Stop the infernal machine you call Particle Accelerator

Men of Science, who believe that yourselves are gods, if you go on with your experiments inside the core of the Earth, you are going to lament

December 18, 2018
Urgent Call of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to the men of science of these end times.
Message to Enoch.

Stop the infernal machine you call Particle Accelerator

“My children, my Peace be with you all.

Days of strong climatic changes are coming, so that you are prepared with the right clothing. Do not be afraid, remember that all of this is part of the transformation of the Creation; the climate will be going crazy in many regions of the planet; where the heat predominates there will be cold and frost; where the cold predominates there will be heat. In many parts of the desert will snow, and the crops will be lost due to climate changes, there will be shortage of food and famine.

My children do not waste natural resources, especially water because it is running out. If governments do not take urgent action to preserve water on the planet, it will soon disappear. Protect the water deposits and do not continue to contaminate the rivers, because to continue as you go, polluting and squandering water, soon the planet will be a desert and life in it, including yours, will disappear.

All these weather changes that are about to occur, will generate great confusion to humanity. The earth will get cold in many places and in others, there will be intense waves of heat. The men of science cannot control these changes in the weather, which will bring hunger, thirst, scarcity and famine, for all the inhabitants of the Earth.

Again I say unto you: do not waste water because it is running out, make good use of it, so that tomorrow you will not die of hunger and of thirst. Be aware once for all and don’t waste the water. It is urgent to take conservation measures and protection of the natural resources, because the ecosystem, that is the lung of the earth, is in danger to disappear. Reforest, reforest, because the rivers are drying up and marine life is dying! Stop polluting so that tomorrow your children can continue to have a green planet and not a desert.

Already there are many places on earth looking like deserts because of your pollution. In many cities and capitals, the air being breathed is charged with pollution and this is bringing viruses and pests every time more resistant to medicine. To continue polluting the air, pandemics and death will not delay to appear.

Men of Science, who believe that yourselves are gods, if you go on with your experiments inside the core of the Earth, you are going to lament. Stop the infernal machine you call Particle Accelerator, because the experiments you are carrying out in the interior of the Earth with this machine are weakening the nucleus and its crust. I tell you, your pride and arrogance, is making you believe to be gods, and that you can manipulate the code of life. Your science is a tower of Babel that will soon fall to the ground, I assure you that the Earth, because of these experiments, is beginning to crack in many places; the circular holes are multiplying and where they appear, the earth is no longer firm. If you continue drilling the interior of the earth with your Particle Accelerator, I assure you, men of science, that many cities and populations will disappear because of you. The earth will swallow them and they will not rise again, because this cracking soil will no longer be firm.

Men of Science, stop your experiments inside the core of the Earth, because you are weakening it! Stop playing to be gods, because your experiments will bring only misfortunes and deaths! Respect the life of the planet, so that it can continue giving life! Remember that the Creation is a living organism that feels and gets hurt by your abuse. Better fight to preserve life on your planet, so that tomorrow the new generations can continue to live on it.

My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Repent and convert, for the Kingdom of God at hand.

Your Teacher and Shepherd, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Make my messages be known in all the ends of the Earth.”

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