Seal yourselves with the power of my Glorious Blood

Intolerance is triggering violence. The antidote to intolerance is dialogue and respect, and above all the fulfillment of my Divine Precepts

October 25, 2018
Urgent Call of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to His faithful People.
Message to Enoch.

Seal yourselves with the power of my Glorious Blood

“My children, my Peace be with you.

My children, the spirits of intolerance, division, violence, strife and altercations, are taking humanity. The slightest disagreement is generating fights, quarrels, ending in bloodshed and in many cases in deaths; for trifles they come to take action. Intolerance, disrespect, coupled with the aggression of many, are what is leading this humanity to lose control.

All violence and intolerance are the product of the estrangement from God; if this humanity would turn its eyes to Me, and would fulfill my Precepts, I assure you that it would live in peace and harmony. But no, pride, selfishness, envy, the desire to have and possess a lot, coupled with the lack of moral and spiritual values, is leading an immense majority of humanity to be intolerant. Intolerance is seizing humanity and to many it is making them lose their minds.

The dialogue as a mechanism of conciliation in resolving personal differences and of opinion, is no longer part of the language of many of the men; there are very few those who use reason and resolve their differences by way of dialogue. Intolerance is triggering violence, which in many cases ends in unnecessary deaths. The antidote to intolerance is dialogue and respect, and above all the fulfillment of my Divine Precepts.

The lack of love generates rejection; rejection generates little self-esteem and little self-esteem, makes men neurotic; some with superiority complexes and others with inferiority complexes; that leads them to wear masks and barriers to defend themselves against the attacks of their fellows. Humanity is crippled about love for having turned its back on God, which is the perfect love. This lack of love, respect and misunderstanding among men is generating intolerance that is leading the vast majority of humanity to go crazy and to fall into the lowest instincts. If this humanity does not reconsider and return to God from the heart, I assure you that the world will become a jungle, where violence and the law of the fittest reign.

My children, seal yourselves with the power of my Glorious Blood, your body, mind, and spirit, both morning and night; also seal with my Blood your children and relatives and the people with whom you are going to deal with; so that the sealing power of my Blood will keep you in peace and take away from you the noisy, violent and intolerant people. Return humanity to the love of God, fulfill my Holy Precepts and teach them to your children; because my Precepts are the norms of love and respect, necessary for the healthy coexistence and harmony between God and men. Again I say unto you, my Peace be with you and remain with you always.

Your Teacher, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Let my messages be known to all mankind, my beloved children.”

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