Messages of Our Lady of Anguera

After all persecution, the Victory of God will happen. In this time of doubts and uncertainties, seek strength in listening to the Gospel and in the Eucharist. You will yet have long years of hard trials. Do not be discouraged

Our Lady of Anguera Brazil

The day will come when many of My poor children will walk like blind people, for they will be contaminated

The truth announced by My Jesus and taught by the true Magisterium of His Church can never be changed. Difficult times will come

Disorder will spread everywhere and many consecrated will walk like the blind leading the blind. I suffer for what comes to you

Great spiritual blindness has struck many consecrated and the confusion will be great in the House of God. Many will walk in the direction opposite to Salvation

Humanity will live the anguish of one who is condemned, and My poor children will have to weep and lament. Death will come from the depths

The day will come when na apparently good and just man will appear. He will deceive many people, for he will realize great prodigies. He will come from the southern hemisphere and...

The crust of the earth will split in many regions of the earth. Energy coming from the interior of the earth will bring suffering to many of My poor children. Listen to what I am...