Mother of God: My Time on Earth with you is ending

These are the last appeals, My beloved children; the last foothold before the Event of Mercy.

December 31 2015: Message to the seer Lily of the Holy Face of Jesus (Giglio del Santo Volto)

Mother of God: My Time on Earth with you is ending

Fear not, My children, when trials are intensifying, it means that the Father from Heaven smiles and pours handfuls graces upon you, your families and the souls  you bring before God.

You are saving them and sometimes, My beloved children, the price is high; but how much is the value of soul in the eyes of its Creator?

Are you able to give a value, a measure to this priceless Gift?

Every suffering of yours is the salvation of a soul to which you assure, for the immense mercy of the Father, the Kingdom of Heaven.

Cover that soul with the Most Pure and Most Precious Blood of My Son, Whom He has suffered to leave you an inheritance without measure, of inestimable value.

I wish that from now on, you invoke His Blood upon those misguided souls, led astray by earthly passions and far from the Truth.

With My mediation, with the Cleansing Fire of the Flame of the Holy Love and the Divine and Powerful Blood of Jesus, you will secure the Grace of God to come down until the end of times upon each creature you want salvation for.

I watch with amazement, in spite of the innumerable divine appeals, how far you still are from knowing the Love of God.

You violated the First Commandment, replacing What is Truth and Absolute Love with what is destined to dissolve rapidly.

You seek joy in what is ephemeral; your idols will turn into destroying scourges to your soul and, if you continue in this direction, they will become scourges that will destroy all forms of life on your planet.

The Mercy of God will soon leave space to the Wrath and nothing will escape Justice.

But God, in His great goodness, is giving precious time for the harvest of souls, so that in larger possible number, can be brought back to the Holy Fold.

Do not underestimate the importance of this addition of time, albeit brief, at your disposal.

These are the last appeals, My beloved children; the last foothold before the Event of Mercy.

These are the last calls, after that, I will no longer be granted to bring Words of Heaven.

The Time of Grace in which I am still with you is ending.

Accept My appeals My children, ask for the conversion of your heart and fidelity to God’s Law (the Ten Commandments), for all His creatures.

Allow Me to gather those souls under the Mantle of protection, before they are lost forever.

Allow US to prepare the place that is rightfully yours.

Fight so that everyone has his share of Inheritance, his place next to the Saints and to the Blessed, because in Love you have been conceived, and in It you have to return.

Life is a precious commodity that only the true God, the Almighty, is the Giver.

Give thanks and stop turning your back to your Creator; be aware and grateful for His great goodness and mercy.

Praise Him and glorify Him eternally together with the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete.

Let this be a year of Grace and conversion of your hearts.

Mary Mediatrix of All Graces and Mother of Salvation.

Source: Allison Misti




Lily of the Holy ShroudThe seer Lily of the Holy Face of Jesus (Giglio del Santo Volto), is a woman from Italy who lives a humble and hidden life. Those people whose heart belong to God, will recognize in these messages the voice of the Good Shepherd, God the Almighty, The Triune God: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, Who call all to salvation. Be the one who listens by abandoning a sinful life, by embracing prayer and by following the eternal 10 Commandments. Time is running out.

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