Mother of God: Desolation, diseases, poor health conditions await Italy and large parts of the planet

Italy will suffer the great break and part of It will slip into the water separating from the rest of the territory

February 14, 2017: Message to the seer Lily of the Holy Face of Jesus (Giglio del Santo Volto)

Mother of God: Desolation, diseases, poor health conditions await Italy and large parts of the planet

When the soldiers had crucified Jesus, they took his clothes and divided them into four shares, a share for each soldier. They also took his tunic, but the tunic was seamless, woven in one piece from the top down.
(John 19:23)

What (then) will the owner of the vineyard do? He will come, put the tenants to death, and give the vineyard to others
(Mark 12: 9)

 Last of all, as to one born abnormally, he appeared to me.
(1 Corinthians 15: 8)

the chariots dash madly through the streets And wheel in the squares, looking like firebrands, flashing like lightning bolts.
(Nahum 2: 5)


“My dear children, you have entered the time of the scourging and of the crucifixion.

 Everything is collapsing.

 The Church’s walls will crumble in the spiritual essence first, then the big earthquake will hit the heart of the Church of My Son.

 The repercussion will not hesitate to reach the enemies of the Truth.

 Kneel down and beg God’s Mercy because the nature will show you her harshest face.

 You will struggle like wolves hungry and thirsty, looking for a warm shelter in the approaching storm.

 That is what awaits man who, deprived of his human dignity moves away from both the Truth and the Lord, to satisfy the most deplorable instincts.

 Detaching yourselves from the teachings of the Gospel, you will undergo a strong psychological regress, as well as a physical one, and especially a spiritual one.

The senses will prevail over reason and respect will be undermined by selfishness.

 If you accept to deny the Truth and the Commandments, the Incarnation of the Word, and the Sacrifice for your ransom, you are to risk losing not only yourselves, but the meaning of your life: God and the realization of the promise of Eternal Life in His Kingdom.

Every soul is His perfect Creation. I beg you, do not allow the evil one to take possession of this precious and priceless treasure.

Allow the vital sap to flow in you.

Draw in dignity from the Source of all Grace, possibly every day because you’ll need a great deal of courage and of strength, from now on.

 Trust in God’s Protection.

 Many will suffer the martyrdom of the heart.

 You will be protected during the major tribulations, through the special Gifts that Heaven is offering you but we can not promise that you will be exempt from the inner suffering.

It is also true, that much you will have to cleanse about your bodies, since they are subject to various forms of sin.

 But the greatest atrocities of all that will hit God’s Army, will be the sight of the decay of the dignity and of the Divinity from which every human creature originates.

My children, if the images of the poor countries entering your homes through the media touch your heart, I must let you know that soon, in the streets and in the countryside of your country, you will see a reality equally bloody.

Desolation, diseases and poor health conditions await Italy like large parts of the planet.

Floods and stagnant waters will attract epidemics that will be cause of extreme discomfort.

 Italy will suffer the great break and part of It will slip into the water separating from the rest of the territory.

 It is a matter of time, My children.

 Please, do not allow to be caught unprepared by these frightening events.

The Lord will permit this chastisement for the purification because the Italian people have chosen one side the indifference, the other one not to eradicate bad habits.

 Pride, sloth as well as greed and lust are still victorious.

 Man does not listen to what in being granted to him for free for its own good.

God Himself, if it were not because of the great Love for His entire Creation, would not be obliged to help you.

He would have the Power to act and upset everything, because it is His property.

 He has been waiting for too long waking man up from laziness and indifference. Now the Chalice is filled to the brim, children.

 He has not received the awaited response and the appointed Angels have been allowed to act.

 The restoration of all things is starting.

 The harvest is in progress.

 The one who will defend the Truth with courage, will be welcomed into the arms of the Father but whoever refuse Him, will in turn be refused and deemed unworthy.

 Please do not deny once more your Christian faith or you will lose the opportunity of a wonderful future in God’s Love.

 Be strong, I need both your help and your loyalty.

 I bless you, My beloved children.

 Be Praised the Most Holy Trinity, now and forever.”


We must therefore accept these people to work together in spreading the truth.
(3John 1: 8)

 The kings of the earth did not believe, nor any of the world’s inhabitants, That enemy or foe could enter the gates of Jerusalem.
(Lamentations 4:12)

Source: Lily of the Holy Face of Jesus

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