Run away from all that is cause of sin, stay away from evil doers

It is time of constant prayer; to be vigilant by invoking all the times the power of my glorious Blood that makes demons flee


30 January, 2014
Urgent call of Jesus the Good Shepherd to His flock.
Message to Enoch.

Run away from all that is cause of sin, stay away from evil doers

“Peace be with, sheep of my flock.

Intolerance is taking over mankind, spirits of violence, altercations, suicide, and death are already wandering among you; remember that all the violence generated on earth is the domain  that these spirits have over humanity away from Me.  The men of this time live stressed about expectation, and the minor disagreement generates an act of violence and of bloodshed.

My children keep calm and stay away from noisy and violent people, because they are bad for you spirit.  Seal with my Blood, I tell you again, all people and places where you are staying during the course of the day.  My adversary and his evil host are taking over many bodies in order to sow discord and rivalry among men; once again I tell you, do not go in the street without your spiritual armor on, because you are in spiritual battle and without your spiritual armor the incarnated demons can hurt you.

It is time of constant prayer; it is time to be vigilant by invoking all the times the power of my glorious Blood that makes demons flee!  Strengthen your mind by reading my Word and take refuge in my Holy Wounds, because the greatest spiritual battles will be fought in your minds.  My adversary seek to control the mind of humanity to act in their will and thus sow chaos, violence and death.  Therefore, you, my flock, must be strengthened in the faith, asking the Divine assistance every time you feel attacked.

Run away from all that is cause of sin, or that incites you to sin, stay away from all the evil doers in order not to fall into their nets and thus lose your soul.  Be very careful with what you watch and read, because the bad readings and the low instincts are abundant; stay away from all this so that you do not contaminate your spirit!  Do not forget that you are children of God, and you were bought from a very high price, my Death on the Cross.  You are heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven; do not allow anything or anyone to steal your heritage.  Remember if what  my Holy Word says: whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the spirit, from the spirit will reap everlasting life. (Galatians 6,8).

The times that you are living in are difficult and are of testing, strive to walk in the path of light, peace and love, walk always on the narrow path, because very wide and spacious is the one that leads to eternal death.

My peace I leave you, my peace I give you.  Repent and be converted because the Kingdom of God is near.

Your Teacher and Shepherd, Jesus of Nazareth, the Good Shepherd of all times.

Make my messages be known to all mankind.”

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