Oh, worldly women, heaven does not approve of what you’re doing to your bodies

Woe to those who out of vanity change the body that God has given them; Your vanity will be your condemnation.


FEBRUARY 24, 2015

Oh, worldly women, heaven does not approve of what you’re doing to your bodies

Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God. Aleluya, Aleluya, Aleluya, may the peace of the Most High be with all of you, of good will.

Mortals, the time of your meeting with My Father is approaching; prepare yourselves spiritually by confessing well your sins, by fasting and penance; praying in every instance, so that when you are presented before the tribunal of God, you will be irreproachable and your soul will not have to undergo any kind of suffering.

Return to God, souls that wander about in darkness, return to God worldly souls; define yourselves, lukewarm souls, because the call of my Father is knocking at the door.

Militant Army, be on your guard because the days are of spiritual warfare!

Purify your mind with prayer and with the Blood of the Lamb of God, so that the darts of the evil one cannot harm you; remember that your soul is the center of the attack and that the mind is included in the soul; therefore, pray constantly that you may be able to defeat the temptations of the flesh that will become more intense.

Many through the sins of the flesh will be subjugated and lose their soul.

The evil one knows your human weakness and knows how weak you are in the flesh; that is why you ought to mortify it by praying, fasting and doing penance, so that you may be fortified and able to defeat the temptations in this area that will be the hardest of the tests.

Spouses: be faithful; men and women: guard your chastity; all of you live as children of the light so that you can illuminate the approaching darkness.

Oh, worldly women, heaven does not approve of what you’re doing to your bodies; each implant or surgical procedure, done out of pure vanity, transforming the work of my Father, will be punished in eternity!

Your body is a temple of the Spirit and a marvelous work of my Father, and you mortals may not make use of it just to satisfy your vanity.

Woe to those who out of vanity change the body that God has given them; I assure you that if you do not make reparation for it and beg the pardon of the Most High, even now you are guaranteed your recompense in eternity and the sentence will be: eternal death! Your vanity will be your condemnation.

Today many nations are lost due to sin and evil will; my Father as with Sodom and Gomorrah, will visit them, and bring the just out from their midst, before sending down upon them fire from the sky to destroy them forever from the face of the earth.

Prepare yourselves, mortals, because the day of the Just Wrath of God upon the nations is near! Incredulous, wake up and do not test the Most High, because the great and terrible day is almost upon you and you are going to be lost because of your incredulity.

Signs are being given in the sky and on the earth and you continue asking for a sign to be able to believe; I tell you that no sign will be given and to continue thus in your incredulity will be your ruin, you will be a straw aflame in the eternal fire.

Sodomites, stop sinning and transgressing against the laws of God, because the day of your passing into eternity is near and if you do not change and repent in your hearts, you will be lost eternally.

Many of you now will not return to this world, because your darkness will not be able to bear the light of God and, because of your failure to repent, will go directly into Scheol.

Turn then, oh mortals, your eyes to God, because the day of your passing into eternity is knocking at the door.

Your Brother and counselor, Michael Archangel.

Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God.


Source: mensajesdelbuenpastorenoc.org/english

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