The True Church on Earth: The Catholic Church

Atheists make their act of faith in nothing; Satanists, Freemasons, in their enemy, the devil, for transitory and material gains; New Age, Neo Pagans justify sin and live in it; others believe in God through man-made religions and christian fragmented denominations, born out of violence, doctrinal errors and heresies. You can be smart and do better: get to know the True Faith and Church on Earth. The only One founded by Jesus upon the root of Judaism. Become a Roman Catholic. Become true and royal children of God and heirs of His kingdom. Save your soul the sure way

Pope Benedict

The True Church on Earth: The Catholic Church

  • The word Church means literally a calling forth or assembly. In Scripture it is applied especially to the faithful, that is, to the society of all those who worship the true God in piety and holiness
  • As there is only one Lord, only one true faith and one true Baptism, there is no room for discord or disagreement among the Christian, they should be one in peace and charity as they must be one in faith
  • Unlike the originators of the various sects, who were merely human and oftentimes notorious sinners, the founder of the Catholic Church was Christ, the fountain of all holiness
  • Catholicity is a distinguishing mark or sign of the true Church, by which, while remaining one, she is at the same time universal, that is, her members are sufficiently numerous to render her easily conspicuous, and are found in all parts of the world
  • Apostolicity means that the Church in every age must be identical with the Church of the Apostles. This identity is manifest in a public, lawful, and unbroken succession of pastors, coming down from the Apostles
  • The Communion of Saints means in the first place fellowship in the external goods of the Church, that is, all have the same faith, the same Baptism, the same Eucharist, the same Sacrifice, and the same Sacraments, the same public prayers, religious functions, etc.
  • There are two kinds of religious worship or veneration: (a) latria, or divine worship, by which we recognize God as our sovereign Lord and Master; (b) dulia, or veneration, by which we honor the saints and friends of God
  • Worship is the homage which goodness claims as its due. God is the all good, and therefore claims supreme homage or worship, which is known as latria. But creatures, too, are good, and some creatures there are that possess the kind of goodness–virtue, namely, or moral worth–which merits the homage of rational beings.
  • Tobias commanded his son to give an alms to the poor for the liberation of a just man’s soul (Tobias 4. 18); the inhabitants of Jabes Galaad fasted seven days for Saul and Jonathan after the latter’s death (1 Kings 21. 13)
  • The death of Saint Peter irrevocably fixed at Rome the chief See of the Christian Church. Henceforth Rome has become the Jerusalem of Christianity


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