Leaders of the great nations are preparing for war

They have all prepared to exterminate great part of humanity so that it will be easier for them to subdue the nations after the war is over


August 5, 2015
Urgent call from Mary the Sanctifier to God’s children

Leaders of the great nations are preparing for war

“Little children of My Heart, may the peace of God be with you and may My Maternal Mantel protect you.

My little children, pray for the leaders of the great nations because they are preparing for war.

They have all prepared to exterminate great part of humanity so that it will be easier for them to subdue the nations after the war is over; they want to start the New World Order that will be the government of the antichrist.

The war that is about to come will affect all the nations passively or actively. The countries allied with the great nations will send their best soldiers and provisions to sustain the nations in the conflict. The armies of the third world countries will go to the front and their brave ones will be the first to fall.

My little children, the leaders of the great nations have planned to diminish large part of the world’s population, especially the one in less developed nations, so they can be subdued and to expand their territories.

Be prepared People of God, because the days when nations go to war are approaching, and the creation of My Fathers will groan in pain for the explosion of bombs, chaos and death.

Famine, famine and shortage of food are coming to the inhabitants of Earth.

The war will bring desolation; there will be no food as all the food and livestock of your nations will serve to support the nations in conflict.

Oh, what a suffering My Motherly Heart feels in seeing the approaching War! Your children, mothers, will suffer and perhaps will not return.

Oh desolated mothers, accompany Me, as I too will walk with you through the desert. My Son will be betrayed and again delivered in evildoers’ hands.

My little children, pray for My Son’s Church, as bitter time is approaching for Her. War, schism and financial hecatomb come holding each other’s hand.

The enemies of My Son’s Church, are preparing to level the ground for the being of iniquity; in the midst of chaos and the conflict, My adversary will appear as the great savior of nations.

The great deceiver, the usurper, the counterfeiter, has all already planned and ready to make his apparition happen. The time has come, My little children, in which you have to start sealing with My Son’s Blood all the devices through which My adversary’s image could be seen or his voice heard, the day of his universal declaration has been set.

It is also time my little children to start storing provisions and to have blessed Water, salt and oil for the spiritual fight. Your armor you should wear day and night and it should be oiled with prayer and do not forget to keep in your hands the power of My Holy Rosary.

I warn you ahead of time so that nothing may catch you by surprise; I remind you again that when My adversary is about to make his declaration, you must unplug all your devices through which his voice or his image can come to you; remember that he is the ancient serpent and he has the power of seduction in his look and in his words to make you love him and follow him.

Be careful My children not to fall in that deception because it will be your eternal death!

The one who is about to appear by saying that he is the christ is NOT My Son; this one is the son of darkness who comes to usurp the name of My beloved Son, to deceive the great majority of humanity who will follow and adore him as if he were the same God.

Do not look at him, nor listen to him, because he is the being of iniquity who comes dressed like a sheep to draw to perdition the larger number of souls.

You are warned children of mine, be prepared then, because the days of anguish are approaching; take My hand and do not isolate yourselves.

Keep always with you My Holy Rosary, so that together we pray and defeat, by God’s grace, My adversary and his army of evil.

Your Mother loves you, Mary the Sanctifier (Alto de Guadalupe, Antioquia, Colombia)

Make My messages known to all humanity.”

Source: mensajesdelbuenpastorenoc.org

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