The Creation is beginning its cycle of transformation

Do not neglect your prayer, it is your stronghold; pray My Holy Rosary all the time to stay under My Motherly protection


16 December 2013
Urgent call of Mary the Mystical Rose to humanity

The Creation is beginning its cycle of transformation

“May the peace of God be with you, flock of My Son.

Little children gather yourselves in prayer, and do not waste any more time on things of this world, because the days of purification are approaching and it is good for you to be already spiritually prepared to endure these days of spiritual desert.

Do not be afraid, my little ones, I will be with you, and I will cover you with My mantle so that you are protected, and nothing and no one can hurt you.  Share these last Christmas in your family and ask the God made human, My Little Child, to give you His Love, peace and tenderness; may He overwhelm you with His humility, so that no dart of pride can separate you from His love.  Contemplate the Child in the Nativity, and imitate His humility, the poverty and simplicity of the family of Nazareth. 

The days of purification, Little children, necessary for your spiritual change are drawing near.  The creation of My Father is beginning its cycle of transformation; do not be afraid, remain united in the Love of God, and everything will be fulfilled according to My Father’s plans.

The purification is necessary, because evil that it is in today’s world has surpassed the limits of human coexistence, and it is affecting the universe balance.

Remember that you are spiritual beings in a spiritual universe that has been affected by the sin of humanity of these end-times.

Be very careful, because the sects are proliferating, and many are at the service of My adversary; stand firm in faith, do not open your ears to strange doctrines; remember that the wolf is wandering loose and his emissaries are seeking to make you lost.

Do not neglect your prayer, it is your stronghold; pray My Holy Rosary all the time to stay under My Motherly protection; only prayer, fasting, penance and the Holy Eucharist, will keep you firm in the spiritual combat of each day.  All those who turn away from prayer and from God will be lost, because the tribulation that is about to come, has never been seen before on earth. 

Remember that they (the years of tribulation) are the last years of My adversary’s reign, and before to be defeated, he will make as many souls as possible lost.

The small Judgment of God to the nations is knocking at the door; that you are not taken by surprise by It, so not to lament; remember that many will not come back, because their sin will be too great, that they will not withstand the presence of God and will be lost eternally.

Little rebel children, the time of Mercy is ending, hurry up, do not ignore our anguished appeals that call you to conversion. 

My Little children, the demons and hell are a reality, and all those souls who have given their back to God in this world, go to it!

Understand that we do not want to see you suffering eternally; take advantage of the last bell strokes of Mercy that heaven is bringing you, because when you arrive to eternity, you will find only justice there; think and reconsider as quick as possible; look for one of My predilect sons (the priest) and make a good confession of life and turn away from sin and from your sinful life, so that when you arrive at the Supreme Tribunal, you do not receive the harsh sentence: “Depart from me, children of perdition.”

I give you as present, little children, the prayer of My Mantle, to cover yourself with It and be protected from all attacks of the enemy of your soul and of his earthly agents of evil.


O Mantle of My Mother Mary protect and defends us day and night from the enemy of our soul!  I cover myself and I cover with Thy Holy Mantle my family and all the people of God; makes us invisibles to the wicked spirits and their earthly agents of evil. O sacred Mantle of my beloved Mother be It the protective shield of the people of God! Do not forsake us, Dear Mother, a single moment in the spiritual battle of every day, that the rays of light of your Holy Mantle guide us in the dark and in the darkness and enlighten the path that leads us to eternal Glory. (Pray 3 Hail Mary, 3 Glory be, and 3 Magnificat.)

Your Mother, Mary the Mystical Rose. 

Let My messages be known, little children of My Heart."

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