The End Of Our Times

“Famine and the mortality of epidemics shall be one of the precursory signs of my second coming. Punishments created to punish you and call you back to God with their painful power shall effect one of the selections between the children of God and of Satan”


The End of Our Times

  • When the time of my peaceful Kingdom comes – It will be the period when the spirit will have reached that evolution whereby you will spontaneously separate into two parts
  • They are the ones I have described as salt of the earth and light of the world: My ministers. Satan’s piercing malice studies the way to extinguish these luminaries
  • He (the Antichrist) will be a very lofty person, as lofty as a star. Not a human star shining in a human sky. But a star from a supernatural sphere
  • The first is the ulcer. The seven sins are like a horrendous ornament on the head of the Beast, who transports the Earth and those of the earth to the pastures of Evil
  • Begin this new Exodus towards the new Earth. Separate yourselves from those who are idolaters of Satan, the world, and the flesh. Without disdain, separate yourselves from them
  • The forms of mortality created by wars and pestilences, by earthquakes and storms shall hurl into the next life the good and the wicked
  • Not all of those living at the final hour will be holy, and not all of them, damned. There will be some among the former who are destined to Heaven, but have something to expiate.
  • This is one of the wars (II World War) paving the way for the times of the Antichrist. Then the era of the living spirit will come. Blessed are those who prepare to receive that age