My Angels will make their trumpets heard

The time of tragedy is approaching; run to put your accounts in order, that your greatest concern be to achieve the joy of salvation

May 20 2019
Urgent call from God The Father to His faithful People.
Message to Enoch.

My Angels will make their trumpets heard

“Peace to you my people, inherit mine.

Shema (Listen O’), Israel:

The time of my Mercy is about to come to an end; already the thousandth of this (Mercy), has begun its countdown. All in the creation has entered its final stage of transformation. Poor humanity that continues in his wickedness and sin, by giving Me his back and not his face, because if you do not repent in time, you are already not going to have a new dawn! Fireballs due to the commotion of the universe, are about to enter the orbit of your planet and many of them for my Will, will punish the sin and the wickedness of the evil nations.

Listen People of mine, who dwell in some of these nations: My Angels will make their trumpets heard in them 7 days before the Chastisement comes. This will be the sign telling you that you must get out of these nations, just as Lot did with his family. By not getting out of them, you run the risk of dying at the passage of my Justice. Sinful stiff-necked humanity, awaken because your salvation is at stake! Know that life in your world is very short and transitory, there are no material wealth with which you can buy it or extend it. Only those who fulfill my Precepts and put their trust and hope in Me are able to lengthen their days and to see the dawn of a new sunrise tomorrow.

Listen Israel, People of mine, the time of tragedy is approaching; run to put your accounts in order, that your greatest concern be to achieve the joy of salvation. Listen: adulterers, lustful ones, impure ones, fornicators, homosexuals, prostitutes, thieves, swindlers, slanderers, idolaters, liars, alcoholics and other sinners who walk on this world without God and Law: None of you if you continue with sin, will be able to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

Understand foolish ones that I do not want your death, but that you live eternally; it is for this that as a Father I ask you to return to Me, before I discharge upon you my Arm of Justice. Listen to my last calls and leave your sin, wickedness and spiritual deafness, so that tomorrow you may live forever. Pay attention that the Boat of my Mercy is already moving away and with it your hope of life; what are you waiting for to go onto it? Already the sun is at sunset and soon night will take over, when this happens no one will listen to you and will save you.

O my Zion, what will it happen of you, when the night comes? Already the horses of the nations and their men are ready for war; many sobbing mothers prepare themselves to say goodbye to their children, who probably will not return! What will it happen to the Daughter of my People, when the war comes? She will be sullied by the enemy and her honor trampled. O my Israel, mourn your Braves who will not return; clothe yourself in sackcloth and cover your face with ashes; sing mournful chants, for the days of tragedy and of sorrow are approaching! the peace and joy of my People, will turn into weeping and mourning.

All is about to change, what you know today, tomorrow will no longer be; in fractions of a second everything will destabilize; you will turn from joy into sadness, from peace into despair, and from light into darkness. Only those who fear the Lord and trust in Him will be able to stand firm in the hard trials that are about to begin.

Remain in my Peace, People of mine, my inheritance.

Your father, Yahweh, Lord of the Creation.

Make my messages known in all the ends of the earth.”

coronavirusThe truth about the Coronavirus

God the FatherMay 1, 2020 - God the Father says: "Today, I invite you to realize that this virus - the coronavirus - is no ordinary disease. It has been created from human ingenuity to specifically target the elderly and physically challenged. This is the plan of future generations to purify the human race around the world. It was released into the general population ahead of schedule - by accident. Those in charge were waiting for less capable government officials in your country (USA) to be in office. Nevertheless, proposed harm is being unleashed on the whole human race."

"I tell you these things to help you to realize the underlying evil at work and hidden in hearts these days. You cannot be confounded by any turn of events. Over all situations, I am in Dominion. No one will be given power over you that is more powerful than your Eternal Father. Therefore, be emboldened with this knowledge. If you persevere in Truth, you have loaded your weapons against what seems to be and discharged them with Truth." (Source: Holy Love)

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