The events for this end times will be unleashed

Jesus, will be again crucified in his Church, by those who one day swore allegiance and loyalty to Him

May 28, 2018
Urgent call from Saint Michael to Humanity. Message to Enoch

The events for this end times will be unleashed

“Who is like God, Who is like God, Who is like God.”

“May the Peace of the Most High be with you all, men of good will.

Inheritance of my Father, the days of the great trial are getting near and how sad to know that very few will go through them.

Everything will arrive suddenly to humanity, the described events for this end times will be unleashed one followed by the other; the vast majority for not being ready, will be lost at the passage of the Justice of God. Tribulation, Tribulation, this is the cry that soon will be heard in all of the creation!

Poor those mortals who walk through this world without God and without Law, because the eternal death will surprise them; they will wake up in eternity and it will be late; their souls will fall into the abyss and the eternal fire will burn them forever.

Oh, sinful humanity, you do not want to become aware, you proceed like running wild horses because of sin and you will be caught by the Divine Justice without being prepared! Awake oh ungrateful humanity, look that what is at stake is your life; do not keep turning your shoulder to God, because to keep on going as you do, eternal death will be your pay!

All the inhabitants of Heaven are united to Our Lady and Queen, praising the Glory of God and interceding for this humanity so that it awakens, converts and returns to the Love of the Most High. Understand mortals that God does not want your death; return as soon as possible to the path of salvation, because the days that are about to come are those of Justice.

Take advantage of these last thousandths of Mercy that you still have left before everything breaks loose, so that you will be at peace with Him, and your souls will not be lost at the passage of the tribulation that is approaching.

Humanity, the oven of purification is waiting for you; my Father is going to put you to the test and will allow the demons to tempt, to mortify and to torture you, because he needs to select His flock. All those who do put their faith and trust in the Lord, will be lost; because in those days the kingdom of darkness will be transferred to the earth, only those with a steady faith, will pass the trial.

As Prince of the Celestial Militia (Army), I make a distressing and urgent call to you: Thieves, swindlers, liars, adulterers, lustful, fornicators, impure, homosexuals, prostitutes, alcoholics, drug addicts, murderers, occultist in general, slanderers, corrupt, idolaters and others sinners who roam in this world without God and without Law. Go back to God as soon as possible; be reconciled to Him, and turn away from the evil way; make reparation for all of your sins, so that you do not lament tomorrow at the passage of the Divine Justice!

Sinful souls, you are running out of time, to continue as you go, the Sheol is waiting you!

Leave your wickedness, servants of darkness; renounce the sin of the occult and do not continue to bind your brothers with your detestable actions.

See that what awaits you in eternity is hell; this is the dwelling that your master has prepared for you, when you depart from this world. I tell you, your hell is the most tormented of all, this is the reward your master is going to give you tomorrow by serving him in this life.

Awake from the deception, ask for forgiveness to God; renounce your sin and repair, repair, repair, for all the damage you have caused. If you repent from your heart, my Father will forgive you and your souls will not be lost with the arrival of the Warning.

Seed of my Father, pray for the Church of Christ here on earth, because his Calvary is about to begin.

Our Beloved Brother Jesus, will be again crucified in his Church, by those who one day swore allegiance and loyalty to Him. Unite in prayer to the Triumphant, Purgative and Militant Church; ask at all times for the intercession of Our Lady and Queen, and Ours.

Do not let go of the Holy Rosary, asking for the Church, so that It can overcome the darkness and emerge victorious in the trial that is about to come to Her.

Thus, gather yourselves in prayer, fasting and penance, inheritance of my Father, so that your souls may be strengthened and your faith may remain firm at the passage of the days of the great trial that are approaching.

Remain brothers in the Peace of the Most High.

Your humble Servant and Brother, Michael the Archangel.

Make my messages known to all humanity, men of goodwill.”

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