The Journey Home

To The True Faith: Roman Catholicism

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

This stained-glass window at Saint Paul Catholic Church in Westerville, Ohio, depicts Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

The Journey Home

  • Carolyn was brought up in a devout Missouri Synod Lutheran home. Being Lutheran was part of her identity. She married a man who as reared Jewish but was a convert to Christianity and later to the Catholic Church.
  • Daniel is Kurdish for northern Iraq. Raised Muslim, he completed college in the United States. He married an American Protestant. From his youth he had always been seeking Truth. After a long journey he accepted Jesus Christ
  • In Our Blessed Mother’s mind and words, priests are special. They are to be likened to her Son, who is the most humble person who came upon the earth
  • Father Peter was raised in the large and tight-knit Jewish community of Montreal, Canada. He received the gift of faith in Jesus through the liturgy while attending a Mass. Father Peter is now a priest of the Archdiocese of Montreal
  • Father John was raised an atheist. His father discouraged involvement with any religion. Even so, as a teenage he became interested in Christianity, through his sister’s coach. He began traveling with a church choir, even though he was not a believer. Father John was ordained a priest in 2003.


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Say often this short prayer:
“Mother of God, Coredemptrix of the world, pray for us”

Mother of God, Coredemptrix of the world, pray for us

Our Blessed Mother says: “My Son liberates 1000 souls from the Purgatory. This short prayer, this insistent little prayer, every time it is said, from the Purgatory, one thousand souls reach the eternal joy, the eternal light”.

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