The days of evil are about to begin; be spiritually prepared

Again I tell you, if Russia is not consecrated to my Immaculate Heart as I asked in Fatima, communism will take over the world

November 25, 2019
Urgent call of Our Lady of Fatima to the Pope and the People of God.
Message to Enoch.

The days of evil are about to begin; be spiritually prepared

“Little children, the Peace of my Lord be with you all and my Maternal Protection, always accompany you.

My Children, the days of evil are about to begin; be spiritually prepared, that you may endure them and that nothing or no one can harm you. Anguish and despair will soon take over humanity; great trials are approaching, the ones followed by the others, which will cause peace and tranquility to be lost. Civil revolts and demonstrations will intensify further, due to social injustice and the reining corruption in many nations; anarchy and vandalism will take over many nations, many rulers will fall and others will go into exile.

The voices of protest will not stop and the atheist communism will take advantage of this dissatisfaction inside nations, to create chaos, to destabilize governments, to seize power, and to expand their errors. Hunger, scarcity, ruin and slavery will be the common denominator of the nations submitted by communism; the worship of God and the Christian faith, will be persecuted; the Cross of my Son, will be changed by the Sickle and the Hammer. The People of God will walk into exile and many martyrs will shed their blood for the strengthening the faith.

I make an urgent appeal to the Vicar of my Son here on earth, so that he consecrates as soon as possible Russia to my Immaculate Heart, in accordance with the Fatima’s request. The Pope must travel to Russia in the company of the Purpurates (Bishops and Cardinals) to consecrate that nation to Me, so that the tentacles of communism do not expand further throughout the world; otherwise, his atheist doctrine will spread and will bring many misfortunes to humanity. Before the Warning of God comes, Russia must be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. Pay close attention to my call Shepherd of my Son’s Flock, not to delay any longer the consecration of this nation, so that tomorrow you may not have to lament about.

Little children, I ask you for a day of prayer, fasting and penance worldwide, for the next December 8, day of my Immaculate Conception from 12:00 AM to 6: 00 P.M., so that we may pray together my Holy Rosary and beg the Heavenly Father, for the Consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart. May the whole Catholic world accompany me, in asking for this great intention.

Little children, if communism expands, it will be the misfortune of the peoples; therefore begin, little children, to prepare for this day, that we may be one family, praying and begging the Father for this great intention. Marian Army, convene the day of prayer for this day, let us go my little ones I count on you, the power of the chain of prayer and of my Holy Intercession, will make the Divine Will favorable to our request. Again I tell you, if Russia is not consecrated to my Immaculate Heart as I asked in Fatima, communism will take over the world.

May the Peace of my Lord remain in you, my Beloved Children.

Your Mother, The Lady of Fatima.

Let my messages be known to all mankind.”

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