Passover: The Way of the Cross

The crowd howls with joy... He gets up again. He proceeds, bending and panting more and more, congested, feverish... [...] The people even applaud for the joy of seeing Him fall so badly

(CEV) “The Poem of the Man-God,”, Vol. 5, p. 593

Jesus is charged with the Cross

 The Passion of the Christ[…] The crosses are brought. Those of the two robbers are shorter. Jesus’ is much longer. I say that the vertical stake is not less than four metres long (12 feet).

Before giving the cross to Jesus, they tie the board with the inscription “Jesus Nazarene King of the Jews” round His neck.

They are now ready. And Longinus gives the order of march […] And it is immediately clear that Jesus is in an extremely weak condition.

The Jews laugh seeing Him stagger along like a drunk man and they shout to the soldiers: “Push Him. Make Him fall”. In the dust the blasphemer!” […]

Jesus proceeds panting. […] Perspiration is streaming down His face, together with the blood that trickles from the wounds of the crown of thorns. And dust sticks to His wet face leaving queer stains on it. Because also the wind is blowing now. Continual gusts at long intervals, during which the dust falls after being raised in whirlwinds by each gust, and is blown into eyes and throats.[…]

The ascent to Calvary begins

 The Passion of the ChristA barren road, without the least shade, paved with uneven stones, that goes straight up the hill.[…] So Jesus suffers tremendously in climbing, also because of the weight of the cross which, being so long, must be very heavy.

He finds a protruding stone and as He is exhausted, He can lift His feet only a little, so He stumbles and falls on His right knee, but He can hold Himself up with His left hand.

The crowd howls with joy… He gets up again. He proceeds, bending and panting more and more, congested, feverish… […] The people even applaud for the joy of seeing Him fall so badly… […] Jesus seems completely intoxicated, as He sways so much, knocking against one or the other lines of soldiers, wandering all over the road. […]

Jesus falls the third time

 The Passion of the ChristAnd immediately afterwards, the pain of the third fall, a complete one. And this time He does not stumble.

He falls because of a sudden lack of strength, due to a syncope. He falls headlong, knocking His face on the uneven stones, and He remains in the dust under the cross that falls on Him. The soldiers try to raise Him. But as He seems to be dead, they go and inform the centurion.

While they go and come back, Jesus comes to Himself, and slowly, with the help of two soldiers, one of whom lifts the cross and the other helps the Condemned One to stand up, He puts Himself in His place again. But He is really exhausted. “Make sure that He dies only on the cross!” shout the crowd. […]

Jesus meets the pious Women

 The Passion of the ChristThe women, who are proceeding weeping, turn round upon hearing the shouts, and see the procession turn towards them.

Then they stop, leaning against the mountain, lest they should be pushed down the slope by the violent Jews. They lower their veils on their faces even more […]. When Jesus arrives near them, they weep more loudly and bow low to Him. Then they move forward resolutely.

The soldiers would like to drive them back with their lances.[…]

Veronica cleans Jesus’ Face

 The Passion of the ChristAnother woman, who is accompanied by a young maidservant holding a small casket in her arms, opens it and takes out a square piece of very fine linen cloth, and offers it to the Redeemer. He accepts it. And as He cannot manage by Himself with one hand only, the compassionate woman helps Him to take it to His face, watching not to knock against His crown. And Jesus presses the cool linen cloth to His poor face and holds it there, as if He felt a great relief. […]

Mary reaches Jesus

 The Passion of the ChristAnd in the midst of the loud noise of weeping women and cursing Judaeans, Jesus sets out again. […] The road continues. It goes round the mountain, it comes back almost to the front, towards the steep road. Here, there is Mary with John.[…] behind the slope of the mountain, to give Her some relief. […] Mary, […] is leaning against the slope, standing, but already exhausted, panting, as white as death, in Her very dark blue dress, which is almost black.

John looks at Her with desolate pity.[…] . And Mary, supported by John who is holding Her by the elbow, departs from the hillside, stately in Her grief, and places Herself resolutely in the middle of the road, moving aside only at the arrival of Longinus […]

Mary tries to pass through the dismounted soldiers, who, being warm and in a hurry, strive to drive Her back with their lances, all the more that stones are thrown from the paved road, as a protest against so much compassion. It is the Jews, who once again curse because of the halt brought about by the pious women […]

The Cireneus help Jesus carry the Cross

 The Passion of the ChristLonginus gets tired and followed by the ten lancers he spurs his horse against the reviling pack of hounds, who run away for the second time.

And in doing so he sees a cart standing still, which has certainly come up from the vegetable-gardens at the foot of the mountain and is waiting for the crowds to pass, so that it may go down towards the town with its load of greens. […] The man from Cyrene, […] Longinus looks him up and down.

He thinks that he can be useful and says to him in a commanding voice:

Longinus: «Man, come here.” […] Do you see that man? […] He cannot proceed further laden as He is. You are strong. Take His cross and carry it in His stead as far as the summit. […]»

Jesus meets His Mother

 The Passion of the ChristThe man from Cyrene dare no longer react. […] He reaches Him just when Jesus turns towards His Mother, Whom only now He sees coming towards Him, because He is proceeding so bent and with His eyes almost closed, as if He were blind, and He shouts:

Jesus: «Mother!»

[…] Mary presses Her hand against Her heart, as if She had been stabbed, and She staggers lightly.

But She collects Herself, quickens Her step and while going towards Her tortured Son with outstretched arms, She shouts: “Son!” […]

The man from Cyrene feels such pity… And as he sees that Mary cannot embrace Her Son because of the cross, and that after stretching Her arms out, She lets them drop, convinced that She is unable to do so – and She only looks at Him, striving to smile with Her smile of a martyr to encourage Him, while Her trembling lips drink Her tears, and He, turning His head round, from under the yoke of the cross, tries in His turn to smile at Her and send Her a kiss with His poor lips, wounded and split by blows and fever.

[The man of Cyrene] hastens to remove the cross, and he does so with the gentleness of a father, in order not to give a shove to the crown or rub against His sores. […]

Jesus reaches the top of the Calvary

 The Passion of the Christ[…] the top of Calvary is shaped like an irregular trapezium […] In this little open space there are already three deep holes, lined with bricks or slates, that is, built for a special purpose. Near them there are stones and earth ready to prop the crosses. […]

As soon as the condemned men are on the fatal platform, the soldiers surround the open space on three sides. Only the one that drops sheer is empty. The centurion orders the man from Cyrene to go away. The two robbers throw their crosses on the ground swearing. Jesus is silent. The sorrowful way has come to its end.




Maria Valtorta: The Poem of The Man-God

Maria Valtorta: The Poem of The Man-God

 Livio FanzagaEvaluation of the Work of Maria Valtorta by Padre Livio Fanzaga, Catholic priest (Radio Maria):
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Content taken from the works of Maria Valtorta with the permission of the “Centro Editoriale Valtortiano Srl”- Viale Piscicelli, 89/91 – 03036 Isola del Liri, (FR – Italy),, which has all the rights upon Valtorta’s Works.

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