Mother of God: War is coming, with it death, desolation and darkness

Close every spiritual vulnerability with prayer, fasting and penance, and above all, make a good confession and reparation for your sins

APRIL 25, 2017

Mother of God: War is coming, and with it death, desolation and darkness

“Children of my Heart, may the peace of my Lord be with you and my protection and help; may it accompany you always.

My children, I feel great sadness because the time of Mercy is ending and Russia still hasn’t been consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. The hundred years of my appearance in Cova de Iria are being fulfilled, where I asked for the consecration of this nation to my Immaculate Heart, so that it would not bring misfortune to humanity.

But I watch with sadness as none of the Popes has made the full consecration of this nation, and less than I have asked.

I again make an agonizing appeal to the Vicar of my Son here on Earth and to the cardinals, so that Russia may be consecrated as soon as possible to my Immaculate Heart. Time is running out and if the consecration is not done, this nation will become a scourge for humanity; and Heaven will not be able to prevent it.

Atheistic communism is expanding and its tentacles are spreading to many nations. At the time of the last reign of my adversary, atheistic communism will be one of the scourges that will plague nations and humanity the most.

Little children, I suffer much for all of you because the justice of God is about to begin, and what will become of you, my little ones? Poor creatures, how much pain is approaching and you continue without waking from your lethargy!

The spiritual tepidity of the vast majority of mankind is going to cause the evil one to become stronger; many of my children continue without defining themselves spiritually and this will lead them to eternal death.

War is coming, and with it death, desolation and darkness. Run to my refuges, little children, and prepare for spiritual combat, because the days of prayer, fasting and penance are coming, when you will not have respite! Days destined to strengthen your spirit so that you can face the attacks of the evil one.

The world will go to war and the People of God into spiritual combat. Remember that your battlefield will be your mind; It is there, where the enemy of your soul will attack you most forcefully. That is why, my children, you should fortify it with prayer, fasting and penance, and above all with the Body and Blood of my Son.

Read the Holy Word of God often, so that you form spiritual strongholds in your mind that will serve you to repel the attacks of the evil one.

The strongest attacks will be through the flesh, the world and its pleasures, and through faith. Mental and spiritual attacks that will lead many to perdition for not being spiritually prepared. God is going to test humanity, allowing the demon to test and tempt you; only those who pass the test can inhabit the New Creation and be called People of God.

Wake up, little children, do not continue walking in darkness, for the hour is near when you will be passed through the furnace of tribulation; he who does not shine as from a crucible after purification will be lost!

Your passage through the desert is near and with it the test; you will be tempted by the devil and tested, just like my Son. Be prepared and ask for divine assistance so that you may be victorious in the trials. Let go of the things of the world and of all material things so that you are not lost by these attachments. Mortify the flesh and overcome your passions by crucifying them. Turn away from sin so that you do not fall into it.

Close every spiritual vulnerability with prayer, fasting and penance, and above all, make a good confession and reparation for your sins, so that you are ready and prepared for the test that is drawing near to you.

May the love of God abide in you.
Your Mother loves you, Mary of Fatima

Make My messages known to all mankind, little children of my Heart”



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