The 10 Commandments

I am the Lord your God", the Companion Who will not abandon you, the Guest you cannot drive out

The 10 Commandments

I Am The Lord Your God

Never forget that! Do not close your eyes, your ears, do not suffocate your consciences, so that you may not hear that...

You Shall Have No gods in My Presence

You shall adore nothing but your true, one, eternal God

You shall not take My Name in vain

I solemnly tell you that the perfect sacrilege is committed by [the one] who with his impure soul takes the Name of the...

Observing Holy Days

Man is not greater than God. And yet God created the universe in six days and He rested on the seventh

Honor Your Father and Your Mother

It is necessary to learn from an early age to respect the family, which is the smallest and the greatest organization...

You shall not kill

By killing a man, does one offend only the man? No. Also God. Man in his flesh, God in His right

You shall not fornicate

God should be on the altar. But God is not where there is corruption. Therefore an impure body has a desecrated altar...

You shall not bear false witness

Be truthful every moment of your lives . What is there more nauseating than a liar?

A husband who makes love with other women, is a murderer of his wife, of his children and of himself

God gives everybody what is necessary. That is the truth. What is necessary to man?