The Lady of All Nations

My signs are in my words. You of little faith! You are like a child insisting upon fireworks, while you do not see the true light and the true fire

The Lady of All Nations

You, nations of this time, know that you are under the protection of the Lady of All Nations. Invoke her as Advocate; ask her to stave off all disasters

As messenger and deliverer, Ida must pass on in obedience all which the Lady of All Nations so urgently wishes to tell the Pope, the Bishop of Haarlem-Amsterdam, the Church,...

And Yahweh is ashamed of His people

New disasters are again coming upon the world

Then I see heavy, thick clouds appearing over Europe and under them huge waves engulfing Europe

Then a great conflict will arise in the world. And I see two powers opposing one another

You will see that only after much misery and many disasters will the Cross again be raised up

The prayer is given. This prayer has been given for the conversion of the world. Pray this prayer in all that you do. This prayer shall be spread in churches and by modern means

The Lord and Creator deems it necessary to give the Church a warning

Satan’s hand is passing over the whole world, holding a die. Do you know, Church, Community, what this means? Satan is still the prince of this world. He holds on to everything...

The last message to be given in public