Mother of God: The time of divine justice is irreversible

When my opponent reveals himself to humanity, attacks to the people of God in all aspects of your life will be intensified


JANUARY 2, 2014

 Mother of God: The time of divine justice is irreversible

My little children, God’s peace be with you.

The difficult days are about to begin and you best be well protected spiritually, so that you can face my adversary and his hosts of evil.

When my opponent reveals himself to humanity, attacks to the people of God in all aspects of your life will be intensified; that is why my little children, I call you to renew your consecration to my Immaculate Heart, so that you remain doubly protected with the shield of my consecration.

Many nations, My little children, will begin to feel the effects of the transformation of creation.

When the earth begins to move, lose not your head, nor panic, rather seek my shelter and protection, and repeat this prayer that I give you for the days when the earth begins to wobble.


Immaculate Heart of Our Mother Mary, shelter and protect us, allow not for panic to take over our lives, give us peace and serenity in this time of tribulation. We abide to you dear Mother, confident that nothing will happen to us, because you sweet Mother, have us covered with thy holy mantle. Tire not of interceding for your children, so that these days of purification are bearable and all will be fulfilled according to the divine will. Jesus and Mary, save souls and carry them to the glory of heaven. Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God (Pray three Creeds and 3 Magnificat).

Little children, keep calm in these days, pray and pray, it is the best you can do.

Nothing will happen, if you remain close to our two hearts; the light of your lamps oiled with prayer, will shine in the darkness of those days.

Fear not, divine justice will pass you by upon seeing the light from your lamps.

All those households with the devotion to my Rosary will be doubly protected, because my Holy Rosary is the most powerful weapon you can find to meet the spiritual battle that approaches.

The time of divine justice is irreversible, but you little children, can shorten these days through your prayer, remember that the power of prayer when done with faith and in chain, appeased the just wrath of God.

Prayer is your protection and the recitation of my Holy Rosary is spiritual body armour that blinds Satan and his hosts of evil.

Forget not to pray at all times with short aspirations and invoking the power of the Blood of My Son, doing my holy Rosary and asking for the protection of this mother who is already amongst you.

Come, therefore, my children, take my hand and chain pray with my Holy Rosary and pray to the Father for the salvation of souls in darkness.

Be ready and prepared my Marian Army, because your Lady and Queen is already on the battlefield.

I just await my Father’s signal to initiate the final battle that will give you the definite freedom over the forces of evil.

Forward, people of God, not one-step back, heaven is counting on you!

Who is like God, no one is like God.

Children of my heart, make known these messages.”


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