Mother of God: Italy is following a path made of despair and grief

Many children are abandoned to their fate in the middle of the emergencies and there is nobody who can listen to their cry for help

January 23, 2017: Message to the seer Lily of the Holy Face of Jesus (Giglio del Santo Volto)

Mother of God: Italy is following a path made of despair and grief

“My dear children, I am still very saddened by the disasters that caused by sin, weigh upon your heads.

You are not yet capable of interacting with God; you do not ask for the Divine help when you should.

You are immersed in the slime of sin and hardly are you able to deliver yourselves from it without the help of the Lord.

Italy is following a path made of despair and grief.

Many children are abandoned to their fate in the middle of the emergencies and there is nobody who can listen to their cry for help.

They feel abandoned by the governing authorities and disheartened in front of an apparent calm and indifference of those in charge.

Know that to the Lord alone you should completely entrust your lives; and mutually encourage one another.

I also beg you to pray God so that these situations of deadlock about the rescue and the emergencies become unblocked.

You cannot count upon those who, in hiding, do not want the wellbeing of the population.

The ones who through hard work and personal sacrifice, are acting for the benefit of their brothers in difficulty, will be greatly rewarded.

It is much more worth, in the eyes of God, to deprive oneself of a warm blanket offered in discretion that of a public and paraded contribution showed off in disaffection.

Be always generous, but pay attention not to make public what you have done so you do not lose the merit given by God.

Be always willing to give a smile and a hope to those who are suffering and have respect of their feelings; care about the sensitiveness of the situation in order to avoid the risk of denigrating or to make someone who is in needy circumstances feel humiliated.

Love by respecting the dignity of others.

Do not forget that in the eyes of the Father there is no difference in the love toward one or the other son.

Be one Body in Jesus.

The Holy Spirit will be the common thread, the needle that forms a perfect embroidery that is God’s Design.

My children, pray that the earthquake swarm diminishes in intensity and its deriving consequences be minimized.

Italy will not cease to tremble because of the underground activities; until there will be so few prayers and returns to God.

He is waiting for you to return to Him, but He will wait only for short time.

Humanity is deaf to the Divine appeals and does not move big steps forward.

There are some plots not fully revealed, regarding the hidden activities of the army and of the scientists who, far away from God, seek themselves to take His place.

God will not allow it.

God is asking you to help Him win in union with the Angelic Hosts Whom I have been appointed as Queen.

They will guide you and protect you from the enemies of God.

Pray, pray every day the Angels of the Lord and they will come down to rescue you.

Forget about the fear because God is Almighty and the Victory will be His at last.

It is already His.

We, together, must win for the Triumph of My Heart.

The time of the preparation of the remnant Army has started.

Prepare your souls first and you will be routed to the designated missions; small groups, but for great undertakings.

In humility, you will follow the Path of the Lord.

Praise be to the Most Holy Trinity, now and forever.

Be blessed by The Father Most Holy, the Son and the Holy Spirit


Source: Giglio del Santo Volto




Lily of the Holy ShroudThe seer Lily of the Holy Face of Jesus (Giglio del Santo Volto), is a woman from Italy who lives a humble and hidden life. Those people whose heart belong to God, will recognize in these messages the voice of the Good Shepherd, God the Almighty, The Triune God: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, Who call all to salvation. Be the one who listens by abandoning a sinful life, by embracing prayer and by following the eternal 10 Commandments. Time is running out.

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