. 10. Masonry shall strive to get the representative at the Vatican withdrawn, thus showing that the Papacy is no longer considered an International power.” 

The example of Mexico 

Mexico is a typical example of the rapidity with which the closing stages of the process of disruption may be carried through.

Gen. Calles president
President Plutarco Calles, center, came to power to execute the Masonic plan to destroy the Church

Mexico was ripening for the Masonic harvest, according to A. Preuss in his October 15, 1913, article inFortnightly Review. The distinguished writer, in describing the state of religion in Mexico, pointed out that the Indians never lost the faith taught them by the first Spanish missionaries. Similarly, the Mexican women were devout and pious. Mexican men of the so-called educated classes, in contrast, were mostly Masons. 

Preuss added that he had often assisted on Sundays at the sad spectacle of men accompanying women to the door of the church, but then lighting a cigar and sitting down outside until the end of Mass. Doubtless, he commented, it would be wrong to say that all the men behave in this way, but the number of those who did so was considerable. They were the “liberal” as opposed to the “fanatical” Catholics. In its August 1926 issue Masonic Tidings those men and their works were extolled in flattering terms were described as having a “strong character.” 

Persecution Catholics Mexico
The world ignored the Calles’ government massacre of Mexican Catholics

Persecution Catholics Mexico

According to the English review, The Patriot (November 25, 1926), Masonry in Mexico is particularly under Jewish control. The R.I.S.S. (Revue Internationale des Societés Secretes – International Review of Secret Societies) always speaks of [Mexican President] Plutarco Elias Calles as a half-Jew. 

The press of the world, after having made no attempt to inform its readers of the real causes of the events chronicled about Mexico, nor of the lengthy preparations for them, discreetly lets the curtain fall on yet another country from which Our Lord has been expelled, at least so far as human legislation can do it. … 

The majority of Mexican Catholics would have laughed incredulously a century or so ago if told that such a state of affairs was coming in their country. There were clouds on the horizon even then, for anti-clericalism was rife; but the present-day systematic uprooting of the Catholic Faith and the cutting off of the minds of the coming generations from all contact with it would have then seemed impossible. Could we not say that the lack of Catholic understanding by Catholics of the aim and methods of Masonry has contributed greatly to the present cataclysm? 

As the final stage in the attack on the Kingship of Christ in Mexico was accelerated by the Masonic Convention of Buenos Aires in 1906, it may be of interest to note that an International Convention of delegates of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite was announced for the same city in 1927. Representatives from the Supreme Councils of the following countries would be in attendance: England and Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France, Belgium, Low Countries, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Rumania, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, United States, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, San Domingo, Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chili, Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay and Venezuela. 

What fresh advances in the path of progress had the representatives of Ireland the happiness of decreeing there? 

[Note: Ireland was the only country that broke diplomatic relations with Mexico in response to the atrocities committed by the Calles’ government against Catholics.] 

Calles Is Supported by the U.S. & Russia

The assassination of General Albaro Obregón (Calles’ sucessor) on July 17, 1928, has again drawn attention to Mexican affairs. Due to Obregón’s death, the result of a clandestine plot, the civilized world condescended for a moment to take notice of the thousands of Catholics who have been killed and tortured for months [in the Cristeros war] by the Masonic Sect in control. 

Ambassador Morrow resident Calles
US Ambassador Morrow bows to Calles in Mexico in 1927

But now the Society of Nations has again returned to its hypocritical work of turning out high-sounding phrases about Humanity, the right of peoples to dispose of their destinies, and the protection of racial and religious minorities. … 

Moscow and Mexico represent today, each in its own fashion, two culminating points in the eternal war of religion. … The workings of these two countries stand out as crimes knowingly accepted and willed by the world. 

The differences between the two countries are evident to us. The coup d’etat in Central America has not yet developed to the extent of the Russian Revolution, but we have proved the Jewish plot against Russia a hundred times. Indeed, the man who would declare himself unable to see the hand of Masonry in the misfortunes of Mexico must be very blind. They are two triumphs of the same hidden forces. … 

Out of the 3,696,000 Masons spread over the world, 3,000,000 are to be found in North America. They are characteristically rich, enterprising, seek to take control of thier Protestant country, and are ever prepared to secretly assist the attacks of the 18,000 Masons of Central America against the traditional Latin order of the countries. Such is the explanation of the revolutions which periodically devastate those large countries…

Short-sighted politicians, concerned exclusively with secular or lay interpretations of the Freemason’s historic work, will never understand the condition of affairs. Moreover, they do not want public opinion to aquire even an inkling of the key of this mystery. There is, however, no other explanation. All the convulsions of martyred Mexico form only one phase of the struggle of the Yankee Masonic Leviathan against the old Catholic Spanish Civilization of the South. … 

Calles’ persecution of the Church 

Plutarco Elías Calles is a Mason, and one of the chief agents of Masonry. This has been denied because the Blue Mexican Lodges are not recognized by the Great Lodges of America. … but Calles is a member of the Scottish Rite in the most conventional fashion. He has received the 32nd degree, according to the Trestle Board. As such, his initiation allows him two jurisdictions: the Northern and the Southern halves of the United States. The Masonic Chronicler even goes so far as to affirm that he has now received the 33rd degree.

At any rate, as we have already remarked, he has received a gold medal from the Supreme Council of the Order in recognition of his services. The High Unknown Superiors could not find a more worthy recipient for such an honor. 

Persecution Catholics Mexico Cristeros
A routine execution of a Cristero (1927); below, villagers view bodies massacred by federal troops

Massacre of Cristeros

Having been dissatisfied with the massacre of the Catholics capable of offering opposition to the systematic de-Catholicization of their country, Calles, from the very first day, skillfully began to prepare for the future by organizing the ‘Massacre of the Innocents.’ He closed the free schools (in which religion could be taught) and opened an immense number of secular schools, evening classes and clubs for youth, etc., all destined to bring young souls under the yoke of Free Thought. 

The Masonic Trestle Board of February, 1928, enlightens its readers as follows: 

Mexico – The efforts of the Calles Government to regulate educational questions are giving the most satisfactory results, and official statistics show us that the country is already in possession of 5,479 schools, with 1,183,333, pupils. The schools are divided as follows: 378 kindergarten schools, 136 agricultural schools, 4,467 primary schools, 67 secondary and preparatory schools, 65 normal schools, 57 professional schools, 22 colleges, and 287 commercial or technical establishments, maintained by the States as well as by the Federal Budget. 

Of course, no mention is made of the number of ecclesiastical or religious establishments that have been closed or confiscated in order to establish this enormous machine designed to pervert consciences, all under the ‘eye’ of Masonry. Already, under the present dictatorship, the number of Masons has doubled, according to William L. Vail, Commander of the Scottish Rite. 

The progress is especially noticeable, as might well be anticipated, in the political world, the universities and the army. Besides the President, three of his chief Ministers are members of Lodges, as of September, 1927: Aaron Saenz, Minister of Foreign Affairs, which explains the Jewish effrontery of some diplomatic denials of the atrocities; Louis Montes de Oca, Minister of Finance; and Adalberto A. Tejeda, Minister of Home Affairs. … 

Most of the brutalities committed by the police and the soldiers bear the mark of satanic hatred of God. Specifically, the parish-priest of Tarnazula was arrested by emissaries of Calles who, with the avowed intention of rendering him forever incapable of offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, burned his two hands. 

Thus the Masonic seal is affixed to the regime… (1) 

Lindbergh – Masonry’s ambassador 

In May, 1927, American aviator Col. Charles Lindberg made the first solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean . The Masonic Trestle Board (January, 1928), gave the following account of another voyage of the Atlantic conqueror later that year – this time to Mexico as ambassador of the United States:

Ambassador Morrow, Lindbergh, Mexico
Lindberg, at right, greeted by Ambassador Morrow and Gen. Alvarez on his arrival in Mexico, 1928

When Brother * Ch. A. Lindberg landed the other day in Mexico and received the fraternal Latin embrace of Brother * Elias Calles, President of the Southern Republic, the invisible but all-powerful ‘hand of fidelity’ reached at last through the close network of distrust and misunderstanding that has reigned for years between the two great American Republics. 

The ‘ambassador of good-will,’ as the newspapers have called him, confiding in the Great Architect rather than in the weak material of his airplane, has brought to the Mexican people a true pledge of friendship and of brotherly union. 

The exploit of Brother ‘Lindy’ is, in fact, significant for all those who have received Masonic initiation and who know that misunderstandings always arise from lack of light. ‘Lindy’ has dispersed many of the clouds that veiled the image of Mexico in the minds of Americans … the fog and darkness cast upon Mexico by Romish propaganda in a despairing effort to overthrow the work of Brother * Elias Calles. 

Mexico is winning back the confidence of the world, for it has, in recent years, moved forward rapidly towards real independence. Its youth are now being brought up in schools free henceforward from the influence of Popish agents, and we can even now predict, without fear of error, that the Mexico of tomorrow will be the ideal and the example of the other Latino-American Republics, in which the discontent provoked by the autocracy and obscurantism of Rome has progressed by leaps and bounds. 

We wish an ever-increasing success to Brother * ambassador Lindberg and to his fellow-visitor to Mexico, Brother * ambassador W. Rogers. (2) 

Behind the triumphal reception of the famed aviator, we can see, the secret alliance between the Masons of the two countries to carry on the war of persecution and calumny against the Catholic Church in Mexico. 

Russia’s hand is also clearly seen in the Mexican revolution shaking that country today. The workers in Mexico are dominated by the C.R.O.M. (in Spanish, Confederación Regional de Opreros Mexicanos, or Regional Mexican Workers Confederation). 

The relations of the C.R.O.M. with Moscow are obvious, and were proclaimed with brazen effrontery on the occasion of the arrival in Mexico of Russian Minister Pethowski. The C.R.O.M. organized a grandiose reception, and Calles declared the day a public holiday at their request. In a Manual of Popular Readings drawn up for Mexican schools, Lenin’s portrait figures prominently, and in it he receives the highest praise.” (3)

1. The Diario del Paso (El Paso, Texas, n. 692, April 7, 1928), states that the President of the Jewish organization of the B’nai B’rith has confirmed the information given to the press that 20,000 Jews will settle in Mexico during 1928, with the authorization of the Government. … (Article by Roger Duguet in R.I.S.S., Sept. 16, 1928.)
2. This account has been translated from the French of the R.I.S.S. {Revue Internationale des Societés Secretes – International Review of Secret Societies) of July 15, 1928, p. 658 
3. R.I.S.S., July 22, 1928, pp. 163-164


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