The Lady of All Nations: Messages of 1945

And Yahweh is ashamed of His people

1) The first twenty-five messages, 1945-1950: These messages are more general in topic. Mary, the Lady, presents images, warnings and prophecies which clearly predict the political and spiritual turbulence to come in the second half of the twentieth century.

The first twenty-five messages, given between 1945 and 1950, are not always easy to understand. Initially the meaning of many images and words remained obscure. In a time in which no one could foresee the heavy storms to break out over the Church and the world, the Lady warned of forthcoming degeneration, disaster, and war. Now, fifty years later, this is all the more remarkable, for many of the images have become familiar to us, and many of the prophecies have been fulfilled:
the founding of the Jewish state of Israel (message 2), the Cold War (message 23), economic warfare, boycotting, currency crises (message 14), the first landing on the moon (message 7), the Balkan war (message 17), the downfall of communism (message 5), chemical warfare (message 17), and many more. It is with good reason that the Lady says, “It will come true through the years” (message 19) and “The signs are in my words” (message 49).
Again and again the Lady points to Christ, to the Cross, “First back to Him, only then will there be true peace” (message 9). There will be no peace on earth until the Cross is truly planted in the midst of the world and everyone looks up to it as the center of creation. The Lady promises to help the world, and she announces the coming of a new Spirit, a white Dove Who will send forth His rays. “I place my foot on the world. I will help them and lead them to the goal, but they must listen …” (message 5).




Message of March 25, 1945, Feast of the Annunciation, Palm Sunday

The Lady appears – It was March 25, 1945, the Feast of the Annunciation. My sisters and I sat talking in the drawing-room, around the pot-bellied stove. The war was still going on, and it was the time of the ‘hunger-winter’. Father Frehe (1) was in town that day and stopped by for a brief visit. We were in deep conversation when, all at once, I felt drawn to the adjoining room and suddenly saw a light appearing there. I got up and couldn’t help going towards it. The wall disappeared before my eyes, and with it everything that had been there. It was one sea of light and an infinite depth. And out of that depth I suddenly saw a figure coming forward, a living figure, a female form. I saw her standing to my left above me, dressed in a long, white garment and wearing a sash, very feminine. She was standing with her arms lowered and the palms of her hands turned outwards, towards me. As I looked, something strange came over me. I thought, “It must be the Blessed Virgin; it can’t be otherwise.”

Prediction of the liberation – Then, all at once, the figure begins to speak to me. She says, “Repeat after me.”I therefore begin––she speaks very slowly––to repeat after her, word-for-word. She raises first three, then four and finally five fingers, while telling me, “The 3 is March, the 4 is April and the 5 is May 5th.”(2)

The Rosary and the prayer – Then she lets me see the Rosary and says, “It is thanks to this. Persevere!” She waits a little, and then says, “The prayer must be spread.” Then I see nothing but soldiers in front of me, many Allies, and the Blessed Virgin points at them. Then she takes the crucifix of the Rosary and points at the corpus. Then she points again at these soldiers. I should understand that it must become the life support of these soldiers, for that voice continues, “Now they will soon go home, these.” And she points at the troops.

The Lady, Mother – My sisters and Fr. Frehe had gathered around me. When he heard me begin speaking, he said to one of my sisters, “Just write down what she says.” After I had repeated a couple of sentences, I heard him say, “Listen, just ask who it is.” And then I ask, “Are you Mary?” The figure smiles at me and answers, “They will call me ‘The Lady’, ‘Mother’.”

A cross – The image fades away before my eyes and then I look into my hand. Then a cross is laid down before me and I have to take it up. I take it up very slowly, and it is heavy. After that figure had said everything for me to repeat, she disappeared very slowly. Only then did the light also go away, and all at once I saw everything around me in the room as it had always been.

(1) For fifty years, from 1917 until his death in 1967, Father J. Frehe O.P. was the spiritual director and confessor of the visionary.
(2) Prediction of the liberation of the Netherlands on May 5, 1945




Message of April 21, 1945

The image of the Lady – Suddenly I am placed in a church. Then I say, “I am standing in front of a special altar and see the image of the Lady.” It is a portrayal of the Lady, the way I saw her the first time. It is in the midst of flowers; even on the altar steps I see an incredible amount of flowers. Thousands of people are kneeling before it.

Peace in Christ – The image looks at me and waves her finger to and fro in warning. She says three times,“You people will preserve peace if you believe in Him. Make this known.”With these words, the Lady puts a crucifix in my hand, and she points at this crucifix which I have to show all around me.

New danger – After that she takes me, so to speak, out of the church, and there I see an unending emptiness before me. As I gaze into this void, however, I see human heads in it. It is as if I have to pick one out here and there, and then the image says to me, “There are leaders who are plotting again.”

Israel will rise again – Then I see a scene of people fleeing and moving away, and I am given to understand: that is the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. As the Lady points at that exodus, she says,“But Israel will rise again.”(1) Above the scene of the exodus, I see a representation of God the Father in the clouds. He is holding His hand over His eyes, and the Lady tells me, “And Yahweh is ashamed of His people.”

Cain and Abel – The stone tablets – Then I see a vivid representation of Cain and Abel. A large jawbone of a donkey is actually lying there. I see Cain taking flight. After this I see someone wearing a long robe, with a beard, and two stone tablets in his hands. Written on these stone tablets is a language which I do not know at all. Then it seems like those two stone tablets are being smashed to pieces. I see the pieces lying in the sand.

The Miracle Procession – After this I am placed again before the altar. But suddenly it is as if I see a procession filing past outside the church. The Lady points it out to me and says, “That is the Miracle Procession of Amsterdam.” I see that procession going through the old downtown. There is also a priest there, walking in front with Our Lord. (2) Then suddenly I see that procession moving on to this neighborhood––South Amsterdam––to a stretch of land. Then everything is gone again.

(1) On May 14, 1948, Israel was proclaimed an independent state.
(2) This procession was originally a Eucharistic procession, meaning that there was a priest carrying the Holy Eucharist.




Message of July 29, 1945

Jehovah is warning – I hear that voice again and then suddenly I see a sacrificial altar from ancient times. The smoke is descending. I hear that voice say, “Jehovah is warning His people.” Then I hear,“Be faithful. They have scattered my lambs.” At these last words I see lambs being scattered in all directions and going over the whole world.

Come, faithful ones – Now the Lady plants a Cross upon the sacrificial altar and I see, so to speak, the whole world gathered around it. The people, however, are standing there with their heads lowered and turned away from the Cross. Then I hear, “Come, faithful ones.” And I see a chalice being carried about, along the crowd. “But partly in vain”, I hear said.

Christ, the Way – I have to look upward and suddenly I see the Lady. She smiles and, extending her arms, she says, “Come.” A large number of men of all sorts are now standing before me: gentlemen, simple fellows, also priests and religious, dressed in black. Among them there are good people but also some not so good. The Lady invites them to come with her. She shall guide them. Now I see a long and difficult road before me, at the end of which there is a bright light. “This way”, says the Lady, and with a broad gesture she indicates to the men that they have to walk along this road. It is difficult and challenging. On both sides they are falling away. The Lady is watching with motherly concern, and keeps smiling at them. Then I see written before me, ‘Into life again, with Christ’.

England and America – After this the Lady looks sad and says, “England will find her way back to me.” She pauses for a moment and then says slowly and softly, “America too.” Then the Lady slowly disappears, and I see a peculiar haze hanging over the world.




Message of August 29, 1945

Sadness and joy – I see the Lady before me. She indicates that I should look into my hand. I see, so to speak, strange things coming out of it. I see a great sadness; this is put into my hand and I have to look at it. When I look into my hand, I feel a deep sadness arising. The Lady smiles and says, “But joy will follow.” At that moment I can also feel that joy. I see rays, bright rays.

One community – Next I see large buildings, churches. Churches of all sorts appear, that is, not only Catholic churches. The Lady says, “It must become one large community.” At these words I feel terrible pains in my hand. Storms are coming upon these churches.

Era of three Popes – Now the Lady lets me see three Popes. To the left, above, stands Pope Pius X. Our Pope, Pius XII, is standing in the middle, and to the right I see a new Pope (1) Pointing at the three Popes, the Lady says, “These three––that is one era. This Pope and the new one are the fighters.”

A new war – Then she refers to a new yet strange war (2) much later, which will cause terrible disaster.

The formation of priests – Now I see lines of young priests passing by. The Lady says, “A lot, however, has to be changed in the Church. The formation of priests will have to be changed: a more modern formation, suited to the times, yet good, in the good spirit.” The Lady says the latter with emphasis. I suddenly see a dove flying around my hand. It is being held, yet it is flying around continuously. The dove is sending forth new rays. The Lady then points to the Pope, and says,“Breadth has to come, more social. Various movements are tending towards socialism, which is good, but it can be done under the guidance of the Church.” The Lady now looks very dejected and says, “Very much has to be changed in the formation.” I see great counter-currents, much opposition to this in the Church. And then all of a sudden the Lady is gone.

(1) When in 1963 Cardinal Montini was chosen as Pope Paul VI and the visionary saw him on television, she immediately recognized him as this third Pope.
(2) When the visionary saw images of the Gulf War in 1991, she recognized it to be this war. She used the word ‘strange’, as rocket-warfare did not yet exist at that time.




Message of October 7, 1945, Our Lady of the Rosary

The Eastern peoples – I see a sun and a half-moon, and I am given to understand: that is the Far East. I see China with a red flag (1) After that I see Muslims and all the other Eastern peoples. Above all those peoples I see red on one side and black on the other, but far less of the latter. I hear that voice saying, “It seems that this is dwindling down to a minimum.”

The road to the castle – Then I see a long, beautiful road. I have to start along that road, but it is as if I have no mind for it. I represent humanity. Then I set off along that road. I feel so tired; yet I must plod on, very slowly. I am at the end of this road, and I am standing in front of a big castle with towers. The gate is opened from the inside. A hand beckons me to come in, but I do not want to; it is as if I have to step back. Yet I go in. Someone seizes me by the hand, and I see the woman in white, the Lady. She smiles at me and says, “Come!” My hand hurts––it is unbearable––but the Lady clasps it tightly and we go on.

The garden of justice – I come into a magnificent garden––splendidly beautiful––completely different from what you see here on earth. The Lady takes me to a certain spot and says, “This is Justice; this they must seek outside, and it must be recovered; otherwise the world will be lost again.” While saying this, the Lady points outside. It seems to me as if I could feel Justice.My hand hurts so much, and I cannot bear it; but the Lady smiles and pulls me along.

The garden of truth – We go to another part of the garden and the Lady says, while moving her finger to and fro as if in warning, “This is Truth. Listen carefully. Truth is also here inside, but not out there. Not at all”, she adds. Truth comes over me as a feeling, too. I want to shake off her hand, and I say, “It is so heavy.”

The Catholic Church – But then the Lady points something out to me, and it is as if I am above something with a bird’s-eye view. I raise two fingers, and suddenly I see our Pope and beneath him the Vatican. Then I see the entire Church of Rome. In the sky above the Vatican I see written in large and clear characters, ‘Encyclical letters’. “That is the good way”, the Lady says to me with emphasis. “But they are not being lived up to”, she says sadly. Once more I see the Vatican and the entire Catholic Church around it. The Lady looks at me and puts a finger to her lips, while saying to me, “As a secret between you and me,” and again she puts a finger to her lips and adds very softly, “not always there either.” Once more she smiles at me. She looks at me encouragingly and then says, “But it can be righted.”

Keeping pace with the times – And then I see other churches of various confessions before me. The Lady raises her finger in warning, and, showing me the entire Catholic Church again, she says,“The Catholic Church can certainly grow larger, but …” and then she breaks off and I see long lines of priests, students, nuns, etc., walking past me. Once more the Lady shakes her head and says with emphasis, “It is too bad, but this is good for nothing.” And again she says, “This is good for nothing.”She looks ahead severely. Then she points at the students, priests and clergy, and says with emphasis,“A better formation, keeping pace with the times, more up-to-date, more social.”

A new, white dove – Then I see a black dove flying above our Church. “Not a white one,” I say, “but a black one.” The Lady points at that dove, saying, “That is the old spirit which must disappear.” I suddenly see that dove changing into a white one. The Lady says, “This is a new, white dove. It is sending out its rays in all directions, for the world is tottering; a few more years and the world would perish. Yet He is coming and He will put the world in order, but …” and the Lady waits a while,“they must listen.” The Lady emphasizes the word ‘must’, as if warning again. Then she says, “They want to go back, away from here; they do not want to come to this place; they are averse to it––the people.”

Take up the Cross – Then she again takes me along. We go further, very deep into the garden, and we come to a large Cross. “Take it up; He has gone before you”, the Lady says. I refuse, and feel as if the people of the whole world did the same and turned their backs upon the Cross. I am pulled by the hand and once more I see the Lady standing before me, with her hand in mine. She again says, “Come.”

The Cross into the world – I now see a radiant, translucent figure in a long garment walking in front of us; it is a man’s figure but completely spiritualized. He is carrying a very large Cross; it is dragging along the ground. His face I cannot see; it is all one blaze of light. He is going into the world with the Cross, but no one is following Him. “Alone”, the Lady says to me. “He is walking there, alone in this world. It is getting even worse until a certain moment when something dreadful happens and all at once the Cross is standing in the midst of the world. Now they have to look, whether they like it or not.”

The victory of the Cross – Then I see all sorts of strange images. I see swastikas beneath the Cross; I see them fall; then stars––they fall away; sickles and hammers––everything falls beneath that Cross. I see red; the red does not fall away completely. The Lady says, “Everyone looks up. Now, all of a sudden, they want to, but at a cost … It was black on the globe, but now everything has brightened up. Now you see that everything passes; nothing lasts.”

The Rosary – My hand feels like it’s getting lighter now. All at once I see the Lady again with the Rosary, and she says, “Keep on praying––the whole world!” She points at the crucifix and says,“The whole world, however, will have to return to it––great and small, poor and rich––but it will take effort.”

The Lady will help – Now I see the globe before me, and, placing her foot on it, the Lady says, “I place my foot on the world. I will help them and lead them to the goal, but they must listen …” Then all at once I see everything go away before my eyes.

[1] Four years later, in 1949, the communistic People’s Republic of China was proclaimed, following a fierce civil war.

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