The Lady of All Nations: Messages of 1955 -1959

The last message to be given in public

3) The last seven messages, 1954-1959: From May 31, 1954, onward, the Lady appears on May 31st every year. In grand visions she addresses the nations of the world, showing them the way to go, the way leading to the daily Miracle, the Eucharist.

Of the final seven messages, given between 1954 and 1959, six of them were given on the 31st of May. In these messages we see the Lady in her heavenly glory. She speaks to the nations of the world, urgently admonishing them, and she shows humanity the way it must go. The series of messages ends with a heavenly vision of the glorified Lady and the Lord in His divine majesty.

The Church, the Community: When referring to the Church, the Lady often calls it ‘the Community’, into which she wants to gather all people, “no matter who or what they are” (message 38). Amsterdam takes on particular significance. It is there that the Lady wants a special church to be built, and from there that her action shall spread throughout the world. She shows the exact place where the Lady of All Nations church is to be built, even giving detailed directions for its construction (message 52).

The Eucharist: The way humanity has to go is towards the great mystery of the Eucharist, the daily Miracle. In her final messages the Lady points with ever greater emphasis towards the Eucharist, the real presence of the Lord under the appearance of bread and wine (message 56). In the heavenly vision of May 31, 1959, the figure of the Lord Himself in all of His grandeur and majesty, emerges from a Host of white fire, and the words resound, “Whoever eats and drinks Me acquires eternal life and receives the True Spirit.”




May 31, 1955, Feast of the Queenship of Mary (1)

The Lady appears in public – In the morning, during Holy Mass, I suddenly hear the voice of the Lady saying, “I will come today. Go to the chapel.” In the evening there is adoration, and the church is very crowded. During the fifth glorious mystery (2) I hear the voice of the Lady saying again, “Go to the chapel.” However, since the church is so crowded, I don’t dare go, and I remain seated. A bright light comes from behind, from out of the chapel, and goes through the church. I am terribly frightened by this. Now, all of a sudden, I hear the voice of the Lady very clearly, right by my ear. I hear the Lady say, “Get up!” It sounds so commanding that I rise with a start and walk towards the back. I feel as if I am floating. When I arrive at the chapel where the painting is, I see a sea of light there. I kneel down on the stone floor. Out of that light the Lady suddenly comes forward, more beautiful than I have ever seen her. The Lady says, “Pray my prayer.” But I am so deeply touched and impressed by everything that I can’t speak. Interiorly I tell this to the Lady. Then she smiles and says for the second time, “Pray my prayer.” And then she herself starts to recite it, “Lord Jesus Christ …” Suddenly I recover my voice, and I am again able to repeat her words. Then she lets me continue praying.

The Lady addresses the nations – After this, the Lady pauses for a moment and gazes before herself. Then she starts to speak, “I am standing here as the Lady of All Nations, the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.” The Lady pauses again for a moment, gazing forward. Then she says, as if speaking over my head to an invisible crowd, “I promised to come today, May 31. The Mother, the Lady of All Nations, is standing here before you. Today she wants to address the nations. Listen carefully to my words. I am coming to warn the nations. Satan is not yet expelled. Nations, be warned of false prophets. The Lady of All Nations may come every year. She promised to give her sign. This sign has now been given. I said: I will return, but in public.” As the Lady points at me, she says, “Very well then, nations, this instrument hears the voice of the Lady so that she may bring you her word.”

She will defeat Satan – The Lady again pauses for a moment, and then she says, “Satan is not yet expelled. The Lady of All Nations may now come in order to expel Satan. She comes to announce the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will then come over this earth. You, however, shall pray my prayer which I gave to the world. Every day and every moment you shall think of the prayer which the Lady of All Nations gave to this world in this time. How strongly Satan is ruling, God alone knows. He now sends His Mother, the Lady of All Nations, to you, to all nations. She will defeat Satan, as has been foretold. She will place her feet upon Satan’s head.”

The Trinity – Then the Lady says with great concern, “Peoples, do not let yourselves be taken in by the false prophets; listen only to Him, to God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. For the same Father is the same Son. The same Father and Son is the same Holy Spirit.” The Lady says this very slowly.

God will hear His Mother – Now the Lady pauses for a long time, and then she says, “You will go through a great deal yet, in this century. You, nations of this time, know that you are under the protection of the Lady of All Nations. Invoke her as Advocate; ask her to stave off all disasters. Ask her to banish degeneration from this world. From degeneration comes disaster. From degeneration comes war. Through my prayer you shall ask that this be staved off from the world. You do not know how great and how important this prayer is before God. He will hear His Mother, as she wants to be your Advocate.”

Trust in your Mother – Again the Lady pauses for a long time. Then she says, very concernedly, “Great events are going to happen. You young people, you will experience great changes. It is the Lady of All Nations telling you this. She will protect you. She will stand in this time … in this time, in this world, above all nations as the Lady. A time of great inventions is to come. There will be alarming inventions, such that even your shepherds will be astonished and say: we are at a loss. At that time mark well these words which the Lady said to you on May 31st. The Father knows and allows everything that is going to happen in the world. Understand, the Holy Spirit is nearer than ever. The Holy Spirit will only come when you pray for it. From the beginning, He already was. Now, however, the time has come. The world no longer knows where to turn. Very well then, peoples, trust in your Mother, for she has never forsaken her children. She may come under this new title: ‘Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocate.’”

The Lady will give her blessing – “Ask your Holy Father to proclaim this dogma which the Lady is requesting.” Now, all of a sudden, I see the Lady join her hands in a graceful gesture. She stops speaking, and, with her eyes, she draws my attention to what is happening in the distance. At that moment I recover my natural hearing and I hear the altar bells for the blessing with the Blessed Sacrament. With a tender, devout expression on her face, the Lady looks in the direction of the altar. It is as if a radiant light comes over her and as if she receives the blessing together with all of us. After the blessing, the Lady calmly continues with her message. “Once the dogma has been proclaimed, the Lady of All Nations will grant her blessing, the Lady of All Nations will grant peace. She will help you when this dogma has been proclaimed.”

Back to the Sacrifice – “Great things are at hand. The world is degenerating. Nations, remember the daily Miracle that the Lord Jesus Christ granted you! He gave it to you so that you could experience it every day. Do you realize what you are actually missing? Nations, I said: I will come to admonish the nations and to give consolation to my children, the apostles and all nations. Very well then, the Lady has now come. You shall bring your children to the Lord Jesus Christ. You shall teach them how to pray again, just as the Lady of All Nations teaches you to pray her prayer. The Lady asks you, parents: teach your children this prayer. Bring your children back to the Sacrifice; lead your nations back to the Sacrifice. And when I say ‘the nations’, I mean my white and especially my black sheep, standing about me. Think, white people, about the black nations! They must be brought to the Lord Jesus Christ; they must be brought to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

The Kingdom of God – “Once you begin to ask the Holy Father for the dogma, the Lady will fulfill her promise, and true peace will come. True peace, nations––that is the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is nearer than ever. Understand these words well. It is really and truly the Mother, the Lady of All Nations, who is telling you this. My admonitions: do not listen to false prophets; listen only to your shepherds, to your ministers, to the voice of your conscience––to a Higher Being. And this I say for those who do not belong to the true Church.” Now the Lady raises her finger and says with emphasis, “You, people of the Church of Rome, be aware of your great, great fortune. Realize what it means to belong to the Church of Rome. Do you really act accordingly?”

The nations united around her throne – “Your Mother, the Lady of All Nations, is allowed to come to you once a year under this new title. Later on this will cease. Understand these words well when I say: see to it that every year the nations are assembled around this throne, before this image.” While the Lady is still standing in that beautiful light, I suddenly see the chapel with the painting of the Lady. Around it large groups of people are gathering, many, many foreign nations. The Lady says, “This is the great favor that Mary, Miriam, or the Lady of All Nations, may grant to the world.”

You are responsible – “She will return, I said. She will speak to her apostles. But the Lady will speak first to you, nations. Help your apostles; do not make it so difficult for them. Bring your children again as an offering before the Lord. Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ, your Lady understands you; your Lady will help you in all difficulties, your Lady will assist you. In her name, invoke the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, who will come now more than ever! The Kingdom of God is nearer than ever, I said. Nations, do you realize what that is going to mean? Do you realize, nations, that you are responsible? You, the high-ups of this world, do not mislead your little ones, do not mislead the least of my children. You are responsible before your Lord Jesus Christ.” And once again the Lady says with emphasis, “You are responsible!”

The Lady begs you – “I just said: alarming inventions will be made. God allows this; but you peoples, you can see to it that it does not result in disaster. You peoples, I beg you … the Lady begs you; hear this well. Never has the Mother of God begged you …” Now the Lady pauses again and then says, “So that you do not arrive at alarming things, nations, the Lady begs you now, today: ask the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to protect His people, to bring His people to unity once again. People have to attain unity, to be one, and over them: the Lady of All Nations. One community, peoples; here I am stressing these words: one community.”

One community – “Think of the future.” And now it is as if the Lady is smiling as she says, “No, the Lady does not say: think of your material future. Understand well why I may come on this great day. This great day was chosen by the Lord Jesus Christ for the Lady of All Nations. She may bring her nations to unity. She may gather her nations into one large community. All nations into one Community, that is what this world, this time––as I have repeatedly announced––must see to. In private I have spoken repeatedly about this time. Very well then, nations, this time has come. Satan is not yet expelled, but you have to see to that, you peoples of the Church of Rome.” Now the Lady raises her finger again in warning and says seriously, “Remember your sacraments––they still exist. By your example, nations, bring others to Him, to the daily Miracle, to the daily Sacrifice.”

Your Mother went before you – “And thus the words, ‘From now onwards all nations will call me blessed’, will be fulfilled. Today this message of the Lady of All Nations goes throughout the world. I said: I will give consolation. Nations, your Mother knows life, your Mother knows sorrow, your Mother knows the Cross. Everything you go through in this life is a passage that your Mother, the Lady of All Nations, went before you. She went this road before you.” The Lady pauses again for a moment and then says slowly, “But she went up to the Father; she returned to her Son. Nations, you also go up to the Father by your way of the Cross; you also go up to the Son by your way of the Cross. The Holy Spirit will help you. Invoke Him in this time. I cannot say this enough to the world: go to the Holy Spirit in this time!” The Lady says the latter very slowly and with emphasis.

Return to the community – “You will be helped. Return to the Church. Return to the community. Care for my other sheep––those who are wandering around grazing there. Do you know what that means: wandering around grazing?” The Lady says the latter, too, with great emphasis. “Care especially for unity among the nations. That is what the Lady of All Nations came to tell you today. She will not forget you. You cannot yet understand my words. The signs, I said, are in my words.”

Consoling promise – “Your Mother will tell you something consoling. When the time of the Lord Jesus Christ is at hand, you will notice that false prophets, war, discord, dissension are going to disappear. Now the time is dawning. The Lady of All Nations is telling you this.” Then the Lady slowly goes away.

(1) In his encyclical Ad Coeli Reginam of October 11, 1954, Pope Pius XII officially gave Mary the title ‘Queen of Heaven and Earth’. The liturgical celebration of this feast was set for May 31st. Until then, several church provinces celebrated the Feast of Mary Mediatrix of All Graces on this day. Then, by a decree made on March 21, 1969, the Feast of the Queenship of Mary was transferred to August 22nd. At the same time, the Feast of the Visitation of Mary was transferred from July 2nd  to May 31st. 
(2) The fifth glorious mystery of the Rosary: The Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth.




Message of May 31, 1956, Feast of Corpus Christi

The visionary in inner conflict – In the morning, at the end of Holy Mass in St. Thomas Church, I suddenly hear the Lady’s voice saying, urgently and clearly: “I will come today. Ask your bishop to bring the image back into the church before the arrival of the third hour.”(1) I answer, “I won’t do that. They won’t believe me, anyway.” Then the Lady says, very strictly, “Do what I tell you!” (2) In the afternoon I am praying the Rosary at home together with my family. During the last glorious mystery, I suddenly hear the voice of the Lady again. She says, “Go to the Wandelweg.”(3) I am startled and say, “I won’t do that. I have to obey Fr. Frehe; I promised on my honor. (4) Just do something else, because you have to help us.” In the evening, at about half past eight, I hear the Lady’s voice anew. She says, “I am coming today, anyway.” I ask, “But where?” The Lady answers, “Right here.(5) Let them know, and tell your pastor.” I say, “I won’t do that, because I am not allowed to do anything without Fr. Frehe’s permission.” So I didn’t do it.

For the sake of the promise – After adoration in the church, some acquaintances stop by to tell how it went and how beautiful it was. (6) At exactly ten o’clock, the light suddenly appears in the room. From the bright light the Lady comes forth very slowly. As the Lady is standing there, she says, “Today I have come for the sake of these here.” She then points at the circle of people sitting around us. “Truly I tell you, the Lord Jesus Christ has sent the Lady of All Nations here to you for the sake of the promise. Tell this to your bishop; tell this to your spiritual director.”

Obedience – Now the Lady looks at me and smiles at me while saying, “You did well. Obedience had to come first.” Here the Lady pauses for a moment, and then she says, “I said: go to the Wandelweg.” The Lady then smiles at me and says, “You obeyed. So be it. The Lord demanded this.” Now the Lady pauses for a moment and then says, as she gazes into the distance, “For the sake of the city––they should understand well how the Lady means this–– for the sake of the city the Lady wanted this obedience.”

The site of the new church – Now the Lady waits a long time. Then she says, while looking around herself, “Now, in the presence of these witnesses, the Lady will show you where and how the Lady of All Nations church is going to be built.” Again the Lady says nothing for a long time. Then it is as if all of a sudden we are standing in a grassy field. Now the Lady lets me see very clearly where the new church has to be built. She points to the left and says, “Look carefully. Not over there, but there.” And now she points to the right. “I am showing it to you now. Tell it to the others later.” Now I see the place clearly: a grassy field with trees and a teahouse, on Southern Wandelweg. Once again the Lady says, “Look carefully.” She pauses, and then continues, “They will have difficulties. It is a large piece of land, later to be surrounded by a fair-sized part of town.” Then I actually see that large piece of land surrounded by new houses and buildings. A stretch of the present-day dike is gone.

The church seen from the outside – Suddenly I see a large church on the site the Lady had pointed out to me. It is a majestic church on a large square, a very extraordinary church, the likes of which we do not know; but in it one recognizes features of all different types of churches. The back side looks Eastern, and the front side is more Western. The church is built of yellowish-beige natural stone. The light green domes are very striking––a large one with a smaller one on either side. The Lady points that out to me and says, “You see three domes on this church, a large one and, on either side, a smaller one.” The green of the domes contrasts wonderfully with the yellowish-beige color of the church walls. These walls have large windows; just beneath the domes, too, there are windows. On the large dome there is a cross.

The front porch – The entrance to the church is very majestic, imposing and grand. Steps lead up to the large, open front porch. This front porch has four enormous pillars on the front side, ornamented at the top and bottom. The pillars are not smooth, but as if ribbed from top to bottom. The roof over the entrance, supported by these pillars, has a protruding edge with some kind of sculpture or relief.

The inside of the church – Then the Lady says very solemnly, “We are now entering the house of the Lord.” Suddenly I am with the Lady inside the church. It is a large, inviting church. All the windows are stained-glass; they are of deep, warm colors––predominantly a sort of Eastern red and blue––colors you do not find in our churches. As I walk with the Lady through the church, it occurs to me that the floor slopes slightly downward, as in an amphitheater. It is also striking that everything in the church is placed in a semicircle. Everything on and in the church is round. In the front of the church I see a raised plateau, a kind of platform of enormous dimensions. It has steps leading up to it, along the curve. The pews are also arranged in a curve. I see communion rails in front of the platform.

The altars – On the platform there are three altars, arranged in a semicircle. The Lady points at the altar in the middle and says, “In the middle the Cross, the daily Miracle, the altar of the Sacrifice of the Cross.” At this the Lady points at a low tabernacle with a small crucifix on top of it. Then she points at the altar on the epistle side.(7) With her hands folded, she says very solemnly and devoutly, “The altar of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” Now, pointing at the altar on the gospel side, she says, “On this side the altar of the Lady of All Nations. Look carefully: at the same level. It looks like one single semicircle; one large semicircle and a smaller one on either side.” Although I see three altars, it is as if they are united as one single altar, one single semicircle, and yet three semicircles.

The images behind the altars – Then the Lady says, “The altar of the Sacrifice in the middle. Behind it is the image of the Last Supper.” Now the Lady shows me clearly the images behind the three altars. Behind the central altar I see an image of the Last Supper covering nearly the entire length of the curved back wall. The Christ is a beautiful and dignified figure. In front of Him is a chalice. In his hands He is holding a Host; it is as if He were breaking the Host. Around Him are the Apostles, half-reclining at the table. Then the Lady goes with me to the epistle side and says, “There you see the Father, seated upon the globe.” On the back wall of the epistle side, I see an image of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The figure representing the Father is seated upon the globe. In his right hand there is a Cross. Above all this there is a dove, which is emitting rays in all directions. The Lady says, “With the Cross in His hand, He is overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, represented in the form of a dove emitting rays in all directions.”

The altar of the Lady – The separate chapel – Now the Lady points at the gospel side and says, “The altar of the Lady depicts me as I come.” I see an image of the Lady of All Nations standing on the globe, with the Cross behind her and sheep around the globe. All three images are sculpted in a type of dark brown wood, the image of the Lady, too. This surprises me greatly. The Lady seems to notice this. She smiles and says, “You do not see the present-day image.” She means the painting. Then she signals me to follow her. We go to the back, on the gospel side. In the back of the church, a little more to the side, I see the painting of the Lady, hanging in a small chapel. The Lady smiles and says, “There, a little more to the side, is the painting, separate in a separate chapel. The Lord Jesus Christ willed it so.”

Celibacy – When we are outside of the chapel again, the Lady says, “Furthermore, I would like to tell you that the Lady tested you.” All of a sudden she makes the Sign of the Cross on her lips with her thumb and says, “Do not repeat what I am going to say now.” Then she says, “Tell the Sacrista of the Holy Father to pass on the following: celibacy is still the great strength of the Church. There are people who want this to be changed. Only in great exceptions. Say this. He will understand me. The dogma of Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate has to be proclaimed before 1960.”

The image in public – Then the Lady says, (8) “She will not come to the place where the church will be. Ask that the image may again be placed in public.” Now I see in a flash the chapel in St. Thomas Church. “Later it will be transferred to the house of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Then I again see the Lady’s church which will have to be built in the future. The Lady waits a moment and then says, “Now I was speaking for all nations, too. Say this. When the image is brought back, the Lady will give her blessing.”

The miracle of Cana – Now the Lady waits a moment before continuing, “I still have an answer to give. By the will of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lady of All Nations spoke and speaks where He is present.” Again the Lady waits a moment, and then says, “For was it not the Lord Jesus Christ Himself who waited with His great miracle”––and now the Lady says quietly and with emphasis––“of changing water into wine, until his Mother had spoken? He intended to work His miracle, but waited until His Mother spoke. Do you understand this? This is my reply today for those who could not understand that the Lady, on May 31, 1955, appeared in St. Thomas Church.” (9) Again the Lady pauses for a moment. She looks very sadly at the people who came to visit us after adoration,(10) and says, “The Lady says this for those poor, mistaken people, too.(11) This thought shall help them to understand the relationship of the Lady with their Lord. Pass everything on well.” Now the Lady sadly looks before herself and says, “I had wanted to bring a serious and joyous message. Ask that the image be brought back into public.” Then the Lady goes away slowly, very slowly.

(1) The previous year, on July 10, 1955, the Bishop of Haarlem-Amsterdam withdrew his permission, and so the pastor of St. Thomas Church silently removed the painting of the Lady from the chapel and placed it in the rectory. It was later that the bishop wrote an official letter stating that he withdrew the permission he had previously given for having the painting of the Lady in the chapel at St. Thomas Church, pending inquiry into the authenticity of the apparitions of the Lady of All Nations. See also Appendix II. 
(2) The visionary had been obliged to promise her spiritual director not to go to St. Thomas’s again that day. At the visionary’s insistence, her director granted permission that someone take the Lady’s message to the bishop on paper. The bishop informed the visionary that she should follow her spiritual director’s instructions.
(3) See footnote 56.
(4) Despite the visionary’s entreaty to be allowed to comply with the Lady’s request, her spiritual director refused. She had to remain at home.
(5) ‘Right here’ means Ida’s home. The Lady appeared there, since the visionary was not allowed to leave home that day.
(6) On that day the Rosary was prayed in the church at half past two. The Lady’s prayer was prayed at the end of each decade. Nearly five-hundred people were present praying all day, up to the beginning of adoration in the evening. Since Ida had not been allowed to attend, some of them stopped by her house for a visit afterwards.
(7) See footnote 54.
(8) Here the visionary again starts repeating the Lady’s words.
(9) On that day the Lady had appeared during exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Some people had taken offense at this.
(10) See footnote 74.
(11) Some of the people present wanted to use the messages for their




Message of May 31, 1957 (1)

Lord, Your will be done – My spiritual director had told me that I wasn’t allowed to go to St. Thomas Church that morning, nor to adoration in the evening. In addition, I was not allowed to call him that day. So I went to Holy Mass at Peace Church. All of sudden, just before Holy Communion, I clearly heard the voice of the Lady saying, “Today do what I tell you.” I was startled by that and said inwardly, “But I promised to obey Fr. Frehe.” Yet I added humbly, “But Lord, Your will be done.” That day I had to go somewhere by train. I just went to the station. I took my seat in the train and started praying the Rosary, as was my habit. All of a sudden I heard the voice of the Lady startlingly clear, as a command, saying, “Go back, you have done your duty!” Before I knew it, I was out of the train and standing on the platform. At the same moment the train left. I thought, what have I done? Now I haven’t obeyed. What now? All of a sudden the Lady’s voice resounded very loudly over the platform, “Three o’clock at the chapel!” It sounded like an order. I went back home then. Since Fr. Frehe hadn’t forbidden me to go to the church in the afternoon, I went to St. Thomas Church that afternoon. At first I didn’t dare go in, but suddenly it was as if someone were pushing me, as if some kind of wind or force were carrying me into the church.

The last message to be given in public – When I entered the church, people were praying the Rosary by the chapel. I prayed with them from the back of the church. Then they prayed the twelve articles of the Creed. At the words ‘who was conceived by the Holy Spirit’, I suddenly saw the light appear at the Lady altar. The light moved very slowly from the Lady altar, alongside the main altar, then alongside the St. Joseph altar where it halted for a moment, and then along the side of the church towards the chapel. It was as if a figure were floating along in that light. I stood up and went to the chapel because the Lady, as it were, beckoned me. When I entered the chapel, I saw the Lady slowly emerging from the light. She said to me, “Pray the prayer.” Then she herself began to pray the prayer, very softly and devoutly, praying it together with me. At the end, however, I heard her say ‘your Advocate’ instead of ‘our Advocate’. At this she moved her head forward and looked at me very intently. This confused me, such that I seemed to have skipped the words ‚who once was Mary’, and repeated her words, ‘your Advocate’. Then the Lady said, “Today I have come here in order to bring the last message given in public. Do not be afraid, child. It is the Lady of All Nations who says all of this.” She paused a moment and then said, “You did well.”

Ask for the dogma – All of a sudden the Lady again made the Sign of the Cross on her lips with her thumb, (2) and said, “Go to the Holy Father and tell him everything. Ask for his blessing for the prayer. Ask for the dogma.” As I inwardly responded, “Oh, Lady, how can you say something like that! You know that I will never get there”, the Lady said softly, “Through the Sacrista.”

Obedience and free will – Then the Lady looked sadly before herself and said, (3) “I had wanted to bring a serious and joyous message. I showed all nations that, regarding obedience and free will, free will had to come first.”

The Paraclete – “Now I would first like to give an answer to all those who asked you for a sign.” At this the Lady shook her head compassionately. “The Lady says to all of them: my signs are in my words. You of little faith! You are like a child insisting upon fireworks, while you do not see the true light and the true fire.” At this the Lady smiled in compassion. “You seek and seek in ‘para-this’ and ‘para-that’. Concerning this as well, the Lady of All Nations will give you an answer.” And with a voice that resounded powerfully through the church, the Lady said, “It is the Paraclete who brings all of this about.” I didn’t understand the word ‘Paraclete’, and I tried to make this clear to the Lady by shaking my head and shrugging my shoulders. She smiled and pointed about herself. Then I saw all kinds of priests standing about her. While pointing at those priests, the Lady said, “You know what the Lady means.” (4) Then she continued, “He is the salt, He is the water, He is the light, He is the power by which the Lady is overshadowed. He proceeded from the Father and the Son. He pervaded the Lady of All Nations with His power. Thus she can and she may distribute grace to you.” Again I saw a haze enveloping the Lady, as before when she spoke about the Holy Spirit.

The sacraments – “Then spread my prayer, the prayer of the Lord. Ask whether the image may be returned here for the time being. Child, do not be afraid. I am the one asking this. Ask for the dogma. And you, all nations, through the hands of the Lady let yourselves be brought to the Lord, be brought to your sacraments.” She put great emphasis on the word ‘sacraments’, and she shook her head as if she would say, “What’s going on there?” She had a very peculiar look on her face, clearly showing that she found it not at all in order. Then she said, “You behave so strangely with them. I know, the Lady of All Nations knows, what this time is like for Christians, and that is why she has been allowed to come for twelve years, to warn you, to help you, to bring you back to the Lord Jesus Christ. This year you experienced how strong the power of Satan can, can be. The Lady of All Nations, who is the Bride of the Lord, who is the Queen of the King, who has now received this title from her Lord, she, through her intercession, has still, still been able to save the world.” At this the Lady raised a finger in warning.

Heaven – “Nations, listen to everything I have said. Truly, it is worth the trouble to leave the world.” It was as if the Lady meant this in a double sense. “Surely you all have to go to heaven!” This the Lady said very clearly and explicitly. It was as if she drew aside a veil and I experienced a very extraordinary state, a heavenly, a supernatural state. I saw something tremendous, quite impossible to describe. It was as if heaven would open; it was so beautiful. “The Lord redeemed all of you. You who have gone astray, come back. The Lady is waiting for you.” At this the Lady made an inviting gesture with her arms, so as to gather all people. “She will help you. She will bring you back.”

Celibacy – Again the Lady made the Sign of the Cross on her lips with her thumb.(5) Then she said, “Go to the Holy Father and tell him that I said: the time has now arrived in which the dogma can be proclaimed. I shall come back in private for the Church and for priests, at the time which the Lord shall determine. Say that celibacy is endangered from within. But in spite of everything, the Holy Father shall uphold it.” When I shook my head and said that I didn’t dare say this, the Lady said somewhat angrily, “I order you to say this!” So I nodded ‘yes’. Next the Lady said, “If they do what I have said, I will assist the peoples, all of them, even the most primitive, and I will be allowed to bring true peace.” The Lady said this with great emphasis.

The foretaste of eternal life – Then the Lady said (6) while gazing before herself with a heavenly expression on her face, “Before the Lord Jesus Christ died his natural death, before the Lord Jesus Christ went up to the Father, before the Lord Jesus Christ appeared in the world, coming among people again,” ––It was as if the Lady were saying this by way of explanation, for I was shaking my head, not knowing what to make of it–– “He gave you the great Mystery, the great Miracle of every day, every hour, every minute. He gave Himself. No, nations, not an idea.” At this she shook her head vehemently. “No, nations, listen to what He said, not an idea, but Himself, under the appearance of a little piece of bread, under the appearance of wine. This is how the Lord wants to come among you everyday. Take this, do this. He gives you the foretaste, the foretaste of eternal life.” Again she drew aside that veil from before my eyes, and once more I entered the same heavenly state. “This, nations, is what the Lady, the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, wanted to tell you today, for the last time in public.” Then I saw the Lady go away very slowly.

(1) Concerning this message, the visionary wrote a letter to her spiritual director, Fr. Frehe. See Appendix III.
(2) Indicating that the visionary should not repeat the words to follow. From here until footnote 82, the visionary does not repeat the Lady’s words, and they are thus neither heard nor written by the person present to transcribe the messages (usually Ida’s sister). Ida herself will relate them at a later time.
(3) Here the visionary again starts repeating the Lady’s words.
(4) ‘Paraclete’ denotes the Holy Spirit. This Greek word, used particularly in the Gospel of St. John, means helper, comforter, counselor, and advocate.
(5) Indicating that the visionary should not repeat the words to follow.
(6) Here the visionary again starts repeating the Lady’s words.




Message of February 19, 1958, Ash Wednesday (1)

Prediction of the death of Pope Pius XII – Last night I again woke up with a start, because, at exactly three o’clock, I heard someone call me. I saw the light again and heard the voice of the Lady saying, “Here I am again. The peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. You did well. Of your own free will you chose to bring the message to your spiritual director. This obedience will bear good fruit, which you will experience in a short time. Your spiritual director knows his duty. You may be at ease. I shall make an announcement that you may not tell anyone about, including the Sacrista and your spiritual director. When it has happened, you may tell them that the Lady told it to you at this time. The announcement is: Listen. This Holy Father, Pope Pius XII, will be taken up among Us at the beginning of October of this year. The Lady of All Nations, the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, will lead him to eternal joy.” (1) I was shocked at this announcement and hardly dared to believe it. The Lady said, “Do not be frightened, child. His successor will proclaim the dogma.” I thanked the Lady and she said very solemnly, “Amen.”

(1) At the request of her spiritual director, the visionary typed out this message, put it in a sealed envelope, and gave it to him for safe-keeping. She herself kept a carbon copy. Immediately following the death of Pope Pius XII, she informed her spiritual director of the content of this message and had him read the copy. Immediately afterwards, the unopened sealed original was sent to the Sacrista of the Pope. See also Appendix IV, Fr. Frehe’s letter of October 14, 1958.

Message of May 31, 1958

A heavenly experience – We were sitting together and talking when all at once I saw a bright light appear in the adjacent room. I did not see the Lady. Then it was as if a veil were lifted from before my eyes, and I experienced a heavenly, a supernatural state. I had the feeling that someone was present, someone tremendously mighty, great and pure. As I knelt down, high-pitched, exquisite music sounded in my ears, and the room was completely filled with light. It shone so brightly that I was compelled to fold my hands on my breast and bow deeply. I didn’t dare look into it––nor could I. But suddenly I did look; I cannot possibly express what I saw. It was something heavenly, if, in all humility, I may say so. Then it was as if it were concealed by a veil, and I could no longer see it. And then I saw the Lady, but far away. She looked so kind and dear. She spoke to me very softly. I couldn’t repeat after her at all; I had no voice. The first part she said without pausing, while looking at me. I thought, if only I could remember it all. I think the Lady understood me, because she smiled and repeated the first part. Then I nodded ‘yes’. The Lady said, “Through the Lord to the Lady; through the Lady of All Nations to the Lord of All Nations. This contact will continue. Warn the clergy of false doctrines, particularly concerning the Eucharist. Pass this on to the Sacrista. Say that the Lady asks him to take you to the pontiff. Again, pray much for good priests and vocations, and that peoples search their hearts. But …”

In all tranquility I shall return to Him – Suddenly the Lady stopped and made a gesture with her head as if she wanted to say: listen, repeat after me. All at once I recovered my voice. The Lady said, “In all tranquility I came. In all tranquility I shall return to Him who sent me.” As she said this, she moved upwards very slowly, further and further away. I felt: she is leaving me. This made me very sad, and I began to cry. The Lady said, “Do not be sad. I will not leave you orphans. He, the Comforter and Helper, will come.”

Build here one community – Then the Lady slowly disappeared, and I heard her say, “Listen, follow the light.” All at once the light went out of the room. I sought it in the adjacent room, but it went ahead of me to the front door of our house. I went after it, into the street. It went ahead of me to the Wandelweg. All of a sudden it stood still. I was searching the ground when I heard the voice say, “What are you looking for?” Then, between two clouds, I saw the Lady with Cross, globe and sheep. She herself was standing in the clear, blue sky. As she moved upwards very slowly, I heard her say, “This is the place of my return to Him. Build here one community for all nations.” Then a large, luminous cloud moved across her, and I saw her no more. But while she was still going up in a haze, there appeared in place of her––I cannot express it otherwise––a large Holy Host, radiant with light, very large. Three beams of light emanated from the Holy Host: in the center a beam of magnificent colors; to both the left and right, a beam of wonderful, brilliant light. At the end of the right one there was a Cross, and at the end of the left one, a Dove, but glorified, spiritual I would say. Then everything went away very slowly.




Message of 31st May, 1959

From my window I suddenly saw something happening in the air over the Wandelweg. I was amazed and shouted my relations, “Look! There!” pointing into the air. Then I noticed that the light stood there, a powerful light. I could not look into it and covered my eyes with my hands. Yet I was compelled to look at it. It seemed as if the sky was torn apart-it really was a tearing a part of the sky! Then I suddenly saw, in all her glory-the Lady! I cannot possibly describe this heavenly, powerful, splendid sight. Never before had I seen her like that. I saw no sheep, no Cross, only the Lady, but with rays of dazzling glory about her!

Then I had suddenly to look at her head and I saw that she wore a crown. That I had never seen before. I saw no gold or diamonds, yet I knew very well it was a crown; for it sparkled with light all around, more brilliantly than the rarest diamonds. The Lady herself was one blaze of light. Again-it was heavenly, glorious! Better I cannot explain myself. Then below this splendid view, I saw a piece of thin blue sky and underneath the upperside of the globe. This was complete black. Then I saw the Lady moving her finger from side to side and shaking her head as if in disapproval and warning at the blackness of the world. And I heard her say, “Do penance.”

Then I saw something strange happen. From out of the dark, black world there emerged a great variety of human heads. It looked as if they were slowly moving higher, until they all at once stood on the world’s hemisphere. I examined them, thinking, “I never knew that there were so many races and divisions of men.” Then I saw the Lady extending her hands in blessing over these people, and she no longer looked quite so sad. I heard her say “Make reparation to Him.” Suddenly, the Lady had gone. In her stead, I saw a big Host. It was exceedingly large and so I could see quite well that it was a normal Host, one like those we see in church, a wafer.

Then in front of the Host, there appeared a chalice. I saw that the chalice was of splendid gold. It toppled over, facing me. Then I saw flowing from this chalice thick streams of blood. All this blood poured upon the globe and spilled over the earth; it was a distressing sight: I began to feel quite sick, all the time streams and streams of blood! This went on for quite a while. Then the scene suddenly changed and all of it became a brilliant, dazzling Sacred Host. It shone so brightly that I shaded my eyes as not to get blinded, but I was forced to keep looking at it. The Host seemed to be made of white fire. In the center of it was a little opening or hollow; I cannot describe it any better.

Then all of a sudden the Host seemed to burst open, and exposed to my view was a figure, soaring in mid-air, a person, exceedingly mighty and strong. Forgive me please. I cannot convey the strength and majesty this person embodied, it was too overwhelming! I hardly dared look, I saw one person, but the thought kept recurring in my mind, “And yet there are two”, and then when I looked, I saw only one. Still my mind kept repeating, “And yet there are two”. All at once there came from the two an indescribable light and in it I saw, breaking out from the center,- I cannot express it otherwise – a Dove! It shot like an arrow down to the earth, unspeakably bright; and I covered my eyes again so as not to get blind. My eyes hurt me and yet again I was forced to keep them open and look at the vision!

What splendor, what magnificence! the soaring figure, majestic, powerful, grand; and the world now all bathed in light from the radiant Dove! And a voice rang out, “He who eats and drinks Me receives life eternal and the Spirit of Truth.” When I had gazed at this for sometime, the Lady came back, arrayed in her former glory, exactly as at the beginning. Now, however, I clearly saw the difference between her magnificence, if I may say so and the grandeur and majesty of the soaring figure. Now the Lady looked happy and I heard her say very softly in the distance, “Good-bye.” This made me very sad. I begin to weep, for I saw everything slowly fading from my sight.

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