Jesus: To suffer the Divine Wrath if you do not shout: “Enough!” To new liturgical norms

Protect the Holy Sacrament and the Holy Sacrifice by not accepting what they are going to impose


February 10, 2017: Message to the seer Lily of the Holy Face of Jesus (Giglio del Santo Volto)

Jesus: The Divine Wrath if you do not shout: “Enough!” To new liturgical norms taking in place

(Please also read the article after the message of our Lord Jesus that explains in details what is happening in Vatican with the anti-pope Bergoglio)

He said to me: This gate is to remain closed; it is not to be opened for anyone to enter by it; since the LORD, the God of Israel, has entered by it, it shall remain closed
(Ezekiel 44: 2)

He then kindled the torches and set the foxes loose in the standing grain of the Philistines, thus burning both the shocks and the standing grain, and the vineyards and olive orchards as well
(Judges 15: 5)


“My dear daughter, I see perdition and deafness to the Word everywhere.

What more will the innocent have to suffer at the hands of those who abandon their sense of modesty, they make use of their own human strength to impose themselves upon the weak with just accusations and propagate lies beyond measure?

Shame, My Heart cries!

Shame on those who hide the truth instead of safeguarding human lives!

False news.

Colossal lies.

Conspiracy of silence, conspiracy of silence and more conspiracy of silence.

Conspiracy of silence also in those children who claim to be loyal and devoted to their God hiding themselves in not defending the Truth.

Outrageous, conspiratorial.

Like lambs to the slaughter, you will suffer the consequences of the Divine Wrath if you do not get up to shout: “Enough!” To the new liturgical norms taking in place.

You have the task to raise your cry and raise the dust to defend your rights as both Christians and human beings.

You are of God!

You are children of the Truth!

Watch carefully not to be part of the plans of destruction of My Church or you will be considered direct accomplices.

Very soon the ignominy will enter and corrupt My hearths.

Protect the Holy Sacrament and the Holy Sacrifice by not accepting what they are going to impose.

In your hearts, refrain from participating.

In the everyday life of the Holy Sacrifice, start to monitor and to understand the change that is going to be introduced.

He will act with the arrogance of those who believe to have the right when it has not been granted.

I have not given any consent to this!

I would never change what has been established.

The established Law, Word, Liturgy, must be a point of reference for every Christian.

My Father has sent Me, Jesus Christ, as Priest to institute the Sacrament.

At the time of the first Solemn Sharing of My Body, only men were present.

To men as well, I passed on to exercise and restore the Holy Sacrifice daily.

Only consecrated men, through the Rite of the Transubstantiation, may transform the host into the Body and Blood of the Lord.

Women will attend the Sacred Rite veiled and in absolute reverence.

Men will have to remove the hat from their head, and will bow down before of the Deity of the Body of Christ.

Priests, I demand not to turn any longer your shoulders to the Tabernacle and always to have a lamp lit as a sign of the Light that I brought by becoming Incarnate  and making Myself the Victim for your Salvation.

My beloved children, I hope you understand the importance of My Words.

Soon, the Throne will see the evil man sitting on it and the Holy See will suffer bitter consequences.

It will undergo a collapse not only spiritual, but physical.

Offenses and abominations accelerate the punishment on the capital1.

The strength of the earthquake in the surrounding area will create a strong distress.

The giant will collapse along with its pride.

Repent; defend Me.

Be brave because God the Father will show mercy with those who have not turned their backs.

Go and proclaim the Truth, without being ashamed of It.

Your Savior and High Priest, Christ Jesus. “


The shrewd man’s wisdom gives him knowledge of his way, but the folly of fools is their deception
(Proverbs 14: 8)

 Therefore, although I have the full right in Christ to order you to do what is proper
(Philemon 1: 8)

 But all his holy ones were in his hand; they followed at his feet and he bore them up on his pinions
(Deuteronomy 33: 3)

1 Rome

Source: Giglio del Santo Volto




 With Paul VI, the abolition of the Catholic liturgy. With Bergoglio, the abolition of the Eucharistic Sacrifice

La messa di sempre

That the leaked plans of Bergoglio about the (catholic) Church and humanity happen to be known, is something that the false church would not want you to know.

Yet, it happens, and it allows us to be even more prepared for what is about to come.

There are already the terrible attacks upon the indissolubility of marriage, hitting at the same time the sacraments of Confession, of the Eucharist, and of the priesthood dignity.

There are the satanic persecution against those who serve Our Lady and the cause of the Gospel (priests, Bishops, Cardinals, the Franciscans Of the Immaculate, the Order of Malta …).

A flood of false heretical teachings are being spread, that continue after the election (valid?) of Bergoglio until now.

There is the almost explicit approval of contraception (see the Order of Malta case) and of euthanasia (see the new ethical chart of the health workers, approved by Bergoglio).

However, to entirely fulfill “the abomination of the desolation in the holy place “(Dn 9, 27; Mt 24, 15), now they move to abolish the Eucharistic Sacrifice.

Pope Paul VI, in going along with an apparently Mason or belonging to Freemasonry (Msgr. Bugnini), abolished in 1969, the Catholic liturgy, the Mass and the liturgy of all time. He replaced it with a reformed Mass, debased, miserable, to become a hochpotch  of Lutherans, Masonic, blasphemous abuses.

We are  not discussing in depth here about the question of  the “dialogue with the world”, which has devastated the spirit of the Church testimony, of the clergy, of the laity.

The fact is that after fifty years of reformed Mass, Catholics are so perverted and asleep to even welcome the abolition of the same sacrificial validity of the Mass.

That is,  of the Mass as the Eucharistic Sacrifice , the Sacrifice of Our Lord mystically renovated on the altar.

As you can read in the below excerpt, Bergoglio is already moving in this direction.

Everyone has to take his own responsibilities.

Meanwhile the news has already been spreading that the Bishop of Rome has given directions for a change of  the “Eucharistic Liturgy”.

He gave some directions, which then will pass through his scrutiny to change in substantially the rite of Holy Mass.

I quote only an article on this topic, but the web is full of sources:


My confidential source in Santa Marta, by referring some discussion he heard – between one lunch to another – he told me that in reality, the change of the Mass, wanted by Bergoglio, has ONE PURPOSE ONLY: THE ECUMENICAL ONE.

The purpose is to “create” a Mass that is not in opposition with the Protestants and then a liturgy that  can be celebrated “in communion”.

This is the truth. And this is his intention.A perennial liturgy that is however, ecumenical.

Obviously I predict that Bergoglio, to be able to do this, will also change the text of the “Consecration”.

That would make the Mass invalid.

And I also predict that those who will refuse to celebrate with this “new rite” will be considered out of the Church.

These days are approaching. We have to accept it.

The Bishop of Rome wants to become “el presidente” of the various denominations; and to do this, he is selling Jesus Christ  at a much lower price than Judah.

To what concerns me, since I am a priest, I will refuse to celebrate this type of liturgy. And I tell you that you will return to be Christians  in the “catacombs.”

The intent of Bergoglio, then is this: Modify to “unite.”

Even recently, in his  discourse to those Lutherans, he already mentioned that the liturgical division between Catholics and Protestants hurts especially the mixed “couples”. Read on Vatican Insider

So Bergoglio seems to want to accelerate the times.

My “source” in Santa Marta (Vatican) tells me that is almost done.

Only a matter of time.

Mala tempora currunt.

I suggest to all readers to pray many Rosaries to Our Lady. Not to dismiss these times. Because we are in them. But because they (the Rosaries) would help you keep the faith and to persevere during the time of persecution, that is to come soon.

Source: Luce che sorge

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