Mother of All the Living

I am a Mother to you because I gave my Jesus to the world. I advise you, I warn you, I watch over you and protect you, but your liberty is untouchable and even God respects it.

Maria Mother and Teacher

Mother of All the Living

Maria says: (Maria Mother and Teacher, Vol. 1) “My children, I am the Mother of God and your Mother, happy to come to gather your respects and to receive your greetings, after they had been offered to you by your children and after you in your turn have offered them to your mothers.

I am the Mother of God and from this fact derives my greatness. Only because Mother of the Son of God made man, have I been able and I can with truth call myself the Mother of all the living.

Every mother suffers in giving birth to her own children end I conceived you in sorrow, since my suffering exceeds the limits of time and every measure. I am a Mother to you because I gave my Jesus to the world, the firstborn amongst all men. He redeemed you with his Blood, but his Blood was mine because I gave it to Him.

He renews his sacrifice continuously. I continually renew the offering of Him to the Father for you and I will continue to offer Him as long as there is a creature on earth to be saved. By this right which I have acquired over you, by which I can call myself the new Eve, Mother of all the living, I ask you for and I give you love.

My love is tree, made of a mindful care, so much so that I do nit abandon you for an instant and, watching over you, I distance every evil from you and procure for you every good.

You will say to me that many times you are struck by disasters and evils that you would not even believe to be able to bear and which you would willingly refuse. But I reply to you giving you an explanation. Do you watch over your children? Yes? Well then, when they rebelling against you cause you great troubles, what blame have you? If they would listen to your advice things would go better, true?

Well then, I advise you, I warn you, I watch over you and protect you, but your liberty is untouchable and even God respects it. That’s why then, many, availing themselves of the liberty granted by God to men, commit evil. The evil of a person has a repercussion on others: in this way a chain of evil comes about which surrounds and drags souls.

It is not so that the forces of evil may exercise an absolute power over others, but the evil is permitted by God, who from it knows, can and wills to draw out a good. This is why the continual warnings, which from the world that hangs over men, come to them in order to clarify, to demonstrate the truth and so that in faith they can find the strength to react.

It is a continuous struggle and I am present in order to dissuade from evil and to invite to do good. Do not delude yourselves that alone you would have been able to avoid all the dangers which everyone encounters, if I had not been beside each one of you as the most diligent mother.

I love you and I never permit my children to be tested beyond measure. I only require that, availing yourselves of the means that the Lord has put at your disposal, you collaborate with the work of God who wants the salvation of all.

If you want to reach a place, you take a means of transport, and if you want to defend yourselves from ferocious animals, you use weapons or fire. In this way, children, you must use prayer which is the means to lift you up and carry you far. You must make use of the means of defense of mortification and you must put in your life the fire of love which, by knocking down the forces of evil, attracts the benevolent eye of God.

This is the love that I desire from you as children endeared to their mother: a devouring fire that makes you look around in order to desire and want the good of your brethren. You are all my children. I love you and I desire love. In this exchange of affection all the difficulties are smoothed out.

Do you believe me, children? When you, turning your gaze to me, address an act of love to me, all of Paradise is moved and every angel, every saint and especially God himself desire to reciprocate this little thing with benefits and graces.

If the acts of love are multiplied, you establish an uninterrupted line which unites you to Heaven. The most important thing is that the line be not interrupted in order to make reach Heaven all that God loves to receive and that bad things are not mixed up with the good.

Do you want us therefore, on this day, to establish a pact between us? I go out of my way in all and for all for you. You go out of your way to please me. You will see that all will go well and all that seems unbearable to you will become easy and joyful.

And now a word for you, mothers. Do not forget that the greatness of motherhood and its value cannot be valued in this life, since it is a divine work.

To be mothers means to be God’s collaborators in the work of creation and to populate Paradise with saints, who will give glory to God for all eternity. May the desire to be a mother be the mirage and the comfort of young brides.

Pray, daughters, for those mothers or brides who, by rejecting motherhood, interrupt those lives in seed that perhaps would form their delight besides that of God.

Daughters, be mothers, be mothers through generosity, through love, through dignity and give life to the world which, without you, withers up in vice.

I bless you all.”


Maria Mother and Teacher

Maria Mother and Teacher Books

Carmela Negri CarabelliThe thoughts, the reflections and the meditations in this booklet, were inspired by Our Mother Maria, Mother of Jesus, to Carmela Negri Carabelli. They are, however, addressed to all those souls, who, desirous to love the Lord, seek to put into practice his teachings and to live the Christian life more perfectly. May Jesus bless these pages and those who read them with the desire to improve themselves, granting the help of his grace.
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