The Lady of All Nations: Messages of 1950

You will see that only after much misery and many disasters will the Cross again be raised up


1) The first twenty-five messages, 1945-1950: These messages are more general in topic. Mary, the Lady, presents images, warnings and prophecies which clearly predict the political and spiritual turbulence to come in the second half of the twentieth century.

The first twenty-five messages, given between 1945 and 1950, are not always easy to understand. Initially the meaning of many images and words remained obscure. In a time in which no one could foresee the heavy storms to break out over the Church and the world, the Lady warned of forthcoming degeneration, disaster, and war. Now, fifty years later, this is all the more remarkable, for many of the images have become familiar to us, and many of the prophecies have been fulfilled: the founding of the Jewish state of Israel (message 2), the Cold War (message 23), economic warfare, boycotting, currency crises (message 14), the first landing on the moon (message 7), the Balkan war (message 17), the downfall of communism (message 5), chemical warfare (message 17), and many more. It is with good reason that the Lady says, “It will come true through the years” (message 19) and “The signs are in my words” (message 49). Again and again the Lady points to Christ, to the Cross, “First back to Him, only then will there be true peace” (message 9). There will be no peace on earth until the Cross is truly planted in the midst of the world and everyone looks up to it as the center of creation. The Lady promises to help the world, and she announces the coming of a new Spirit, a white Dove Who will send forth His rays. “I place my foot on the world. I will help them and lead them to the goal, but they must listen …” (message 5).




Message of February 14, 1950

Youth – I see the Lady standing before me. She says to me, “My child, I have come here to tell you what my message is. They have to work, but very hard.” Then the Lady gestures with her hands as though beckoning several people. Afterwards I see many young people, young men and women. Suddenly that image disappears, and now I see the Lady again. She seems to beckon those young people to come and stand before her. She says, “I do not yet see them––the armies of young men and women. Why is it not set on foot, and why is it being neglected?” And it is as if she looks around to see where they are. Then she says, “I have come here to draw attention to this. This is meant for Germany too.”

The simple Cross – Then the Lady continues, “There is a strong tendency in the world towards the good, and this is exactly why the other spirit is at work. That spirit is busy influencing and corrupting the world. People are not bad in themselves, but weak.” Then the Lady again holds a Cross in her hand. She puts it on a kind of platform, saying, “Do you see that Cross? Humanity needs to be brought back to this. I urgently ask them not to forget that simple Cross in this modern world with its modern technology.”

Modern means – After this I see the Pope before me and around him the whole Vatican. It is as if the Lady suddenly were standing above it all. Then I see big drops falling on the Vatican, drops coming from the Lady’s direction. She says in warning, “This Church still has its chance, but I will not say more about it. I already spoke about the modern world. Why does Rome not seek for more modern means, and why do they not work more in the modern spirit? They should take advantage of these means to win over the world’s spirit. There are others to care for the body. The Church has to work on forming the spirit. Right now they have such a great opportunity, for humanity is searching. It is no longer a fight against nations, but against the spirit.”

America and Russia – Japan – The Indies – Then the Lady continues, “A great conflict will arise there––America and Russia; that is approaching.” I feel an excruciating pain in my hands. Then the Lady says, “Japan will convert.” I do not know what this should mean. Then I sense a terrible pain coming over the Indies. The Lady lets me feel this in my hand.

Still a chance – Then the Lady says, “If Rome were willing to work hard, then more support would come forth from all sides.” And then I see the Vatican. The Lady is again standing, so to speak, above it, and gestures with her hands as if she were placing several churches around the Vatican. Then the Lady says, as if speaking to herself, “The chance is still there.” Then she adds, “This Pope has to realize what a great task he must carry out in this time.”

Germany – Now she lets me see Germany and says, “Ask the Pope to send directives. Germany in particular is in such need of the good spirit. These can bring that spirit.” I see an archbishop in Germany, a strong figure. “He will put up a fight”, I hear the Lady say. Then, with two fingers––the index finger and the middle finger wide apart––she makes a zigzagged line right over Germany, and says, “Work on the young people in Germany, all of you who have been appointed for that. I am not telling you this for nothing.” And then the Lady goes away.




Message of May 27, 1950

Taking time for the spiritual – I see the Lady standing before me, and while looking at her hands she says to me, “Child, I still see empty hands. I ask you to pass on that I truly and firmly intend to form––among that core group of people––a group of those who desire the good and who do what is good. Listen carefully. Much time is taken for material things. They should take time for the spiritual, too. It is so urgently necessary. I would like this group of people to become aware of this. I tell you once again: those Catholics have to work hard; a great danger is threatening. Italy will seem to duel.” Now the Lady shows me St. Peter’s again, and says, “In the same way, they are working in other directions, too, to form something mighty.”

Germany – “In Germany they have to work hard. Fortunately one thing or another has again been initiated there for working among the faithful again even more and better. But that is not enough by any means. Germany, above all, has to be very alert. A two-faced game is being played with her, with Germany.”

Youth – Now I see a very large group of young people standing around the Lady. She looks at them and points at them, saying, “Child, they really should start”––and she points again at the group around her––“bringing young people back to the right religious attitude. It is difficult and hard for those who have this at heart. I cannot, however, insist upon it enough. It is high time to begin.”

The first and greatest commandment – Now the Lady makes a kind of curve with her hand and says, “This is for later on.” I do not know what this should mean. Then the Lady says, “You will see that only after much misery and many disasters will the Cross again be raised up. Everyone shall do one’s part, according to one’s ability. And I again point out the first and greatest commandment: Love, Love of Neighbor.” And now all of a sudden the Lady is gone.




Message of August 15, 1950, Feast of the Assumption of Mary

The East – I see a figure from the East standing before me, dressed in a long garment and wearing a cloth around his head. He bows three times, with his arms folded and the palms of his hands turned downward. After that his arms are moved apart and then he makes the same bow, but with his palms turned upward.Then I see all kinds of strange signs, such as little curves, dashes, dots and a kind of letter like our ‘J’, then again various separate signs. It seems to me a kind of language. Next I see a wall; the wall winds downward; it seems to come down a mountain. All of this causes me excruciating pain.

Formosa – Suddenly I see a beast before me––a symbolic beast––which is unfamiliar to us. After that I see crabs and big starfish. Next I see an island before me. I am given to understand: that is Formosa. A smaller island lies further down. Then I have to push something up from the left and make a swooping action over the island. And I hear the words, “America, take warning here!” I feel that something is to happen on that island.

Politico-Christian struggle – After this I have to fold my hands, and I look upward to the left. I see the Lady and hear her say, “This is the era of politico-Christian struggle. I have already said this several times. Great events are now coming to a climax. The chaos I spoke of has set in. The disasters have come, governments have resigned, and others will follow. Note well, child, the struggle is beginning now. I am showing you these four fingers and making a circle around them. A prince will reign, very briefly and powerfully. You will not see it in your limited circle.”

A new spirit – Then the Lady says, “Look.” While standing beside her, I suddenly see beasts placing themselves before her. “Look”, the Lady says again, and now I see a wolf standing before her on the left. Then a wolf or a dog, holding a torch in its mouth, comes and stands directly in front of her. A lioness appears beside it, and on the extreme right a large eagle appears before her. “Look”, the Lady says again. Now she points upward and I see a white dove. The Lady says, “This is a new spirit that is to come.” Then I see rays coming forth from the dove; they go downward: two rays in the middle, two rays to the right, and two rays to the left. The Lady says, “You will understand what this means later.” After that I again see the Lady with those beasts and the dove. Now many stars appear all around them.

East and West – After that it is as if the Lady takes a step down, and she says, “Come.” Now it is as if we come to a large plateau, and we stop in the middle. Then the Lady says, “Do you see this?” She points from east to west. Then she stretches out her arms very wide, and it is as if she places two walls on the plateau, facing each other. She extends those walls over a long distance. Suddenly the Lady stands, so to speak, above this, and she says to me, “That is nothing.” And she points to the East and the West. Then she stretches out her arms and makes a fist, first with her right hand, then with her left. Then she says, “Listen carefully to how many times I strike. You shall also do this.” Together with her I make fists, and the Lady counts as we forcefully strike our fists against each other. “Three times altogether”, says the Lady. “Half of this is the East.” Then I see the Balkans and Greece with a large chain around them, and around East Germany, too. It is as if the Lady ties all those countries together with that chain. I see a part still free. In the background I see a figure sitting, leaning his head on his hand. The voice tells me, “The people who plan and bring about the destruction of the world.”

The victory is Ours – After that I am shown an Eastern scene. We climb the mountain once more, and again there is a plateau at the top. We stop there. The Lady points at something lying on the ground. “Come”, she says, and she points at the ground. I see a heavy beam lying there which I have to push away from me. Then suddenly I see a cross-beam appearing on it, and together they form a Cross. Then I look again at the Lady and say, “What am I to call you?”––my spiritual director had ordered me to ask this again. She smiles and gestures as if to say: are they asking that again? And she answers me, “Just tell them: The Lady.” And the Lady continues as usual. She points at the beam that has been pushed away and says, “Christendom”, and now she gestures with her hands and fingers, as if everything were flying apart and whirling around. It symbolizes Christendom. The Lady says, “You shall say this: Christendom, you do not know the great danger threatening you. There is a spirit out to undermine you. But …”––and the Lady makes a sign of blessing with her hand–– “victory is Ours.”

England – The Lady continues, “I am taking you along to show you something.” Now I see England lying before me. Then it is as if the Lady places her foot on England. Moving her finger to and fro in warning, she says, “Why so rigid about everything? Can you not turn towards what is normal?” Then it is as if she places a very big crown on England, and she says, “This will also be tampered with.” Next it is as if the Lady makes little holes in the crown all around, through which she puts ribbons. Now it is as if she fastens all those ribbons to England. Now she again takes her foot away from England and says, “No, England, these are not your correct politics.” I suddenly see the King of England before me. It is just as if he turns around very quickly. Above England then, to the side, I see Churchill, too, but only his head. Then the Lady points someone out to me, and all at once I see a bishop standing there, but not of our Church. I am given to understand: that is the bishop of Canterbury. The Lady looks at him, and she moves her finger to and fro in warning. Then I see a great number of spires appearing in the background. While pointing at them the Lady says, “There will be changes there.” But I get the feeling that it is for later on. Then I see the Pope on our left, with two fingers raised. On the other side, facing him, is the bishop of Canterbury. Beside him, then, yet another clergyman suddenly appears. The latter is wearing a white wig with stiff curls or waves, and he is dressed in a long gown with white bands.(1) Above those heads, then, I see the Lady. She says, “Look.” From the side of the English clergy she moves her finger over the heads of the English clergymen and then places it between the two outspread fingers of the Pope.

Korea – This scene disappears, and then I see written: ‘51 – 53’. The Lady lets me see this, and suddenly I receive something in my hand. It is as if I have to snatch it from the sky. It comes from very high up. I hear that voice say, “Meteors––pay attention to them!” Then the Lady says, “Come”, and we go on. The Lady says, “The fighting in Korea is a sham and the start of great misery.” Then I see demarcations being made at intervals. Next I see someone sitting, leaning his head on his hand; this person is in deep thought. I am given to understand that it is a Russian head of state. I make him out to be Stalin or Lenin. “I have warned you against that danger”, I suddenly hear at my side. Then I see half of the globe, and I have to look it over. While holding its left edge, so to speak, with my hand, I have to say, “Now I am looking very far and holding it.” Then I have to descend along the sphere at an angle to the right and trace a straight line further on. This causes me terrible anxiety.

Encyclicals – “Let’s go on”, says the Lady. Now I see the upper part of Italy and have to wrap my hand around it. Then I see southern Italy, and hold the ‚heel’ of Italy, so to speak, tightly with my thumb, as I place my other four fingers on southern Italy. I have to do this. Then I hear the Lady say, “No, over there things are not at all in order. Where are the encyclicals?” I then have to make a movement and cross my raised hands over one another. I continuously see empty hands. Then I see St. Peter’s and hear the Lady say, “Do you know your power at all? Do you know your doctrine?” Now she writes ‘Encyclicals’ and says, “This is good, and do implement it. Let it stream forth to the right and left, upward and downward. Do you realize” ––and she makes a fist–– “that this power has such power?” Then she lets me see a ‘1’, a ‘2’ and a ‘3’. After this I see a book lying before me. A hand is laid upon it. The Lady says, “Look at your laws.” And it is as if she would stretch something. The more she does so, the wider and larger it gets. While doing this the Lady says, “Know well that your time is here.”

Chaos – After this she takes me upon a slope and says, “Urbi et Orbi.” (2) Then from that slope the Lady looks at St. Peter’s with me, and she says, “Why so rigid? Make more room!” Now she takes me into a room and says, “This is what it has to come to.” Then I see a sort of oppression and hear, “From out of all this chaos, a fight will first arise, and only later will there be an upswing.” Now suddenly great sadness is upon me. As the Lady goes away, she says, “I shall come again to bring you messages.”

(1) The visionary recognized this image when she saw on television the historic meeting between Pope Paul VI and Dr. Ramsey, the Archbishop of Canterbury. This took place in 1966 in the Sistine Chapel, Rome.
(2)Latin for ‚For the city and the world’. See also footnote 15.




Message of November 16, 1950 (1)

The Lady upon the globe – The Lady of All Nations – I see the Lady standing upon the globe. She points at the globe and says to me, “Child, I am standing upon this globe, because I want to be called the Lady of All Nations.” The words ‘of All Nations’ appear above her head in a semicircle.

Placing her feet on England and Germany – The Lady continues, “I have told you: mission in one’s own country. And now I want to let you see something.” Then the Lady points again at the globe, and after that she is standing on Germany with her feet close together. Then the Lady makes a movement as if she steps upon England with one foot, and she says, “I have already placed one foot there firmly.” Then she places that foot back on Germany and puts both feet together again firmly. She stands again with her hands spread apart and looks down at Germany very dejectedly. Then the Lady says, “Child, I put both my feet on it. Germany must be saved. The Son brought you precisely here so that you may better understand this.(2) I have restored many sick people to health.” She lets me see a map and points out a certain place. I see Lourdes very clearly. Next she points out other places, too. Which places they are, though, I don’t know. The Lady says, “Now do you understand what I want here? There are so many sick souls here; they have to be saved. Why are so many priests here going from Germany to the foreign missions? They should stay here. There is so much work to be done.”

Call to action in Germany – Then the Lady points and I see the Vatican, as she says, “The Pope should send the means and summon the priests; otherwise Germany will perish. There is a great, immense apostasy there. People do not want to give offerings for new churches and buildings. The priests must be spurred on towards this. It is a hard job. I am only warning. The others are very busy drawing the German people away from Rome.” After this I suddenly see a skull before me and in front of it two bones crossed over one another. The Lady takes the skull and the bones and lays them at her feet upon Germany. Then she says, “The Son wants to give His special protection and has sent me to help Germany. But they have to be spurred-on to do what I say.”

Starting from the bottom up – Then I see many little children gathering around her, looking up at her in rapture. The Lady points at those children, and then I see men and women standing on my left at a great distance from the Lady and the children. The Lady brings her hands together and says, “Germany must start to regain its unity. Let everyone start for oneself in one’s own house. Children again have to be one with father and mother. They should kneel together again and pray the Rosary.” Then it is as if the Lady would scatter the children, and she says, “It has to start from the bottom up, and then go out into the world. Then love of neighbor has to be practiced again very much. A great action has to be set afoot among Catholics. This can be done by propagation, by preaching about it more in the churches. On the whole, to have more action.” Meanwhile it is as if the Lady were pushing people forward. “It is of great importance that this be carried through. There are others working to destroy Germany. The people are ready now. Tell them; do tell them!” Then the Lady makes a gesture of warning with her finger, “They should work hard.”

A great chance for Rome – After that I see the Pope before me once again. The Lady says, “The Pope will comply if it is asked of him.” Then the Lady crosses her arms and extends them over Germany. After that she steps away from Germany, and I see the globe rotating under her feet. Then I see her standing on the globe again, and she points out Rome to me. She now moves her finger to and fro in warning and says, “The Pope should always continue in this way! There is a great chance for Rome now.” I see various churches before me. With one movement of the hand the Lady throws these churches, so to speak, to the ground. Then I see the great dome of the Vatican in the background. The Lady says, “The great chance has now come, provided that the Pope carries through what he is planning to do.” The Lady holds her hand in protection over the Pope.

Disturbance over the world – Then she says, “A great disturbance is coming upon the world. The Russians are not leaving things as they are. And for that reason I say: I am the Lady of All Nations.” Saying so, she strongly emphasizes the word ‘all’.

(1) On November 1, 1950, Pope Pius XII proclaimed the dogma of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven. This event constitutes a noteworthy point within the messages, for from here they take on a new direction. In this, the first message to follow the proclamation of the dogma, Mary calls herself ‘The Lady of All Nations’ for the first time. In the succeeding messages she dictates her prayer, draws attention to her image, and speaks for the first time about the final and greatest Marian dogma: Mary Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.
(2) The visionary received this message in Germany.




Message of December 10, 1950

The Cross laid upon the world – To my left I see a light appearing. I have to fold my hands. Then suddenly I see the Lady, standing upon the globe again. After that it is as if the Lady takes me along, and now I see her spreading out the globe before me like a flat map. Then she places something on the map, and a terrible pain comes over me. I then see that the Lady has laid a very large, heavy Cross upon that map. While looking at it, I feel terrible pain in my hands and head. It is as if all the muscles in my body are contracting. The Lady says, “This is the beam that is being laid upon the world”, and she points at the long beam. Then the Lady points at the cross-beam and then again at the whole Cross, saying, “I am letting you feel the pains of that beam.” After this a feverish sensation comes into my head, and it is as if I have a violent thirst, so terrible that I can hardly bear it. Then the Lady makes me lift my right hand, with two fingers and my thumb raised. I have to make my left hand into a fist. The Lady says, “The right hand is Truth and the other is the fist. You have to hold them up so that everyone can see them.” While doing so, I suddenly see all kinds of people from all nations appear behind the globe with the Cross. Then I have to hold my fist in front of my eyes. At that such terrible pain seizes me that I double over and begin to cry. Again it is as if all the muscles of my body were contracting. “That fist hurts so much”, I tell the Lady. Then the pains slowly disappear. I fold my hands again.

Fight in the East – The Lady says, “Come. Let’s stop in the midst of it. I want to place my feet in the midst of the world, and I will let you see something: … That is America.” Then she suddenly points to another part and says, “Manchuria; a terrible uprising will happen there.” After this I see Chinese people, and then I see a line which they are crossing. Then I have to move my hand up and down over Formosa and Korea. I hear the Lady say, “Child, I told you: this is a sham. By this I meant that there will be periods of apparent tranquility. But this will not last long. The Eastern peoples have been roused by a type of humanity which does not believe in the Son.” We continue again. Now I see Great China lying before me, and I have to fold my arms in a peculiar manner. I see a great man––I mean a man of spiritual greatness––sitting on a throne. The Lady says, “He is grieved. His empire will be divided up for the time being.” Then the Lady points out America and moves a disapproving finger to and fro, as she says with a grave look, “Do not push your politics too far.” After that she lets me stroke the Cross twice with my hand. The Cross weighs heavily over America, too. Next I see Asia. Then I see the Lady extend her hands over a certain part of it––it seems to me to be the Ukraine––as if to protect it. Then upward to the left, in Russia, I see a glaring light, a blinding light. It is as if it explodes from the ground upward. It is a horrible sight. “And then you no longer see anything”, says the Lady, and I am blinded by that light. I feel something very disgusting coming over me. Then I see a scorched plain. It is a ghastly sight, just as if death had gone over it. Next I see people in front of me with cloths around their heads and wide cloaks draped about them. They are holding their cloaks shut with their hands crossed in front of them. The Lady points at those people and says, “A fight for holy ground will happen again there, too. They will have a conflict over our land.” The Lady is speaking so softly that I do not know whether she says ‘fight’ or ‘conflict’. “Japan, too, has to be on her guard. I am telling you all of this, and you will witness it. For I am the Lady of All Nations, and you shall say this.”

The Lady’s earlier apparitions – Then I see the Lady again, standing before me in her usual position with her arms spread out. I ask her, “Will they believe me?” I ask this because of all the difficulties I have had. The Lady answers, “Yes, that is why I came to you before––when you did not understand. It was not necessary then; it was the proof for now.” (1)

The secular and regular clergy – Now I have to form a fist again with one hand and raise the fingers of the other hand. The Lady then says, “Those two hands will fight against one another, but after much fighting and pain the hand with the fist will fall, because Truth will always triumph. But alas, a lot still has to be changed there. Say that the Church is now on the right path.” Now the Lady pauses, and then she says, “The seculars and regulars.” (2) Then it is as if she bangs her fist on the table. I hear a loud bang and see her shaking her head in an emphatic ‘no’. Then she says, “Among the secular clergy there is still so much indifference which can be put aside. They shall mind their task well in this time.” At first I dare not repeat this, but then the Lady looks at me very severely. Thus I cannot help but repeat it.

Men and women – Then it is as if the Lady forms two rows of people. Now I see men standing to her right and women to her left. Then she points at the row of women with a compassionate look on her face. She shakes her head in pity and says, as though addressing those women, “Do you still know your task? Listen carefully: as a woman is, so is the man. You women, set the example. Return to your womanliness.” Then she looks at the row of men and says, “I have one question for you, men: where are the soldiers for Christ? That is all I have to say to you.”

The white dove – Then it is as if the Lady unites those two rows of people. She brings them together with an arch. Now I see endless rows of men and women next to one another. Then all of a sudden that arch forms a large dome, and above that dome it forms into a large church. Inside that church I see the following image appear: a white dove emitting rays of light. The Lady says, “Oh, let those come upon the people of the earth. I will help them, but they will have to work hard and quickly.”

The Pope will be helped – Then all of a sudden I see the Pope again, but I only see his bust. He is, so to speak, above it all. He is wearing a peculiar crown all set with precious stones. While looking at it, I hear the Lady say, “A tiara.” Then it is as if the Lady addresses the Pope, and she says, “You are heading in the right direction. I will help you. Use your modern means even more and press on. Rome’s chance has come. Make use of it! You will have to weather very severe storms, but you will be helped.” Then I see enormous storms, and a flood of water. Then all of a sudden I see a crown in the Lady’s right hand, and it is as though she were handing it over to the Pope.

France – Next the Lady says to me, “Now we move on. France is in a dreadful plight.” I see France before me, and the statue of Napoleon on it in the center. I hear, “France, militarily, economically and spiritually you have sunk very deeply. Where are your glory and your pride?” Then I see many red spots upon France. I hear that voice say, “And yet so very little is necessary to make these people see the error of their ways.” Then the Lady points at various countries and says, “Why don’t they join together?” Now I see the Netherlands, France, Belgium and England.

The iron curtain – The Lady points at a thick line in Germany, and she says, “Europe is divided in two.” I remove that line with one sweep of the hand. Now I see a very black area, except for the coastal countries, which I see very clearly. Then we arrive above a river. The Lady says, “The Oder.” I see no water flowing, but a red flood. “And it is red with blood”, says the Lady. I see red streams flowing westward.

Turkey – Then I hear, “Turkey, are you on your guard?” Then I see the Bosporus and the Dardanelles. I have to do something strange. I have to make my hands into claws and place them firmly on the map. My arms I have to hold like the paws of a beast. The Lady says, “You only represent that. You are as a beast standing with two paws upon Europe, ready to pounce.” Then I actually see a beast, ready to pounce on Europe. It looks to the left and to the right, but then very slowly it draws back its paws.

The shepherd and his flock – Then I hear that voice say, “Then, after fear and sorrow, you will see the following.” And then all of a sudden I see a peaceful landscape before me, with lambs and sheep at pasture and a shepherd in their midst. The Lady says, “Understand all this well and pass it on.” Then all of a sudden the Lady is gone.

(1) As a twelve-year-old girl, the visionary saw “a beautiful, dazzling Lady, dressed in white” on three consecutive Saturdays of October, 1917. The first of these Saturdays, October 13, 1917, coincided with the day on which the ‘Miracle of the Sun’ took place in Fatima.
(2) Secular priests are those who work under a diocesan bishop, and regular priests are those belonging to a religious community.

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