Prophecies of Marjorie Sampair

The coming of Jesus in glory and Majesty will start the Era of peace all men are fervently waiting for

Marjorie Sampair

Chapter 26: Who will listen to the voice of Christ who says: «Come to Me and I will give you freely the water of life?

Chapter 7 & 8: There is an order of things in God's creation. Everything is exactly set. From the seed, to the plant, to the ear, to wheat. Everything in its particular time.

Chapter 15: 9 is the number, which the time is based upon. There are nine centuries in a unit of God's time. Alpha is God and Omega is God.

Chapter 17, 18, 19: New York is going to fall... diseases... horrible storms that few can imagine. Lightning... Thunders will be bursting and their reverberation will be heard all...

Chapter 24: You are in the firmament of Heaven, sure not to fall, and you observe first your look. Your clothes are as white as snow and your hands shine

Chapter 14: All those who worship Satan and bear the sign of sin on their souls, will be lost. Those who will receive the sign of identification on the hand or on the forehead...

Chapter 25: The Christians of today, however, do not know the Holy Spirit. Even those who profess to invoke Him and who claim to use His power in tongues

Chapter 28: The Earth will be transfigured by THE WIND OF THE COSMIC DUST that extinguishes the time of the Old Earth to introduce It in the time of the New One

Chapter 27: Every time you hear His voice in Heaven, another event on Earth is being accomplished. And when everything is ready, the burst will be heard

Chapter 23: The door is open. It is easy to enter the Holy City. You hesitate just a moment, and then with your family and friends walk slowly into the beautiful Paradise

Chapter 21/22: In the home of the New Earth, matter becomes energy and it is stored under the ground as long as it is necessary or desired. Therefore, nothing clutters the Earth

Chapter 20: This is the model of the New Earth: it is going to be a sphere that revolves slowly around the center of the universe, God

Chapter 16: One day, the light of Heaven will come to the earth. Not the light of the sun, but the light of the cosmos, or Cosmic Light

Chapter 13: Take the Armor of Christ. Fight the forces of the Antichrist in the only effective way: with the ROSARY of the Mother of Christ.

Chapter 12: Every man, woman and child will be judged according to the knowledge of God, of His heart and of His desires. And not only based on faith, but according to his good...

Chapter 11: Blow after blow God will strike the vital area of America until it will be left defenseless and at the mercy of the evil men of Satan, the Communists

Chapter 10: Pay attention: the Warning is in the will of God because the most merciful God gives His final mercy before His Chastisement

Chapter 9: We have been given a role in the regeneration of the Earth. We are about to start the New Race of Men. Like Adam and Eve, we have a place in the New Beginning

Chapter 6: My true children who pray the Rosary every day that You granted me to give them. You know the power of their prayers because it belongs to You

Chapter 5: You, who hope to stay in the Kingdom of Christ to enjoy years of peace, tranquility and beauty, are already witnesses of that Kingdom.

Chapter 4: The Most Blessed Virgin Mary, despite everything, will crush the serpent's head under Her heel. She has trained Her children to the use of a weapon which is also a...

Chapter 3: Will He turn to the Methodist Church, to the Anabaptist Church, to the Lutheran Church, to the Mormon Church, to the Seventh Day Adventist or to Jehovah Witnesses?

Chapter 2: The description of God [by Moses in Exodus] defies the imagination, and will give you a pale understanding of the Glory of the Christ.

Chapter 1: The Holy Spirit built a hidden Church; the exact dimensions of this Church are unknown except to God.

Introduction: The coming of Jesus in glory and Majesty will start the Era of peace that all men fervently wish for. For this purpose, Jesus died and rose again