St Paul Inveighs Against Reincarnation

The only thing that is reincarnated is this theory of yours, which flourishes again like mold in alternating periods of spiritual obscurity


St Paul Inveighs Against Reincarnation

(CEV) “The Notebooks 1944”,  p. 61
The Apostle Paul says:  “The ancient pagans for whom I broke the bread of the Faith seem to be alive still-indeed, to have returned, according to your belief, to be reincarnated with their ancient theories regarding the resurrection and the second life-to such an extent the theory of reincarnation is still incarnate-and now more than ever-and ingrown in your minds, after twenty centuries of preaching the Gospel. 

The only thing that is reincarnated is this theory of yours, which flourishes again like mold in alternating periods of spiritual obscurity.

For realize this, O you that think you are the most spiritually evolved-this is the sign of a spiritual decline and not of a dawn of the spirit. The lower the Sun of God is in your spirits, the more there are formed larvae in the rising shadow, and fevers stagnate, and the bearers of death swarm, and the spores that eat into, corrode, absorb, and destroy the life of your spirits germinate, as in hyperborean woods where the night lasts for six months and turns the thickets-filled with vegetable and animal life-into dead areas like those of a world without life.

Fools! The dead do not come back. With any new body. There is just one resurrection: the last one.

You are not -you that are made in the image and likeness of God- no, you are not seeds that in alternating cycles sprout and become stems, flowers, fruits, and seeds, and, starting from the seeds, stems, flowers, and fruit. You are men, not grass in the field. You are destined for Heaven, not to a horse’s stall. You possess the spirit of God, that spirit which God infuses into you through his continuous spiritual generation, which responds to human generation of new flesh.

And what do you think? That God, our almighty, unlimited, eternal God, has a limit in his generating? A limit which dictates that He create a given number of spirits and no more, so that, to continue the life of men on earth, like a sales clerk in a department store, He has to go to the shelves and search among the spirits heaped up there for one to be reused for that specific merchandise; or, even better, do you think He is like a scribe who exhumes a certain document and looks for a given scroll because the time has come to record an event?

O fools, fools, fools! You are not merchandise, parchment, or seeds. You are men.

The body, like a seed, falls, when its cycle is over, into the corruption of the tomb. The spirit returns to its Source to be judged as to whether it is alive or as putrid as the flesh, and, in accordance with its state of being, it goes to its destiny. Nor does it emerge from that destiny any more except to call what was its own to a single resurrection, in which those who were putrid in life become perfectly putrid forever, with that corrupt spirit and that corrupt flesh which they had in their one, unrepeatable life; and those who were `just’ in life rise again, glorious and incorruptible, elevating their flesh to the glory of their glorious spirits, spiritualizing it, divinizing it, for through it and with it they have overcome, and it is right that they should triumph with it.

Here you are rational animals because of the spirit you possess, which obtains life for the flesh it overcomes as well. In the other life you will be spirits vivifying the flesh which has obtained victory by remaining subject to the spirit. The animal nature always comes first. This is the true evolution. But it is single. Then, from animal nature, which has been able to lighten itself through threefold virtue, there comes spiritual nature.

In accordance with the way you live in this life, such you will be in the second one. If what is heavenly has prevailed in you, you will know the nature of God in yourselves and possess this nature because God will be your eternal possession. If you have had a predominance of the earthly, beyond death you will know dullness, death, cold, horror, and darkness-all that is common to the body which is lowered into the grave, with this difference: the duration of this second, true death is eternal.

As the heirs of God by God’s will, O brothers and sisters, do not allow yourselves to lose this inheritance by following flesh and blood and mental error.

I, too, erred and was contrary to Truth; I was a persecutor of Christ. My sin is always before me, even in the glory of this kingdom, whose gates were opened to me by my repentance, my faith, and my martyrdom because I confessed Christ and immortal life. But when the Light cast me down, making itself known, I abandoned error to follow the Light.

The Light has made itself known to you by way of twenty centuries of prodigies, undeniable even for the fiercest deniers and the most obstinate. Why, then, do you fortunate ones who have twenty centuries of divine manifestations as witness to that Light wish to remain in error?

I, a witness to Christ, swear this to you. Neither flesh nor blood can inherit the kingdom of God, but only the spirit can. And, as is stated in the Gospel of Jesus our Lord, the children of this age -understand, O brothers and sisters, that here ‘age’ signifies those who are in the world, that is, those who are earthly are not the ones destined to rise again and remarry, possessing a second earthly life.

Only those who are worthy of the second age, the eternal one, will rise again -that is, those who will no longer be able to die, having already lived, but who, in having obtained spiritual life and having become like the angels and sons and daughters of the Most High, no longer hunger for human marriage, but with their spirits desire one union alone: union with God as Love; one possession alone: the possession of God; one dwelling alone: the heavenly one; and one life alone: life in Life.

Amen, amen, amen!

I say to you: Believe so as to obtain it.”

 Maria Valtorta: The Notebooks

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Maria Valtorta
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