The Lady of All Nations: Messages of 1946

New disasters are again coming upon the world


1) The first twenty-five messages, 1945-1950: These messages are more general in topic. Mary, the Lady, presents images, warnings and prophecies which clearly predict the political and spiritual turbulence to come in the second half of the twentieth century.

The first twenty-five messages, given between 1945 and 1950, are not always easy to understand. Initially the meaning of many images and words remained obscure. In a time in which no one could foresee the heavy storms to break out over the Church and the world, the Lady warned of forthcoming degeneration, disaster, and war. Now, fifty years later, this is all the more remarkable, for many of the images have become familiar to us, and many of the prophecies have been fulfilled:
the founding of the Jewish state of Israel (message 2), the Cold War (message 23), economic warfare, boycotting, currency crises (message 14), the first landing on the moon (message 7), the Balkan war (message 17), the downfall of communism (message 5), chemical warfare (message 17), and many more. It is with good reason that the Lady says, “It will come true through the years” (message 19) and “The signs are in my words” (message 49).
Again and again the Lady points to Christ, to the Cross, “First back to Him, only then will there be true peace” (message 9). There will be no peace on earth until the Cross is truly planted in the midst of the world and everyone looks up to it as the center of creation. The Lady promises to help the world, and she announces the coming of a new Spirit, a white Dove Who will send forth His rays. “I place my foot on the world. I will help them and lead them to the goal, but they must listen …” (message 5).




Message of January 3, 1946

Fight in England and Europe -I hear that voice say, “England, be on your guard!” Then I see England and in England a large church. I am given to understand: Westminster Abbey. Then I see a bishop; he is not of our Church. I am given to understand: that is a bishop of England. After this I see the Pope sitting before me; he looks very serious. Then I see that bishop again––this has to do with England. The Lady points out England to me, and then I see the word ‚Fight’ above the head of that bishop. A strange feeling overcomes me; it is as if everything within me were to change––I cannot explain how. I suddenly look up to my left and see the Lady again. She is dressed all in white, standing slightly above me. She is pointing something out to me. I look and I see England lying before me once more. The Lady says to me, “There will be a fight all over Europe and beyond.” A heavy, paralyzing feeling and a great spiritual weariness take hold of me. The Lady says, “It is a heavy spiritual fight.”

Look at the Cross – Then the Lady says to me, “Come”, and she points at my hand. It is as if a Cross were placed in it. Now the Lady indicates what I should do. I move the hand with the Cross in it over the earth, and I have to let the Cross be seen. Then the Lady says to me, “Yes, look at that Cross.” I do so and as I am looking, the Cross leaves my hand and I make a fist. I must look at that too. Then the Lady says, “Now look at the Cross again.” And the Cross is again lying in my hand. Then the Lady moves her finger to and fro in warning and says, “That Cross they want to change into other crosses.”Now I see several things whirling around before my eyes: communism and a new kind of movement that will arise, a combination of the swastika and communism.

Fight – The Lady says, “The Christians will become weary, because of all the fighting.” She emphasizes the word ‘weary’, and I feel a spiritual weariness coming over me. The Lady points at something in front of me and then I see a stretch of sand, a desert. A pulpit is placed in it. Then that pulpit disappears again and for a moment I see that desert before me again. I hear a voice calling something in a foreign language of former times. This repeats itself a few times before my eyes, very quickly. Then the Lady points out something again, and I see the Vatican. It is as though it were spinning around in the midst of the world. In the Vatican I see the Pope with his head raised and two fingers uplifted. He is looking ahead seriously. Then I beat my breast three times.

Joan of Arc – Next I suddenly see someone on horseback, in full armor. When I ask who it is, I am told: Jeanne d’Arc.(1) All of a sudden I see a big cathedral rising up behind her. I ask what church it is and I hear within me: that is the Cathedral of Reims. Then I see a procession going in the direction of that church. It is a procession of former times with someone on horseback. He is carrying a shield and a sword, and is surrounded by shield-bearers. I hear: Bourbon. I get the feeling: that is for later on.

Truth, love of neighbor, and righteousness – After that I have to look into my hands, and I represent humanity. “They are empty”, I tell the Lady. She is watching and then I must join them, while I look up at her. The Lady smiles at me. It is as though she moves down a step, and she says,“Come.” Then it is as if I were going with her across the world. Suddenly a terrible tiredness comes over me, and I tell the Lady, “I am so tired, so hopelessly tired.” I feel that way throughout my entire body. But the Lady takes me along further and further. Then I look ahead of me and see the word ‚Truth’ written in very large letters. I read it aloud and then we continue again. The Lady shakes her head. She looks very serious and sad and says to me, “Do you see love of neighbor?” I look again into my hands and say, “Those hands are empty.” She takes me by the hand again and we go on. As I see an unending emptiness before me, I hear the Lady ask, “Righteousness, justice, where are these?”

Jericho – Then once more I see the Cross standing in the midst of the world, and the Lady points at it. I have to take it up, but I turn my head away. It is as if I were humanity and would throw the Cross away from me. “No,” says the Lady, “that must be taken up and placed in the center. There will be a certain category of people who will fight, will fight for this, and I shall lead them on to it.” As she says this, a terrible pain seizes my whole body, such that I groan and say to the Lady, “Oh, this is so painful!” After that I hear a voice crying out very loudly, “Jericho!” And the Lady has gone back to her place above me. She looks down, looks down at me and says, “What I have told you must be made known. There will be no peace beforehand.”

Spiritual fight – After that I see the Pope before me again with quite a number of clerics and other gentlemen around him. “They seem to be in conference”, I say. They are having fierce discussions, and it sometimes seems that they are angry. The Lady says, “This is the spiritual fight which is going about the world. This is much worse than the other, and the world is being undermined.”

Ego sum – Then I go, so to speak, across the world, and it is as if I burrow into the ground. It is as if I go further and further below the surface, passing through all kinds of tunnels. It suddenly comes to an end, and all at once I hear the words, “I am here.” Then I hear a voice saying, “Ego sum”(2) and then I softly say, “And the world is small.” After this the Lady says, pointing with her finger, “Go and spread it.” And all at once everything is gone.

French for ‘Joan of Arc’. 
(2)Latin for ‘I am’.




Message of Febbruary 27, 1946

Europe, be warned – Suddenly I see the Lady standing before me. She waves her finger to and fro in warning and says, “Look over Europe, and warn the peoples of Europe.” The Lady looks very serious and says, “Ora et labora” (1) and again she waves her finger to and fro in warning. Next the Lady lets me see a wolf. It keeps walking back and forth before me. Suddenly the animal disappears. Then she lets me see a sheep’s head with horns going around it, all intertwined. Then the Lady says again,“Europe must be on its guard; warn the peoples of Europe.”

Conflicts and disasters – After this she lets me see Rome; very clearly I see the Vatican rotating. Now the Lady seems to beckon me with her finger, and she says, “Come; look carefully at this.” Then she raises three fingers and then her whole hand, that is, five fingers. She repeats this for me a few times. “Look carefully and listen”, she says, “The East against the West.” Then I hear the Lady say again, “Be on your guard, Europe!” Now, suddenly, I see England before me. The Lady seems to take a step down and it is as if she places her foot on England. I look closely and see the Lady join her hands. Then she warns again; I hear her say, “Woe to you, England!” The Lady beckons me again to look carefully. Then all at once I see Rome before me again and the Pope seated. In his hand the Pope has an open book which he lets me see. I cannot see what kind of book it is. Then the Pope shows that book in all directions. I hear the Lady say, “But much has to be changed there.” She points towards where the Pope is. She looks very serious and shakes her head. Again the Lady raises three fingers and then five fingers. Suddenly a feeling of confusion seizes me, and I hear the Lady say, “New disasters are again coming upon the world.” Let the little ones come to Me – All at once I see a plain before me; a large egg is placed on it, and, as I watch, I see an ostrich running swiftly away. Then I see lots of black children before me. Then once more I see a warning sign, and I see white children. I am shown a scene––it is as if Our Lord is standing with children all about Him. It is a luminous figure I see. I hear,“Let the little ones come to Me.” And I see written, ‘Children must be raised in Christian teaching’.

The landing on the moon – Next I see a strip of a map before me. I hear, “Judea”, and I see written, ‘Jerusalem’. Then all of a sudden I see two lines with arrows at the ends; on the one it says‘Russia’ and on the other ‘America’. Then it is as if I would come to stand above the globe with the Lady. She points something out to me and I see the moon before me very clearly. Something is flying towards it. I see it reaching the moon. I say, “There’s something going down onto that moon.” It is as if I were floating in the air. It is so strange around me and I say, “A kind of natural phenomenon.”

Unity in Europe – England – Then I hear the Lady say, “Peoples of Europe, join together. Things are not in order here.” In the middle of Europe I see Germany, and it is as if that country wants to wriggle out of its place. Then I see England again, and I have to hold the crown firmly now with both hands. It is as if this crown were swaying, and I would have to put it firmly over England. I hear,“England, be well aware of your task. England, you will have to go back to the Highest, the Highest!”. (2) And now all at once the Lady is gone.

(1) Latin for ‘Pray and work’. 
(2) These last two words, ‘the Highest’, were actually said in English by the Lady




Message of Febbruary 25, 1946

Truth has been lost – I see a bright light and the Lady standing above me. She is pointing downward and I see Europe lying before me. The Lady shakes her head. At her feet I see what looks like little angels, and as I look at them, they fold their wings over their faces. Then a great light appears around the Lady. The more I look at the earth, the darker it gets there; the Lady points this out to me. I look up at her again, but she points at the earth with a stern look on her face, and there I see in that darkness, written in large letters, ‘Truth’. All at once I see the little angels again at her feet, and their wings cover their faces once more. The Lady tells me, “You must warn them; Truth has been lost.” I say to myself, “How can I do that?” The Lady points down and says, “Go and spread it”, and she points her finger at the earth. There I see many clerics and churches, but vaguely.

The Cross in the midst of the world – Again the Lady points at the world, and she says, “See whether you can find Him.” I look and look and tell her, “I am getting so tired, and a terrible pain is filling me.” Suddenly I see a large, long Cross coming down from her. It is as if someone is dragging it along, but I do not see the person, only the Cross. The Cross goes all the way down to the earth, and suddenly I see it standing in the midst of the world. I look again at the Lady, and I see a long line––it seems like pilgrims to me––moving along.

Truth, faith and love – The Lady says to me, “Look”, and she traces a semicircle, a curve, over the world. She seems to write in it, and I read the words aloud. ‚Truth’––this is in the middle. Then she writes a word on the left, and I read ‚Faith’, then on the right, and I read ‚Love’. The Lady points to it and says, “Go and spread it!” Then she points at the curve again, and says, “That has to come back. To all appearances it is there, but in reality it is not.” And she looks terribly sad.

Disaster upon disaster – After this I have to say, “Disaster upon disaster, natural disasters.” Then I see the words ‘Hunger’ and ‘Political Chaos’. The Lady says, “This goes not only for your country, but for the whole world.” I feel a terrible pain and say, “That is yet a period of pressure and pain, which is still going on throughout the world.” I then see the word ‘hopeless’. It suddenly gets light around me, and I see the Lady, so to speak, coming down. She points out to me those three words, ‘Truth’, ‘Faith’ and ‘Love’. The Lady laughs and says to me, “But there is a lot to be learned.”

Ecce Homo – She suddenly points to the right and I see someone with a long white beard, seated. He is wearing a long robe and is holding two fingers together, pointed upward. Under his elbow lies a thick book and in front of him a large key. That scene disappears and the Lady says again, “Look.” And now she lets me see something else. It is a large stone and on top of it lies a lamb. I hear the words: “Ecce Homo.” (1) All at once the Lady is gone, and the light too.

[1] Latin for ‘Behold the man’.




Message of March 29, 1946

The Divine Child – Once again I see the Lady standing before me. She has a child on her arm. He has a halo around his head and he is radiating light on all sides. It is as if the Lady comes down and now I see her standing on a globe. The globe rotates continuously beneath her. The Lady looks at me and says, “Come, follow me.” I go along behind her, and it is as if we are walking over the globe. The Lady turns to me and says, “Him”––and she points at the Child––“I want to bring into that world again.” But as she says this, she shakes her head again and again. I look at that Child, and as I look that Child changes into a Cross. All at once the Cross falls to the ground before me and breaks into pieces. I look at the world and see it lying entirely in darkness. Then I hear the Lady call, “Bring Him back into that world!” And she points at the fragmented Cross.

Back to Him – Now suddenly I see the Cross complete again, planted in the midst of the world. All sorts of people are standing around it, but with heads turned away. I suddenly feel very tired and tell this to the Lady. But she smiles at me. Then suddenly I see her sitting on a kind of armchair. She has the Child with her again, on her lap. The Child radiates light in all directions. The Lady says, “First back to Him, only then will there be true peace.” She stresses the word ‘true’. Then words appear around the Lady in a curve. I have to read aloud, ‘Truth’. “Again?” I say and look at the Lady. She nods ‘yes’, This is in the middle. Then I read on the left ‘Justice’, and on the right ‘Love of Neighbor’.

Christus Regnum – After reading this, I see at her feet a stone lion with a halo of translucent light around its head. Behind the armchair I see towers and churches appearing. And I see bishops. “Not of our Church”, I say. I am given to understand: that is the Church of England. While I watch this, a cross is formed through it in the form of an ‘X’. And I see the Lady smiling. The Child on her lap is suddenly bigger; He stands upright now and has a chalice in His hand. Then I see a ladder appear beside all this, and it is as though I go up it. I come to the top of that ladder and suddenly see large before me the following sign: an ‘X’ with a ‘P’ across it.(1) The Lady says, “Religion will have a hard struggle, and they want to tread it under foot. This will be done so cunningly that scarcely anyone will notice it. But I am warning”, and she looks very serious and points at the chalice. I hear her say, “Christus Regnum”, (2) and then I see Jerusalem lying before me––this I am given to understand. There is a fight there. All of a sudden I see Armenian priests before me. Then I hold up two fingers. Again I see the Lady seated on her chair with everything around her, and now I see the Church of England, a Russian Church, an Armenian Church and many other churches. They continuously whirl around through one another. The Lady looks worried and I hear her say, “Rome, be on guard!” She stresses these words and clenches her fist. And then all at once the Lady is gone.

[1] The Greek symbol for ‘Christ’ (the first two letters of ‘Christ’ in Greek). 
[2] Latin for ‘Christ is the Kingdom’.




Message of June 9, 1946 Pentecost

Urbi et Orbi – Once again I see the Lady standing before me. She moves her finger to and fro in warning, and she says, as if speaking to the world, “Urbi et Orbi.(1) For the moment that is the most important.”

Working and watching – The Lady comes down, and in her shawl she is carrying a little Child with her, a glorified Child. She signals me to follow her, and I walk along behind her. The Lady lays that Child in the midst of the world, and the Child starts to cry very loudly. The Lady points to that Child and says, “You people who are for Him, be watchful! I cannot warn you enough.” Then I look again at that place, but the Child is suddenly gone. The Lady looks dejectedly into the world and says, “These are not to be found among men: Righteousness, Truth and Love.” After that it is as if the Lady stares intently in front of herself, and she says, “Disaster upon disaster! For a second time I tell you this: as long as these are missing, there can be no true peace. By praying and especially by working for the good and not just praying. Working and keeping watch.”

A new disaster – Then I suddenly see that the Lady has stepped aside. Now I am shown a very repulsive sight. From the other direction something like demons are coming towards me, figures whirling around through one another, with horns on their heads, awkward paws and horrible faces. Then I hear the Lady say, “I predict a great, new disaster in the world.” This the Lady says very sadly and warningly. Then she says, “If people would only listen …” And she keeps on shaking her head. Then I see a short span of time and hear, “Seemingly things will go well for a short time.” Next I see the globe, and the Lady points at it. I see glaring lights and rays, and the globe seems to explode on all sides. Then the Lady points at the sky. She stands to my right, that is, in the West, and she points to the East. I see a great number of stars in the sky, and the Lady says, “That is where it comes from.”

Struggle against the Pope – Suddenly I see a cardinal’s hat lying before me. Around the hat are ribbons which hang down. On it an X-sign appears as if that hat would be crossed out. I hear the Lady say, “There will be a struggle in Rome against the Pope.” I see lots of bishops sitting around the Pope, and then I hear, “Catastrophic.” Then the Lady goes away.

(1) Latin for ‘For the city and the world’. This is

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