Mother of God: My Rosary will lead you to the gates of the new creation

The virus that scientists, serving my adversary, are creating in laboratories, very soon will spread out in the air, to decimate world population

14 April, 2014

My Holy Rosary is the compass, which will lead you to the gates of the new creation!

“Little children of my heart, may God’s peace be with you.

The virus that scientists, serving my adversary, are creating in laboratories, very soon will spread out in the air, and it will bring great pandemics, which will decimate world population.

Third world nations, called like that by the kings of this world, will be decimated its populations, and after the war, will be subject by the new world order.

All the natural resources will go to nations whose kings serve my adversary.

You, children of the continent of hope, will be subjected by the great Babylon of these last times.

Your lands will be usurped, confiscated and will go to form part of its territory.

The remaining inhabitants of these nations will be subjected and enslaved as in the time of the king Nebuchadnezzar.

The great war will be used to bring chaos to nations and to decimate much of humanity.

Little children, remember the natural medicines and recommendations that we send you through our instrument Mary Jane Even, keep it on mind when the pandemic breaks out, because it will save many lives.

Already, everything is planned and ready by the kings of this world to give beginning to the reign of slavery and death with which will start the final time of my opponent.

Little children, a huge computer, called the beast, is processing information of all mankind with the aim to commence the implantation of microchip, which will divide the inhabitants of earth.

A few will remain firm and faithful to God, the vast majority will keep fidelity to the prince of this world and they will allow to be marked with the beast’s mark to retain and enjoy the materials goods.

Their arrogance, ambition and denial of God will make them to lose their souls.

They will enjoy three and half years, which is the time of the last reign of my adversary.

When this time finishes, the Divine Justice will erase them from the face of the earth, and they will be chaff which will burn eternally.

Prepare yourselves, my little children, for the arrival of microchip, the mark of the beast; already you know full well that this is the seal with that my adversary will mark his flock.

For not reason let them to mark you, it is better to die that to lose your soul.

The heaven will not abandon you, the manna of every day, my Father will send; just have faith and trust in the Lord; remain united in prayer and in love that nothing will be lacking.

Thy Mother will lead you and show you the way to go every day.

Fear not, my little children, my Father during your passing by eternally will instruct many instruments that they returning to this world will guide you in the days of the great tribulation.

In each cenacle will be an instrument which through the recitation of rosary will receive instructions, and I, Thy Mother, will guide you in the midst of darkness of those days.

My Holy Rosary is the compass, which will lead you to the gates of the new creation!

Trust and pray intensely from now on for you may be preparing for those days where only prayers, preferably in chain, will be your stronghold and protection.

Those who will apart from God and prayer will perish, those who go out to streets without wearing the spiritual armour will take the risk to be attacked by evil forces, and their lives will be in danger.

All those who face those spiritual forces of evil without heaven’s protection will be defeated and they can lose their souls.

My little children welcome these instructions so you will not lament.

Thy Mother: who loves you, Mary, Mystical Rose.

Make known my messages to all mankind.



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