Our Lady of Light Prophecies

The world leaders who turned themselves away from your Lord and Saviour through their hubris and greed for power will no longer have their way with humanity, for now all of humanity will awaken from the deep sleep imposed upon you by satan and his minions

Our Lady of Light

11/1/2017: If you are not aware of these evil powerful leaders, that are doing the evil one's work to destroy all of humanity, you must clear the scales from your eyes

The Ship of State of the Church of My Son, Your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, has now fallen on dark and perilous times

How easily many of you have been fooled in the past by these empty and false promises (of the world leaders), for you still cling to the belief that (they) are interested in...

Know then that you can no longer rely on the promises of mere mortals, who pretend to be your leaders in this secular world, as well as in the spiritual world, for the evil one's...

You have become a nation that worships the culture of death to others, while you each individually value your own life and survival. [...] I must warn you that your very eternal...

June 2, 2017: Support your leaders who are fighting the good fight against the architects of the one-world order designed by satan

The minions of satan are getting extremely anxious and fearful now, because so many of you are awakening to the manipulation, control, and misdeeds of the new world order

Woe to those who have fallen in line with evil, and who have become legion with the evil one, for their souls will be damned to hell for their allegiance to the evil one and their...

11/1/2017: It is apparent now in your world who are the evil one's minions that are doing the evil one's work to destroy all of humanity, and to enslave all of you

Mar 1, 2013: A new dawn is beginning now for My Son’s Church, and it is a dawn that will confuse many of you because of the demon’s attacks.

The plans of satan's minions are disguised as being for the good of the people of the world, but do not allow yourselves to be deceived by these world leaders

lucifer, who I must report to you with great sadness is being worshipped as the 'enlightened one' even among many of the hierarchy of My Son's Church

The challenge for you living here on Earth, not only in America, is to identify and defeat the minions of satan, who are stealthily going about their plans to create a draconian...

All of the leaders of the world are being lured [...] into implementing a chain of events eventually leading to [...] a third war conflagration that will surpass all other world...

As I have been warning you, the behavior of your world leaders as well as many of your Church leaders is responsible for tumbling the world into this period of darkness

You have an opportunity now, for the first time in over 100 years, to finally defeat the draconian system that has attempted to enslave all of you through your government, your...

9/2/2019: Resist these dark leaders [...] who are intent to [...] indoctrinate you into a belief that socialism and communism provide the means for you to improve your lives

7/4/2019: The Father in Heaven has ordained that there is now an unveiling of the forces of evil in your governments, in your institutions, and within your media

32/2019: It will take the leadership of many great priests supported by you as Powerful Prayer Warriors to begin to defeat all of the evil in the world in these end times

12/2/2018: For many of you, the fulfillment of the End Times will occur before you are called to return to the Heavenly Realms. So close are the final events

10/3/2018: Support those among your leaders who stand for the sanctity of life and recognize and oppose those who are minions of the evil one

9/2/2018: During these end times, there shall be a purification of the leaders of My Son's Church, and of the priests, bishops and cardinals who have fallen astray

7/1/2018: I have requested of all of God's children and of the leaders of my Son's Church that there needs to be a Consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart

06/01/2018: The forces of evil that have infiltrated My Son's Church have also infiltrated many of your governments and institutions in your world

2/2/2018: These are the times when great changes will take place in all countries, both geopolitical and geophysical

12/1/2017: My Son's enemies will try to convince all of you that Jesus Christ never even existed and that The Father's Son is a fairy tale made up to control all of you

July 1, 2017: You see now the revelations through the exposure of your media giants, who have been doing the work of the evil one by propagandizing and twisting the truth

April 2, 2017: Their ultimate goal is to reduce all of humanity to the few numbers of you, who would be left only to serve their purposes

Today in America, your country is in a lot of trouble and turmoil [...] because of all the sin in America, as well as in the whole world