No longer the shining example to the rest of the world

Through your forefathers, you were granted with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights that were inspired by the Father in Heaven to set an example to the rest of the world

May 1, 2013 – Message from St. Michael the Archangel
Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church – Blessed Sacrament Chapel, Newport Beach, California, at 9:50pm

No longer the shining example to the rest of the world

I am Michael the Archangel, and I come to you this evening with a message of grave importance particularly to the people of the United States of America, but a message that is also important to the entire world.

It is a grave message that I speak about this evening that is directed to the United States of America and its citizens.

Through your forefathers, you were granted with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights that were inspired by the Father in Heaven to set an example to the rest of the world by creating a republic for the chosen citizens who came to this new world.

The Fathers’ plans for this great nation have been thwarted by the evil one and his minions from the very beginning.

Truly, there were men of high ideals who formed the words and the principles that were intended for this land and this country to become the greatest in the world in these modern times, and it became incumbent upon the citizens of this country to adhere to the guiding principles that the Father in Heaven intended for this land.

However, over the years and through the centuries since its inception, this country has fallen further and further away from the plan of the Father in Heaven for this once great nation to serve as a an example for the rest of the world.

The evil one has been behind his own demonic plan from the very beginning to thwart God’s plans for this new world. However, the evil one could not act alone from the dark spiritual realms without his influencing and gaining control of the souls who became his minions in thwarting God’s plan for all of you, the citizens of the United States.

The deviousness of the evil one’s plans to thwart God’s plan was instituted even before the founding of this country, and as a result, the demon seed was planted within your borders from the very beginning to turn God’s wonderful plan for the new world into the dark and demonic plan of the evil one to create the opposite of God’s plan and to control and enslave all of you, just as the evil one has done in other countries throughout the world and throughout the centuries.

The evil one has had his success in this world, because he instilled in his minions the sense of greed, and power, and control that is now evidenced in your current world leaders in their attempts to diminish and destroy the very foundations upon which this country has been built.

These minions of the evil one today have almost completely achieved their goals of thwarting God’s plan for their own demonic reasons and for their own greedy and selfish motivations.

Woe to those who have sided with the evil one in this plan to destroy the world that God has created for all of you, the sons and daughters of the Father in Heaven. Woe to your leaders who have fallen victim unknowingly, or to the contrary, those who have willingly sided with the evil one in your world, for these poor souls will suffer immensely when the final trumpet call announces their eternal damnation.

There are many reasons why the United States of America is now doomed by its own leaders. However, it is the flagrant disregard for the value of human life that has brought your country to the point of damnation in the eyes of the Father in Heaven.

Certainly, you are all aware that you have allowed this country to become a culture of death. You have promulgated philosophies and have passed laws to diminish the value of life at all stages of life from the moment of conception to the moment of death.

Now it is self-evident that your country no longer stands on the side of life or that as a nation you value human life. You have all glazed over with scales layered over your eyes, and you have ignored the continuing and constant attacks on human life that emanate from your government, your institutions, and even your schools. You have become a nation of murderers of your own children, and you do not recognize or respect the value of life.

What lengths have you gone to as a nation to thwart the plans of the Father in Heaven to create a land of higher ideals and principles that were intended so that this country could become an example of freedom and of other higher principles?

Your leaders in these times speak for themselves, but when you hear them speak you know that you have elected and supported leaders who are not attuned to the plans of the Father in Heaven. They are not only attuned to the plan of the evil one, many of them are in lock-step with the prince of darkness in bringing about the destruction of your country.

In these times now, the words that I say should not appear to be shocking to you, if you realize how your country has gone down a path of hedonism and greed, and of death and destruction.

You are no longer the shining example to the rest of the world that you were intended to be. You can blame your leaders for your fall from grace in the eyes of your Creator, but you must also fault yourselves for your failures, individually and collectively, to change the course of events for the better.
Now your country has fallen further and further into an abyss from which there does not appear to be a way of redemption without the direct intervention of the Father in Heaven through His Son, the Lord and Saviour, and Redeemer Jesus Christ.

This Heavenly Intervention has already begun and will continue until the darkness of the evil one is purged from the face of the Earth. However, this period of time will not be pleasant for many of you who are not prepared to act in the way the Father in Heaven has prepared you, because you are not recognizing that the Father in Heaven is really in charge, not the leaders who are obviously not doing God’s work in saving your country.

Be aware now that you should no longer trust your leaders, for it is self-evident on the very issue of the sanctity of life alone that your country is headed for destruction, unless you replace these leaders and this leadership in your country with God-fearing and highly principled leaders who can bring about the necessary changes in accordance with God’s plan for all of you.

—St. Michael the Archangel




Ned Dougherty’s Near-Death Experience and His Visions of the Future

Ned Dougherty

In his mid-thirties, Ned Dougherty (an Irish name, pronounced “Dock-erty”) had everything: money, women, property, prestige, and power. He was a real estate broker for twenty-six years owning popular nightclubs in Palm Beach, Florida, and the Hampton’s, Long Island’s exclusive playground for the rich and famous. He lived in the fast lane every hour of the day, pursuing every pleasure money could buy. Despite his religious upbringing as a Roman Catholic, he had no interest in a spiritual life because he didn’t believe in an afterlife.

He was too busy searching for a good time to be bothered with such things. This all changed on July 2, 1984 when he had a near-death experience (NDE) resulting from a heart attack after a heated – almost murderous – fist fight with a business associate.

Dougherty’s NDE caused him to undergo a radical life transformation in which he gave up his nightclub business and party lifestyle and embraced his hitherto neglected Catholic religion. His NDE gave him a conscious awareness of his mission in life which was to embark upon charitable and missionary work. During his NDE, a wonderful “Lady of Light” (whom he identified as the Virgin Mary) revealed to him future global catastrophes many of which have already occurred which you will read in this article.

Today, Dougherty is a featured speaker, a former director and media spokesperson for the International Association for Near-Death Studies ( He also founded a spiritual center as revealed in his NDE called the Mission of Angels Foundation ( through which he speaks on life-after-death issues, NDEs, Marian apparitions, and other spiritual matters.

He also hosts End Times Daily ( – a Catholic news site focusing on eschatology – where he publishes interior locutions he has been receiving on a monthly basis since 2005.

Maria Valtorta: The Poem of The Man-God

Book: Fast Lane to Heaven: Celestial Encounters that Changed My Life
Published in March of 2001. This book documents his amazing NDE and visions of Earth’s future.




Ned Dougherty’s End of Days Website:

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